How to Take Care of your Beard

How to Care for Your Beard - Beard Advice for Men

Beards are easy to grow but taking care of them is a hard job. You might change your idea of having a beard while knowing how to take care of it.

It’s a tricky job with little involvement to have attractive and groomed up beard. Nowadays having a beard is kind of own style but you should know which style match you. Having a clean and timely trimmed with essential tool make it look good and sometimes even followed by the people.

Think of growing a beard in your own way but take care of it according to the ways that will be discussed in the article will help to maintain well for a long while.

These tools and tricks may look time-consuming at first but making it a habit will help you to shape your beard more attractively. Some of the basic tools and tricks are here, followed them and enjoy a great, attractive and taming beard.

Trim your beard

Aside from having a beard that matches your face look is important but for those who want to grow the beard for the first time, leave your beard unshaved for the 4-6 week depending upon your hair growth rate. Let it be settled and grow at large and resist yourself from trimming or shaving it.


A 4 to 6 weeks beard have long hairs, now is the time of having a decent beard. Don’t grow more than that as it will look wild. The most important thing is to know when and how will you trim your beard. Some people hair grows slower than other so the time frame for them should exceed 6 weeks but normally you should trim your beard at 4th week.


Some of the basic step that involves trimming are comb the hair before trim to let settled down the hair. Then use your beard trimmer for a straight cut to get rid of unwanted or to have a organized beard. Check out for neck and cheeks hair as of your cheeks are too hairy try threading or you can even use shavers. Clan up the unnecessary hair on the neck. Use scissor for detailed cutting.

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Used quality trimmers and having different attachments of sizer that make your hair even according to your way.


Wash it

There are plenty of regular soaps and shampoo for hair but to keep your beard shape steady and keep them from getting dry used specific beard shampoos instead of regular shampoo. For those who want to keep long beard should have those shampoo to keep having beard well maintained and soften the beard hairs with nice smell.


Some of the best beard shampoos are Zeus beard shampoo, Professor Fuzzworthy’s beard shampoo and Seven Potions Beard shampoos. You can have your beard shampoo but use the standard shampoo for better protection.


Condition it

Fortunately, there are plenty of good conditioners product available for the beard. Having a stylish, soft and moisturized beard, used standard beard conditioner for your beard hairs instead of regular conditioner that can make your beard hair a lot softer and even damaged them.

Specifically designed for beard hair safety herbaceous product, the Conditioner not only get rid of dryness of the beard but also give a moisturized and good smelly feeling to your beard. For those who wants to train their beard according to their style, the conditioner helps a lot to tame your beard according to your wish just like having gel on your hairs.

Oil It

No one wants to have dandruff or skin dust on their beard as it makes you of not having an interest in keeping the beard safe, clean and well managed. Beard Conditioners makes your beard softer, it’s true to keep it safe for creating skin dryness you should use beard specific oil to avoid shame of having dry skin dust on your shirt collar.

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Oil make your beard softer and it gives the internal strength to your grow beard strong and keeps the dryness of both skin and hair out. A good hair oil specifically mapped with beard skin and hair are easily available in the market. Oil keeps the dust away and also gives a shiny look to your beard hairs.


Beard Tools

Aside from the oil, conditioners and trimming machines, there are some other tools that keeps the beard look cool on your face and keep it from harm’s way. The basic tool are Combs, Brush, Wax and disinfecting balms.


Hair Combs are smaller than general hair combs and it they can well managed the hair knotting or bird nest when getting up in the morning. These combs prevent the hair from damaging and cutting. Use it regularly in the morning for well tamed and keep away the tangled hairs.


Beard brushes keep calm the hair in the way they managed while also distribute the hair oil all along your beard in a well-managed way. These brushes are specifically designed for the beard hair and keep your hair organized.


Like hair waxes, there is also beard wax with which you can easily tame your mustaches and beard hair as you want. They make your beard hair stiff and help you to twist the mustaches end. Its water soluble and you can easily wash it at the end of the day.


Disinfecting balms are casual used antibiotic for people having dense beard to keep the infection away while eating, sneezing or working in harsh environment or keeping away the dust infections.


That’s pretty much all about taking care of your beard. Your beard does not take care of itself, you need to look after it. And there is no doubt that by following the above mentioned methods you can rock a nice looking beard.