How to Reduce Androgens in Female with Lifestyle Changes?

How to Reduce Androgens in Female with Lifestyle Changes?

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the whirlwind of hormones? From our bodily functions to our mood swings, hormones are responsible for everything. Fluctuations in the levels of hormones like androgens can lead to various issues in a woman’s body. Hence, it is natural to wonder how to reduce androgens in female.

While androgens are produced by both genders, these hormones are more prevalent in the male body than in females. And when it goes high in females, it can stir up problems like facial hair growth.

So, what are androgens and why do you need to be concerned about them? Are there any home remedies to lower their production? Dive right in to know all about androgens and how to maintain optimal androgen balance.

Understanding androgens in females

Before figuring out how to reduce androgens in females, it’s important to have some idea about the presence of androgens in the female body. Androgens are male hormones that exist in the female body as well. In women, the adrenal glands and ovaries mainly produce androgens.

When the androgen levels are normal, these hormones play crucial regulatory roles in a woman’s body. For instance, they balance the levels of sex hormones and support fertility. However, when the androgen levels are too high, they can impair a person’s health. You are also likely to experience a slew of conditions and uncomfortable symptoms.

Doctors develop a treatment plan to regulate androgen levels in a woman after studying the underlying cause. For some people, a healthy diet and lifestyle alterations keep hormone levels in check. Others might require medications to restore balance and manage symptoms.

What causes high levels of androgens in women?

If the androgen levels in your body are high, a variety of factors can be responsible. These include insulin resistance, genetic predisposition, and medical conditions such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Stress and obesity can also increase the production of androgens in your body.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is the biggest culprit that messes up the androgen levels in the female body. Nearly 10% of females of reproductive age suffer from this problem. PCOS is characterized by irregular periods, several cysts in the ovaries, and more androgen production.

You may experience a temporary rise in androgen levels after taking certain medications like steroids and birth control pills. Hormone replacement is another treatment that can affect your body’s hormone levels and trigger the production of excess androgens. Hence, before taking any medication, you must discuss it with your healthcare provider.

How to know if your body produces excess androgens?

Be it due to PCOS or some other reason, for most women androgen imbalance has obvious signs. Looking at your symptoms is the simplest way of figuring out if you have an androgen imbalance. These are the most common changes that you will notice in your body:

  • Receding hairline
  • Abnormal hair growth around the neck, chest, back, breasts, jawline, or chin
  • Oily and acne-prone skin
  • Acne around the chin, upper lip, back, chest, and jawline
  • Thinning of hair in the crown area of your head
  • Decreased libido
  • Mood swings
  • Irregular menstrual cycle

Other than the above symptoms, several women with high levels of androgens notice weight gain. This type of weight gain happens mostly in a person’s abdomen area. When the androgen levels in a person’s body are high, it might lead to insulin resistance. This explains why the body ends up storing more fat, particularly in the midsection.

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Women with androgen imbalance are also more at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and PCOS. But how to reduce androgens in female? Scroll down to learn the easiest ways to manage hormonal imbalances.

How to reduce androgens in female?

There are several drug-based approaches to manage androgens and other hormones. However, many women like to depend on natural methods to keep androgen levels under control.

Here are some simple tips and tricks that can be helpful:


A 2016 study has proved that regular exercise can decrease high levels of androgens in the female body. Weight-reducing exercises are especially effective in this matter.

Women who hit the gym and do weight-lifting workouts at least 2 times per week have lower androgen levels. So, you should also not neglect aerobic exercises.

Now you have yet another reason to keep weight gain in check and exercise daily.

Have prebiotics

Your gut microbiota directly influences your hormones. So, nurturing your gut with prebiotics is a way of improving fertility and restoring ovulation.

You should have prebiotics daily to get relief from the symptoms of PCOS. As high levels of insulin force the ovaries to secrete testosterone, prebiotics can control insulin production and lower androgen levels.

Note that balancing your androgens through the consumption of prebiotics will take time. But if you are consistent and you embrace a healthy lifestyle, great rewards are guaranteed.

Have a Vitamin D supplement

The ovaries need vitamin D to function properly. So, if your body gets enough vitamin D, the testosterone levels will be lowered.

Fun fact:

Your body gets 80% of vitamin D from exposure to the sun. So, all you have to do is bask in the sun for 10-30 minutes on a sunny day.

Try acupuncture

Acupuncture is a kind of alternate medicine practice that originated in China. During this procedure, an acupuncturist inserts thin needles into the body of the patient. But how to reduce androgens in female through acupuncture?

There is proof that acupuncture can play a role in controlling hormonal imbalances in females. Acupuncture can regulate a person’s endocrine system, the system accountable for producing hormones. That’s how it helps the body regain balance in terms of hormone production.

Keep stress at bay

The link between stress and mental health is not unknown. But very few people know that stress can affect our physical well-being as well. It has a major impact on your body’s hormone levels.

