The number of seniors in the country continues to be on the increase and as a result, people are considering the choice of assisted living facilities for convenience sake. It is in line with this, that we need to take a look at what are the factors to be considered when you decide to get or choose assisted living home for your seniors in Atlanta.

According to the National Center for Assisted Living, there are more than 1 million seniors who reside in over 36,000 assisted living facilities across the country. These facilities provide services such as housekeeping, transportation, medicine management, preparing meals, bathing assistance, and other social activities.

The cost when you choose assisted living home varies from $1,500 to $4,000 per month. With lots of these assisted living facilities around, you need to prune down the options available to get the best one for your seniors. It is important that you go for a facility that can meet both the senior’s future and present needs.

The cost of care varies based on geographic location, care setting, and level of care required. The Genworth cost of survey tool can be used to calculate the cost of care. However, understanding the median cost as of today is the number one thing you need to know when you are planning for a care plan. 

Factors That must Be Considered in Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

  • Identify the Needs of your Seniors

The primary objective of going to an assisted living facility is to ensure that the needs of your seniors are met. Hence, you need to identify what their needs are before choosing a facility. If you have a senior that is not sure what their needs are and you can’t seem to figure it out, endeavor to get in touch with a geriatric manager in your area.

  • Identify an Ideal Location
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The next step is to identify the most appropriate location. Living close to your family members is important for your seniors as this can also help their state of mind. However, this should not be a priority over the quality of the care they will get in the facility.

  • Go for Quality

Do your due diligence to search for the right facility that will offer you the best care. This will involve you going around to carry out checks at different facilities. Ask questions where necessary and also take note of how the staffs and caregivers interact. This can be an indicator of knowing the kind of quality care that they can offer.

Go as far as eating a meal at the facility to know what kind of meals they offer. This is important because complaints about the quality of meals served as been an issue in most facilities. So, it wouldn’t be out of place for you to try their meal.

The American Living federation of America highlights some of the things to consider when picking assisted living facilities for seniors. Here are some of the things to consider;

  • Atmosphere: You have to look out for the friendliness of the staff. Do they have a conducive environment? Are the buildings well ventilated and well-built? Does it offer comfort and homeliness? Here are some of the questions you should find answers to.
  • Costs and contracts: How much does it cost? Look out for hidden costs. Are the terms of the contract and fees well spelled out? Do their facility and resources measure up to their cost and charges?
  • Services: Are the staffs readily available and accessible? Do they have good transportation, and proper housekeeping, and do they offer daily assistance for daily activities?
  • Healthcare and Medication: Do they provide medication management? Do they have resident nurses working round the clock? Do they have prompt responses to health emergencies?
  • Food Service: How many times do they serve meals in a day? Is the food nutritional and does the menu vary from day to day? Do they allow special diets?
  • Activities: Find out the kind of physical and social activities that take place in the facility. Are there health and physical activities that can help to keep seniors lively and engaged?
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You can also visit the facility unannounced to just be sure that they are real to their services. Paying unscheduled visits can help you to identify a whole lot of things.

Before signing the dotted line when you settle for a facility, make sure you go through the terms diligently and ask questions where necessary. Do not make assumptions. Ask about the length of the contract and what happens if your senior wouldn’t be there for the whole period the contract covers.

Some of the amenities you will find in an assisted living facility include concierge service, a fitness center, a facility to accommodate pets, a 24/7 security system, and a library among others.