Left Hand Itching Meaning, Health Conditions and Prevention

Left Hand Itching Meaning, Health Conditions and Prevention

Is your left hand itching? Does it have a hidden meaning to it? Could it be money, luck, fortune, or just a medical condition?

What is it?

What are you supposed to do?

There’s a lot of superstition surrounding left hand itching.

Some even say it could mean back luck. However, there’s no scientific reason behind it.

Let us clear all your doubts today so you can differentiate from a serious medical condition and a regular itch.

What is superstition?

According to research, superstition is a trait that crosses every ethnic border and culture.

Superstition practices or beliefs make you trust inexplicable or random events around you.

Your age, race, or education does not matter here; these still prevail strongly for the ones who believe.

In different cultures, your itchy palm might be a bad omen. While in some traditions, they may say that left hand itching is better for women than men.

Do you know that scratching your left hand with a wood block lightens your luck?

You must have heard the popular idiom that if you have an itchy left hand, it represents that you want a bribe or a tip.

There aren’t any definitive superstitions on money when your left hand itches. It could be anything and depends on what you want to believe.

Keep reading to learn how to interpret your itch!

Left hand itching meaning

Do you believe in superstition? If you do, your left hand itching brings great monetary news for you. In today’s life, a little ray of hope can be a great cheerleader in your life.

There have been many coincidences where you have heard that people with an itchy hand got lucky with monetary gains on the same day.

Surprising right?

If you don’t believe in superstition, it is just a coincidence. But if you do, this is a clear sign of getting lucky with money and good fortune.

On the other hand, you may also see it as a sign of greed. So, it depends on what you want to believe in.

Indeed, the number of stories is huge, where left hand itching has been proven to be a sign of monetary gain. The choice is yours, whether you want to believe it or not.

On the other hand, an itchy right hand might be a bad luck sign, like you may receive some bad news or lose money. It could be anything from taxes, charity gifting, or even gambling.

These basic money-related superstitions arise because you use the right hand for giving and the left for receiving. Hence, as your left hand itches, it’s a sign you’ll get money. When the right one itches, you’ll lose money. Therefore, it’s an interpretation and a subconscious desire to receive or lose money.

For example, suppose left hand itching is good luck. In that case, you may find opportunities to earn money or even get a lottery. If you think it’s a bad sign, you might want to pause before taking any major monetary decision. It depends on what you believe in.

Left hand itching female

Do you know this left-hand itching superstition stands differently for men and women?

The Hindu religion has much to discover and many stories to unveil. But for left hand itching Hindu religion has some interesting things that you would want to believe.

Are you aware of Goddess Lakshmi, which symbolizes fertility, prosperity, and wealth that Hindus strongly believe in?

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Hindus believe that if your left hand itches, Goddess Lakshmi isn’t happy with you, meaning no money, honey!

But, ladies, this meaning changes for you.

If the left hand itches, it means fortune is coming your way. However, the left hand itching male means it’s all about losing money.

Hence, different religion has different opinions on this.

Left Hand Itching Spiritual Meaning

If you are spiritual and feel everything has spiritual connectivity, then the explanation below will make sense.

The left hand itching thing has been originated from England Saxons. During the 5th century, the Germanic tribe, Saxons, used silver to rub on the skin to cure topical diseases.

So, there it is. When you have an itch, it simply means you will be lucky with money or silver soon.

But spiritually, having an itchy hand means how you interact with the energies and the world around you.

Believe it or not, your hands represent the way you manifest reality.

Itchy hands are an indication of a vibrational change. With a tingling sensation, you may also feel a change in energy and the environment surrounding you.

Did you know that the right and left sides of the body function differently?

Your left brain and right brain work differently.

Most importantly, the non-dominant left hand connects you to the spiritual world.

Hence left hand itching indicates from the Universe that it’s on your side. The left hand is also considered to be your intuition hand. Hence, when it itches, your intuitions get stronger.

Meditating or journaling are amazing ways to open and listen to yourself as the Universe constantly sends you messages.

Do you know that different chakras are present in the body? There are about 7 major chakras in your body and some small ones. Our left hand plays an important part of it.

The hand chakras are connected with the solar plexus and heart chakra. Hence the importance is much higher.

Spiritual meaning for left hand itching

Here are some ideas that you can have when it comes to itchiness in different parts of the body:


Itchy palms indicate that your solar plexus and heart chakras are affected. Spiritually, this is a sign of a romantic relationship.

Love is in the air for you, and soon you will see improvement in your love life, or if you are single, there’s someone out there for you.

Your palms also can manifest things. Hence itchy palms are a clear indication of success and happiness.

