The Secret to Good Health? Sleeping With a Pillow Between Your Knees 

Sleeping With a Pillow

Since the dawn of time, healthcare providers have recommended that people sleep with a pillow between their knees for optimum health and a good night’s sleep. The best knee pillow comes down to body type, preference, and level of activity, to name a few. Select a contoured pillow specifically designed to be Sleeping With a Pillow and placed between the legs.

What Does a Knee Pillow Do? 

A knee pillow is a cushion that’s used between the knees. When you get to dreamland, you completely ignore that your knees lie very close to one another. As this happens, tension appears in the back and hips due to pressure decay. A knee pillow provides pressure relief by promoting spinal alignment. Put simply, you’ll sleep like a log. Knee pillows are typically made from memory foam and have a washable fabric cover. You can use a regular pillow as a knee pillow, but it’s not as comfortable. A knee pillow is neither too thin nor too thick nor too long. It can last for several years, but you’ll have to change it for hygiene reasons. 

Here Are the Benefits in Detail

It Will Help Keep Your Spine Aligned 

If you keep the body position neutral and relaxed, your spine will be healthy and happy. Simply putting a pillow between your knees can help keep your back in a neutral position. The knee pillow prevents awkward curvature and reduces pressure on sensitive points. Sleeping seven to eight hours with a good posture can be very relaxing. It’s best to position the pillow right above the knee. This way, it doesn’t create extra space between the hips. A knee pillow with a strap is recommended if you’re going to use it only when you sleep. It can move around as you toss and turn.

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It’s Useful for Those with Breathing Abnormalities 

Examples of sleep-related breathing abnormalities include sleep apnea and snoring. If you feel tired after a night’s sleep, it’s time to take measures. Sleep apnea occurs when your breathing is interrupted during sleep, causing you to wake up. It doesn’t need to be treated if it’s mild. Sleeping with a knee pillow can help keep the airways unrestricted. Plus, your neck and throat are aligned for adequate breathing.

On the other hand, snoring occurs when air can’t flow easily through the mouth or nose. A knee pillow can come in handy. The cushion aligns the head and shoulders to keep the airways as open as possible. 

It Reduces Lower Back Pain, Muscle Cramps, And Varicose Veins

Use a knee pillow if you have pain radiating from the lower back down through your leg. The lack of support can lead to unnecessary stress on your spine. If you struggle with muscle cramps and varicose veins, using a knee pillow will help you get to rest at night. Aligning the body well eases the pressure that causes muscle cramping.