How to get rid of lice

How to get rid of lice

Lice are not an indication of how ‘unclean’ you’re. You might just get infested because you are in contact with someone who has lice infestation. Sometimes you are even clear your head simply by thoroughly combing your hair. All home remedies generally revolve around suffocating the lice in your head. If you’re severely infected with lice on your head, here are some home remedies that how to get rid of lice.

1.Wet Combing 

Wet combing is a traditional way of treating lice on your head. The benefits of this method are the lice are more visible and distinguishable from dandruff or dirt sticking to your hair. This method is also extremely affordable and does not burn a hole in your pocket. 

You just need conditioner and water for this method. Spray your conditioner on wet hair. Now, use a wide-toothed comb to section your hair and individually pluck the lice present in your hair. While this method is affordable, if you don’t have the time and patience then it’ll be quite frustrating for you to pluck lice from the strands of your hair. This method demands time and patience; if you’re plucking your child’s hair make sure you use some kind of distraction for them. 

2. Suffocating the lice 

The most common method used to remove the lice is to suffocate them. Experts believe that suffocating the lice comes after combing. Combing is the primary step and then you can effectively smother the lice out. To use this technique, you have to use almond oil or olive oil. Now apply almond oil or olive oil on your hair generously. You can either coat your hair with almond oil or olive oil or you can even coat your comb with oils.  Reapply the oil as and when needed.Try both methods to see what works for you. After you have coated your hair or comb with the oil, section your hair. You can also use a hair clip to keep the other portion in place.  Make sure you sit under good lighting. Rinse your comb often with hot water to ensure proper cleanliness. Once you’ve completely combed your hair by this method, use an anti-lice shampoo or a regular shampoo and wash your hair gently. Rinse and repeat. Now, dry your hair completely. Clean your towels and comb with water or a disinfectant after use. You can follow this routine for a week and then weekly twice or thrice depending upon the severity of the lice on your head. 

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3. Using essential oils

Essential oils used along with combing can be an effective way of treating lice. Essentials should never be used on their own. It should be used along with a carrier oil. Make sure to patch-test first. Take some amount of essential oil and apply it to the back of your palm. If nothing happens, you are not allergic. Some children and adults are allergic to tea tree oil. If you are allergic to tea tree oil, here are some other essential oils which you can use instead of tea tree oil: tea tree oil, lavender oil, neem oil, clove oil, aniseed oil, eucalyptus oil. 

Mix 15-20 drops of essential oil along with 50mL of carrier oil of your choice. Apply this mixture, using cotton balls on your scalp. Leave it overnight or for a minimum of 12 hours. After the oil has stayed on your hair long enough, wash your hair with shampoo after thoroughly combing your hair. Rinse and repeat. 

Another method of using essential oils is with rubbing alcohol. Mix 15-20 drops of essential oil along with 100mL of rubbing alcohol. Apply this mixture generously to your hair. Leave the mixture overnight or for about 12 hours. Repeat the steps as before. Once the lice are eliminated, you can use this as a preventive measure to treat lice. 

Combing is important to remove the lice and eggs, so comb thoroughly before and after using any treatments. 

4. Cleaning

Your home could be a reason for lice infestation. Make sure your home is clean. If any member of your family has a severe lice infestation, wash the pillow covers and bedspreads immediately. Full decontamination is however not necessary. Wash lice-infested clothes, toys, covers, cushions with hot water because lice do not remain at room temperature. Use a vacuum to clean your floors and furniture. 

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What you should avoid for further lice infestation? 

Lice infestation can be uncomfortable but you can easily avoid getting into trouble. Keep your surroundings clean. If someone around you is affected by lice, make sure to take necessary precautions. Clean your covers and spreads often. Fumigation is not necessarily important to kill the lice, so avoid fumigating the space occupied by lice-infested persons. Also, try and not to repeat the same treatment again and again. The lice may develop resistance to the treatments and all your efforts will go down the hill. Avoid using conditioner if possible. Conditioner acts as a barrier between the lice and the treatment. So, make sure you don’t use conditioner for the time. 

You can keep yourself clean to stay away from lice infestation. It can make you uncomfortable and shameful because whenever you visit someone it can be easily visible on your head. Even it can look very dirty and bad. It is unhygienic too. It can give you some disease which is very uncomfortable and painful. So, to stay away from this kind of uncomfortable situation please do follow a hygienic and disciplined routine. Keep your self clean.

Now, that you’ve gained knowledge regarding how to get rid of lice at home, try out these remedies and let us know your favorite ones below. We would love to hear out the remedies, it can be helpful to other readers as you are.