Palm near the pinky finger

An itchy palm near the pinky finger indicates that something is cooking in the second chakra. Hence, you may experience extreme emotional energy, intimacy, and creativity in your love life. If you are single, you may welcome a new companion or some extreme emotion in your present one.

Thumb tip

When this happens, the spiritual meaning asks you to pay attention to spirituality. Your guardian angels may try to connect with your spiritual energy. Stay alert and watch for signs that connect you with spiritual energy.

Left wrist

When your left wrist itches, it’s a clear sign for you to let o of things and let things flow. This is a sign that you need to stop controlling things. The Universe tells you to have a chill pill and just let it go.

Middle left thumb

Your middle left thumb is for intuition. If you have an itch on your middle left thumb, you should immediately believe in your intuitions without a second thought.

Centre hand

Your hand’s center is where the energy of the chakras reside. Hence when the center itches, it indicates overall well-being is being affected. You may feel stressed or agitated, and this is when you should calm yourself down and try to change your mind.

Left hand itching medical condition

Are you having an itchy left hand and wondering if it’s related to superstition or something else? Well, there’s more story to it.

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Itchy palms can also be due to some skin diseases and may signal a serious issue.

Though in superstition, it is believed that itchy palms are related to money, there are a few medical reasons that you should be aware of.

Hand eczema

It is a non-contagious condition that can cause red skin, itching, palms dryness, cracking, and sometimes getting blisters. If you are constantly surrounded by harsh chemicals or excessive moisture due to your profession, then you might experience this condition. For example, if you are a caterer, cleaner, hairdresser, or mechanic, chances are higher for you to get hand eczema.


Sometimes, your itchy palms are due to some allergy that you’re going through. It can be because of some chemical or irritant that results in an allergy.

An allergy usually stays for about two to four days. Common irritants that might have caused the allergy include perfumes, metals disinfectants, soap antiseptics, latex gloves, etc.


If you have diabetes, too-high sugar levels may cause dryness and itchiness in the skin. Your skin will most likely appear normal or have a few skin-colored bumps.


An autoimmune condition known as primary biliary cholangitis or primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) causes blotchy and itchy palms. PBC also affects your bile ducts which connect the stomach and the liver.

Nerves disorder

Sometimes, due to damaged nerves, you may also have itchy palms. Carpal tunnel syndrome also causes weakness, itching, numbness, and pain.

How to get rid of left hand itching?

No matter what the reason is, who likes itchy palms? You surely want to know how to treat itchy palms, right? Well, the treatments vary depending on the cause. Let’s find out what are the different ways to treat it.

An ice pack or damp cloth

An ice pack or damp cloth on the itchy area can be a real relief.

Place the damp cloth or ice pack onto your palms for about 10 minutes and see how instantly it relieves the itching.

Topical steroids

Some OTC steroids, known as corticosteroids, can help reduce redness and itchiness in your palms. However, you should avoid using creams that have steroids as it makes the skin thin.


Using a moisturizer is the easiest way to treat itchy palms. You can even keep the moisturizer in the fridge for a soothing experience.

If the itching is due to eczema, a moisturizer should be your go-to buddy whenever you wash your hands.

As dry hands increase, the itching all the more.

The National Eczema Association also recommended moisturizing products and sunscreens to relieve itchiness.

Moisturizers are available and are the most effective of all the treatments.

Light therapy

If you suffer from severe irritation or eczema, then ultraviolet light therapy will help you reduce the symptoms.

In this therapy, they will place your hands under the light that emits harmful ultraviolet-A rays, gradually reducing the itchiness.

How to prevent itchy hands?

If you have a skin condition, it is better to contact dermatitis. However, some of the tips below can help you prevent a flare-up.

  • Always do a patch test on a small area when using a cream or lotion for the first time. This is to know if you are allergic to it.
  • Avoid gloves that are made of synthetic fabrics. If you all have to wear one, go for the cotton ones.
  • Wash your hands with warm water. Always avoid using water that is too cold or hot.
  • Use fragrance-free cleansers or soaps for washing hands.
  • Apply a moisturizer regularly after you wash your hand. Please do not keep them dry.
  • Try using a medicated moisturizer.
  • While doing chores, try to wear a protective glove. You can wear cotton gloves underneath the latex ones to prevent any irritation.
  • Avoid using gel-based sanitizers since they dry your hands because of highly concentrated alcohol.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have come to the end of this article, I hope this clears all your questions on left hand itching. It could have different meanings and depends on what you want to believe in. But most importantly, if it’s a medical condition, always get it checked before presuming. And if luck is on your way, then nothing like it.