Olive oil And Its Surprising Benefits

Olive oil And Its Surprising Benefits

Surprising benefits of Olive oil

Yes  you heard that right. There are several uses of that bottle of olive oil left in your kitchen untouched for months! Olive oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps lower the risk of heart disease. It serves as an antioxidant. It has several uses apart from the use of it in your just your food. Here are few surprising yet amazing benefits and uses of olive oil.

It moisturizes your hair

Yep it really does. Olive oil has those natural vitamins and minerals which help the hair get conditioned well. It removes the dryness and frizz that your hair has. All you have to do is,take some olive oil and apply it well to the bottom of your hair and wash off after 30 mins. You can see the difference in a few washes.

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Few More Benefits of Olive Oil

1. It helps in getting rid of acne – Mix it with salt and apply to your skin. It exfoliates your skin and stores all the essential elements of your skin and the salt helps in cleaning the pores. Wash off with warm water in a few minutes. Voila! Your skin is all fresh and clean!

2. It reduces fat in your food – Cooking in olive oil is highly recommended as it has less fat than other oils and is good for the heart. Researchers say that people cooking in olive oil are found to be fit and more active than those who cook in other oils.

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3. It can be used as a makeup remover – it is great and smooth for the skin and helps remove your makeup and even the tough ones like mascara.

4. Replacement to your shaving cream – Olive oil can be applied to your legs and hands and then can be shaved as it helps keep the skin smooth and helps the shaving to happen effortlessly.

5. Clean your makeup brushes – To remove off all the hard makeup on your brushes,use olive oil. Rub your brushes in the oil and wash them off and let them dry. Your brushes will now be clean and also soft.

6. It softens your hands and feet – If your hands have gone rough or you have cracked feet,use this to smoother them. It repairs your skin beautifully and fills in any cracks if they exist. Wonderful isn’t it?

7. It strengthens your nails – it strengthens your nails and stops them from breaking easily. It also helps nails grow faster.

Aren’t these such amazing yet real hacks of life with a thing as common as olive oil? I’m impressed and will surely be using most of these in my day to day life. You too should!

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