What is the Difference between an ordinary dental crown and a Natural Crown?

Difference between an ordinary dental crown and a Natural Crown

How to prevent a bad dental crown from you dentist


In today dentistry is awash with promises of beautiful smiles and glamour photographs yet reality is far from it. It is reported that satisfaction after insertion of a dental crown see 90% of patients very unhappy with result.

Why would so many patients feel unhappy after Dental bridge and crown work?

The truth that many dentists use a 2D shade guide to decide colour and 2D is a solid block of colour that in truth look nothing like a natural tooth. Any dentist taking their reputation seriously will use a 3D shade guide especially for front of mouth crowns to avoid that

Very glaring obvious front tooth fake crown result.

A 3D shade guide shows multiple colours and in the tooths most natural state with varying shades from the neck of the tooth which is darker through to the lighter transcisal edge.

Many Aesthetic focused dentists will send their patients to the actual lab itself to have a colour matching done with the dental lab technician themselves. Should a patient feel hesitation the dentist has not shown enough interest in that final result then ask to speak to the technician or visit the technician themselves to emphasize how important the final result is. In order to avoid a solid block of colour the patient must emphasize their

Horror on a tooth that looks fake.

Next focus is placed on gum margins and a crown that is placed snuggly close to the gum and not have gum recession with weeks or months of the crown being placed.

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What quality of dental crown Is expected?

The most common use of cadcam crowns produce work in-house by the dentist and often leave out the finesse of the dental lab manufactured crowns. Replication of a dental crown is in truth replication of a body part and an artist is required to emulate a beautiful matching result that will add and not subtract.

To prevent bad dental crowns, ask the dentist who produced the crown? In order to prevent a fake looking monolithic tooth cap that has no natural qualities


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