How to Help Ease Your Fear of Flying

Your Fear of Flying

People with a fear of flying have to cope with the constant worry that something will go wrong. They anticipate scary things like turbulence, crashing, being surrounded by strangers in an enclosed space. And they’re never sure if these fears are justified or just irrational worries. So what could happen when you fly? You might get airsick because the plane is bumpy or turbulent; you might be stricken by claustrophobia because there’s no escape from tight quarters; you might panic because you can’t reach your loved ones on the ground when they call for reassurance — but you are unable to respond. In this article, you will know how to ease your fear of flying.

No one can predict the future, but learning how to cope with travel anxiety and a fear of flying is essential to making your trip more enjoyable! This article will cover everything from mindfulness techniques like deep breathing to natural supplements like CBD drops. Here are eight ways people manage their fears of flying:

1) Surround Yourself with Familiar Objects – As soon as you enter the plane, take out something that has meaning or significance to you. It could be your favorite magazine, your favorite blanket or even a photo of your loved ones — anything that will make you feel like there’s at least one familiar thing around.

The psychological benefit of surrounding yourself with familiar objects is that it reduces anxieties and stresses surrounding what’s out of your control. The more familiar things you have around you, the less likely your mind will be overwhelmed with anxiety.

2) Read a Book – Another great way to take your mind off the fact that you’re in an airplane is to read a book. This might seem obvious, but this is more than just keeping your mind occupied. When you pick a new topic that you’ve never looked into before, you can gain valuable insight on subjects you never thought you would be interested in.

Reading a book, especially one that requires close attention, encourages you to occupy your mind with more pleasant thoughts or can even change your mindset to one of curiosity. Instead of thinking about all the negative possibilities surrounding what could go wrong on your flight, you are instead focused on how you can learn new things.

3) Do Some Deep Breathing Exercises – A common fear many have regarding flying is being in a small space surrounded by strangers. One excellent technique to reduce the high levels of anxiety you’re experiencing is to do some deep breathing exercises.

Deep breathing exercises can reduce your heart rate, which helps take your mind off the stressors surrounding you and can place you in a calmer, more relaxed state. It’s also great to get rid of any stress or anger surrounding passengers or flight attendants if those are triggering for you. Exercises like this can also help you fall asleep and make it easier to focus on the book you’re reading or the object you’re holding instead of anything else around you.

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4) Bring a Friend with You if Possible – Having a friend who is willing to be next to you during your entire flight will provide you with some much-needed comfort. This person will help you stay grounded, often without even having to say anything.

The mental benefit of bringing a friend along on your flight is that it can be precisely what you need to feel re-energized and happy again. Having someone there who makes you laugh frequently or gives you positive support can really help you get through a long flight. Just be upfront with them before departure, so they know what they’re signing up for! Then again, chances are they know all about your flying fears if you’re good enough friends to be traveling together!

Bring a Friend with You if Possible

5) Get Up and Walk Around – If your fear of flying is a result of a fear of enclosed spaces, one great way to distract yourself from the situation is to get up and walk around. Just getting up and stretching your legs can go a long way. Getting up and stretching your legs will help you because it helps alleviate any tension in your body. This makes it easier for you to concentrate on something else, which can take your mind off the enclosed space, turbulence, or any other fear trigger.

6) Grab Some Food and Water – There’s nothing worse than being extremely hungry or thirsty during a long flight, and there’s no reason you should have to suffer. If you’re able to, grab something from the drink cart or from one of the food carts that regularly make their way through the cabin. Yeah, these items may be expensive if not included with your ticket, but consider them an investment in your comfort and well-being. But it’s just as important to remember to eat and drink enough water before even leaving for the airport!

Eating some food and staying hydrated are essential because they provide you with a sense of contentment and keep your mind sharp. Doing so also helps keep your mind away from thinking about how hungry you are, which can cause anxiety to peak to new levels when left unaddressed. Can you say hangry?

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7) Get Some Sleep – If all else fails, have no shame and take a little nap. But, again, if someone is next to you, that person will most likely not care as long as you don’t snore.Sleeping during your flight is excellent if you can doze off for a nap on short fights or a proper snooze on longer ones. Unfortunately, when we’re not well-rested, our brains become a lot less functional and a whole lot more negative. The last thing you want to be thinking about is how much you’re going to hate the rest of your travels because your body is exhausted.

Get Some Sleep

8) Use Natural Supplements to Calm Nerves – Another great way to help your mind be a little more positive is using natural supplements that help decrease anxiety and reduce stress levels. There are several different options out there that are extremely easy to bring onto the plane with you. 

We’re big fans of CBD, a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants that helps relieve anxiety and encourages better sleep. CBD can be taken orally, and there are loads of great CBD recipes out there to incorporate it into your food or drinks if you want to whip something up to have on the way to the airport.

By using natural supplements, you’ll find it much easier to be calm and happy. It’s also safer than taking prescription medication, which can become addictive or have unwanted side effects. With something like this, you might even find yourself looking forward to the flight.

The Sky’s the Limit When Fear’s Out of the Way!

Fear of flying is a common fear for many people. It can result from anxiety, panic disorders or other phobias that cause discomfort when you’re on an airplane. However, there are several ways to overcome this often debilitating condition if it’s become too much to bear while traveling in the sky. Some simple techniques include deep breathing exercises, bringing someone with you who can provide comfort during your flight experience and getting up from your seat every now and again. 

Suppose these practices don’t work for you. In that case, there are also natural supplements available that have been shown to help reduce stress levels before takeoff or landing, which might make it easier for some people to get through their next plane ride without feeling anxious about turbulence or being surrounded by strangers. Which technique do you hope to use during your next flight?