Vitamin Gummies: Are They Worthwhile or Just Junk Food?


You might see commercials on TV sometimes for vitamin gummies. They make them for kids these days, but grownups as well. You might see them advertised in a commercial, and then the very next one might feature gummy candies with no nutritional value.

You can find Vitamin C gummies, Vitamin D gummies, and just about any other kind if you look online or in health food stores. You can even find some on grocery store shelves. What do doctors say about them, though? Are they worth buying and taking regularly as an adult, or are they basically candy?

We will break down vitamin gummy facts and fiction right now.

What Doctors Say

You can certainly ask your doctor whether they recommend gummies for vitamins and minerals when you see them. Every doctor might say something different, though.

Even though you must go through considerable training till you can call yourself a doctor, that does not mean every doctor or medical professional feels the same way about gummies and their efficacy. For that matter, two doctors might disagree if they ask them about virtually anything.

That’s not a very satisfactory answer, but it’s just reality. One doctor might recommend gummies as vitamin supplements, while another might scoff at you. They might cite some research since many labs conduct tests to see whether gummies have the nutritional value they claim.

Some doctors may mention studies indicating particular gummies don’t have the nutritional value they advertise. Some brands and individual gummies might not compete when you compare them to traditional, non-gummy supplements.

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Other doctors will point you toward certain ones and say you should avoid others. Nutritionists might say the same. Most individuals in the medical field won’t completely say nutritional gummies don’t work. They’ll more likely recommend certain ones and tell you which ones they would avoid.

Some Brands Have Better Reputations than Others

It’s nice to think that as an adult, you can eat a couple of gummies per day and get the Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and other vitamins or minerals you need. You’re basically eating candy that has nutritional value, or so the ads would have you believe.

Some brands seem to have better reputations than others. If you approach doctors or nutritionists, they’ll usually bring up the same brands again and again, while telling you about others you should avoid.

Doctors who say you should take gummies usually recommend Nature Made ones. Smart Pants Adult Formula also has a good reputation.

My Kind Organics makes some good ones as well. If you don’t eat a very balanced diet, that’s when some doctors and nutritionists say you might try one of these.

As for ones you should avoid, Vita-Fusion gummies immediately come to mind. Many faced a recall back in 2021. Consumer reports indicated mesh metal contamination. Obviously, that’s nothing you want, and the company suffered considerable backlash at that time.

What’s the Final Verdict?

If you’re trying to determine whether you should make an adult gummy vitamin part of your daily nutrition regimen, you should probably consult your doctor. If you trust them, then you can likely follow your advice.

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Not everyone needs vitamin or mineral supplements, whether you favor the gummy variety, pills, or some other chewable option. It’s adults who know they don’t eat very balanced diets that do well with supplements. If you dislike fruits and vegetables and eat processed food often, incorporating a gummy might not be a bad idea.

Most doctors will tell you that pills you swallow can do the same job, though, and they contain no sugar, like most gummy vitamins do. The sugar and other additives make the gummies more palatable, which probably explains why companies developed them in the first place.

Your doctor or nutritionist will likely tell you that you can get the same vitamins and minerals from a supplement in pill form versus a gummy. They will also tell you that if you decide you’ll eat gummies from now on, you should do so every day and not sporadically. If you start a dietary supplement regimen, then you should stick with it, since it will give you the most benefit that way.

The jury’s still out on gummies. Some doctors and nutritionists readily and heartily endorse them, while others seem more skeptical.

Consider the research that’s out there, and get some medical opinions that you trust. If you move forward, use a trusted brand with positive consumer feedback.