Yes, regular visits to the dentist are still important as ever

Many people seem to think that visits to the dentist are not as important as they once were. Traditionally a visit was meant to be booked once every six months, but for most people that is no longer the case. Advances in dental care and awareness have seen people tending to make their visits to the dentists only when there are issues that need resolving. But, should this really be the case? The answer is yes, you need to visit the dentist at last once a year.Dentistry of the Queen City is highly recommended in their dental services. And if you still need to be convinced about why here are some reasons why building a relationship with your dentist is critical. 

Prevention is better than cure 

Regular visits to the dentist mean that you are able to stay on top of the situation in your mouth. In other words, don’t wait until things are in a terrible state before you take action. It is much easier to catch things like cavities when they are still in the formative stages. At this stage, it is a case of filling a small hole and the job is done. Left for too long and the hole becomes a cavern, you potentially lose the whole tooth and, even if you don’t, there is a lot more pain and difficulty remedying the situation. The key to ensuring that you see a dentist regularly is to find a locally-based practitioner, so it is quick and easy to pop in. Do an online search for something like ‘Thetownsvilledentist’ or something similar to find the best dentist in your area. 

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Bad breath 

The idea of bad breath is a horrible one and there is nobody who wants to wander the world breathing their halitosis on everyone. The problem is that people with bad breath tend to not realise that they have it. Halitosis can result from several things, but poor dental hygiene is one of the most common. A regular visit to the dentist will help ensure that this creeping and insidious condition does not come to curse you. 

Not just teeth, but gums as well 

A good dentist will not just check the state of your teeth, they will also make sure that your gums are in good shape. Contrary to popular belief there is a lot that can go wrong with the gums. They can recede, they can suffer from disease or they become sensitive and bleed easily. All of these are areas that a dentist can maintain. Most people are oblivious to the state of their gums.


It is never too late to have braces fitted, although they are definitely best implemented when people are young. But the road to braces and perfect teeth starts with a dentist. The dentist will do x-rays, look at the space available in the mouth and the prognosis for the future. They will be able to recommend an orthodontist who is the person who handles the fitting and management of braces. But in the same way that you are referred to a cardiologist by a general practitioner, so too would you need to be referred to an orthodontist by a regular dentist.        

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