Cosmetic surgery – what you should be considering

In our modern world that is so fixated on looks and looking good, it is not surprising that cosmetic surgery and body-altering procedures have become so popular. People are constantly striving to meet a standard that, for most, is not attainable naturally. And not looking how you want can be a huge thing – especially when there are now so many procedures available that can help you become what you want to be. We are not just talking a haircut here or getting your ears pierced, we are talking about surgery or body-altering procedures. It is all out there, and we are not here to tell you if it is good or bad, we are here to help you make sure that when you start to consider if these procedures are for you that you ask the right questions. Here are some of the things that you should factor into your planning.   

The cost of doing it

Just because it is an option it doesn’t mean that it is affordable. Most of us would like to drive a Ferrari, but we don’t because it is not affordable. The available budget must play a big role in your consideration of what procedure to have. Start simply by Googling something like ‘liposuction Perth cost‘  or ‘cost of collagen lips Sydney’… Something along these lines will give you a rough idea of what is involved from a cost perspective. Look at the alternatives as well. Are there other ways to end up with the same result and what is the time and cost investment involved in those? The key here is that this should probably be considered a luxury and it should be something that you save for – it’s not something that can be funded from the monthly budget.  

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The cost of not doing it

We have spoken about the cost of doing the procedure, but similarly what is the cost of not doing it. This might not be a direct financial cost, it may well be an opportunity cost or an emotional cost. It could be a health cost. Whatever the situation you need to do an honest assessment of what are the implications of not undergoing the procedure. And be honest with yourself – it can be quite easy to twist reality in this scenario to give the outcome that you want.

Who is it for?

If you can ask yourself this question and answer honestly that you are doing it for you then go for it. If, however, you are doing it, let’s say getting breast implants because your husband likes large breasted women then you are doing it for him and that is less cool. It is a very important question. Society demands a lot of its women and the standards that are showcased in beauty and health magazines and on television are very high, and often unattainable naturally, so make sure that you are setting your own agenda and that you are undergoing whatever procedure it is because it will make you a happier and more confident person, and not because it will make your husband or boyfriends or society at large, happier with who you are.