It is crucial to incorporate some habits into your daily routine that will reduce stress. Deep breathing exercises, a relaxing bath, and meditation are three excellent techniques that work like magic.

When you are less stressed, it will be easier for you to regulate your androgen levels. You will sleep better and stay happier, and your overall health will also improve.

How to Reduce Androgens in Female

Consider herbal remedies

When it comes to balancing androgen levels in the body, many herbs have proved their worth. Some herbs can be miraculously beneficial in limiting the production of androgen hormones in women.

Spearmint tea, red clover, saw palmetto, and maca root are only a few of them. As opposed to strong antibiotics, these herbs won’t mess up the immune system of your body.

Moreover, what can be more relaxing than enjoying a cup of spearmint tea and letting your androgen levels lower at the same time?

Use essential oils

Some women have confirmed that several essential oils are effective in decreasing androgen levels. Fennel and spearmint oils are especially good choices if your androgen levels have suddenly spiked.

Curious to learn how to reduce androgens in female naturally by using essential oils? You simply have to take a few drops of spearmint or fennel essential oils along with coconut oil.

Experiment with Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurveda is the most ancient form of medicine that has existed for hundreds of years. The birthplace of Ayurvedic medicine is India and now it has gained popularity in different parts of the world. It offers multiple remedies for keeping androgen levels in women in check.

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Ayurveda has a holistic approach to any disease or condition. So, the treatment can include a lifestyle plan and a specific diet. Additionally, you might have to take certain supplements and herbs designed to bring balance to your body.

You shouldn’t consume Ayurvedic medicines based on information available on the internet. Instead, visit a well-known treatment center to consult a renowned Ayurvedic expert.

Foods to avoid when androgen levels are high

The food you consume every day directly impacts all your bodily functions. So, be it hormonal imbalance or some chronic ailment – being mindful of what you eat will make a difference.

When it comes to their dietary choices, women with high levels of androgen must resist certain kinds of foods. These include refined carbohydrates, processed foods, and sugary foods and drinks. Doctors have also noticed that foods loaded with animal fats (like red meat) can be harmful.

What to eat to decrease androgen levels?

In addition to limiting the intake of certain foods, try incorporating foods that will regulate androgen levels. Focusing on a plant-based diet that contains plenty of fiber, healthy fats (found in seeds and nuts), and lean protein will be beneficial. Have plenty of leafy greens and berries as they are loaded with antioxidants.

Consume foods like chia seeds and salmon as they are incredible sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, some spices and herbs (like ginger and turmeric) have anti-inflammatory properties and can lower androgen levels.

When to consult a doctor?

All the home remedies mentioned above are devoid of side effects and will be advantageous for your health. So, since you ask ‘how to reduce androgens in female naturally at home?’, you should try these home remedies.

However, if the spike in androgen levels is because of conditions such as PCOS, medical intervention will be necessary. This does not mean you can take medicines on your own.

Instead, you should consult a renowned medical practitioner for a thorough check-up and they will prescribe the necessary medication.

How to Reduce Androgens in Female

Tips to find a healthcare provider to treat hormonal imbalance

Are you through with the symptoms of androgen imbalance?

Other than following the tried-and-tested home remedies dedicatedly, it is also crucial to seek medical help. So, you need to look for an experienced doctor who specializes in providing treatment for optimal hormonal health.

How can you be certain that you have consulted the right doctor?

First, the practitioner you choose must have an integrative approach. This means combining natural and conventional medicine approaches to come up with a comprehensive treatment strategy.

Why is it essential for the treatment to be tailored to your specific needs? That’s because different women have diverse symptoms and the levels of androgen also vary. So, the care will be more effective if it is customized.

One way to get in touch with a qualified healthcare provider is by asking for referrals from acquaintances. So, reach out to people who experienced hormonal imbalances in the past and are now living a healthy life.

You can also take the help of Google to know all about the best doctors in your area. Reading through online reviews will give you some idea about their success rate.

Keep in mind that finding the best doctor who will be able to cure your condition will take effort and time. However, you must do your homework to ensure you receive proper treatment. So, feel free to ask questions regarding the medications and explore your options before finalizing a doctor.

Final thoughts

Lastly, if hormonal imbalance is dampening your spirits, remember that you are not the only woman dealing with it. Many women around the globe struggle with these issues and many have learned to successfully manage their androgen levels.

And how to reduce androgen in female? Now you already have the answer to this question. So, rely on the lifestyle and dietary changes and use natural methods to tame your hormones. Adopting a persistent and patient approach throughout the journey will help you achieve the best health outcomes.


1. How can a woman reduce androgens naturally?

To regulate androgen levels naturally, women can have prebiotics, practice strength-training exercises regularly, stop having processed and sugary foods, drink spearmint tea, and use essential oils.

2. Does Vitamin D lower androgens?

Yes, a vitamin D supplement can be effective in reducing androgen levels in the female body. It will normalize your metabolic profile and help you have regular periods.

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