How To Remove Acne Scarring?

Your skin if your confidence! So, no matter what, flawless skin is the aspiration among all. But, what if acne scars are making you embarrassed and dull? These are the constant reason for your break-outs and unhappy phase of your life. 

Acne scars can be any- blemishes, blotches, pockmarks, craters! All are upsetting in their own ways. As asked by the cosmetologist-Dr. Navin Taneja-Best skin doctor at TheNationalSkin Centre, South Extension Part-I, New Delhi, there are many treatments available for acne scarring targeting minimization and even vanishing the scars entirely. From resurfacing treatments to using natural products, here are some top tactics to get rid of acne scarring in no time!

Chemical Peels

Involving Glycolic and Lactic Acid, the chemical peels are the best cleanser, moisturizer, and topical treatment for the ones aiming for blackheads and whiteheads removal. It’s quite normal that if you ignore these for a long time, they get transformed into acnes, leaving scars on your skin. 

The pro of these peels is that it lightens and even totally removes the redness and pigmentation caused by the acnes.


Don’t go on the name as this treatment is done with the energy of LED lights, which assists in remodeling of collagen and thus diminishing the shape of craters and holes caused by acne. Energy and radio waves are passed with microscopic needles, which helps in resurfacing the stubborn scar tissues to break up. 

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At least 2-4 sessions are required to get the appropriate results.

Skin Grafting

In this process, a tiny piece of your normal skin is used to sill the area of acne-prone skin. The skins are often taken from the skin at the back of your ears. This is a little tricky process, so always consult with the best in the field.


If you know some certified dermatologists, they will always suggest you the lasers as the ideal treatment for acne scarring. In this treatment, the outer layer of skin is resurfaced and not removes, the acne scars’ area is contoured, and redness and acne lesions are healed. 

There a lot of sub-options available in Lasers category which can be best told by the profound dermatologist. There are chances that you need to repeat this treatment for a few times, but the wait is always appreciated in the end.

Buy Right Skincare Products

Sometimes, it is not right to totally depend on cosmetic treatments. You should consult your dermatologist about the right skincare products after and before you opt for any other treatments.

Some professionals and skin treatment specialists say, “One bad product and all you’ve done for acne scars removal will go in vain.” They further add, “Always try to control the situation with easy remedies before jumping to any other treatments.”

Give a Try to “Organic” Home Remedies

Combating with the acne scars by natural methods will always be the choice of the majority of people. Sometimes our elders have the best solutions for these scars. Give a try to one of them once!

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Tip: The treatments can improve the appearance of the skin but not completely restore the originality.