Here Are The 3 Rarest Personality Types

The Myers-Briggs personality indicator is one of the best test evaluators psychologists use to evaluate human personality types. For decades now, the MBTI has been one of the most widely used analytical tools for segmenting people into different categories so they can find roles they are best suited for. MBTI differentiates people into four categories, namely:

  • Introversion/ Extraversion
  • Sensing/Intuition
  • Thinking/Feeling
  • Judging/Perceiving

Each letter from these categories is used to produce four results ESFP, INTJ, and the likes. There are a total of 16 personality types, some of which are quite rare. 

By rarity, we mean personality types found among only a small percentage of the human population. Below, we review three of the rarest personality types.

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This personality type is so rare that only about 2% of the general human population possesses it, and about 1% of women and 3% of men. Psychologists believe that ENTJ people are so few that one may go through life and only encounter a handful of them along the way. 

People with this personality type enjoy the company of others and are social butterflies. They have good communication skills and spread positive energy everywhere they go. They are more focused on the future than the present because of their futuristic view of the world. They prefer abstract and theoretical information to concrete data when dealing with the information.

Furthermore, ENTJs like to use logic in making decisions rather than dwell on emotions. This is why many of them are good leaders because they don’t let their emotions and the emotions of others get in the way. However, they can be quite dismissive and harsh when angry or unhappy, which can rub others in a negative way. When they feel vulnerable, they are not good at expressing themselves but will hide their fears behind a shell so as to appear tough.

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Another extremely rare personality is the ENFJ, found in 3% of the human population, 2% of the general male population, and 3% of the general female population.

Called the Giver, people with this personality are warm, outgoing, sensitive, and extremely loyal to their loved ones and friends. Persons in this category are people-oriented and prefer to work in teams rather than in isolation. Forging relationships and building close bonds comes naturally to them; introverted persons that other personality types will struggle to engage, ENFJ persons will connect with them effortlessly.

One of the strongest skills of ENFJs is their ability to sense the feelings of other people by observing them from afar. However, they can be manipulators by preying on their insecurities to their own advantage. In a nutshell, they are strong extroverts and enjoy spending time outdoors. Staying alone for long drains them of their energies.

They are also very good motivators and enjoy helping others in their time of need. As for their weaknesses, they can be overly hard on themselves and not give themselves enough credit when things don’t go their way. To maintain a healthy and stable life, they need to spend time tending to their needs. Overall, their selfless attitude makes them one of the best buddies to have.


ENTPs are only found among 3% of the general population, 4% among men, and just 2% among women. ENTPs are great innovators and out-of-the-box thinkers. They are clever, expressive, and idea oriented. This has earned them the name innovator, debater, or visionary. While concrete data matters to them, they are more interested in ideas and theories. ENTPs believe that the world is always in need of saving, so they need to innovate to discover newer and better ways of doing things.  

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They are strong thinkers but not very good-doers and have to dig deep to bring their creative ideas to life. ENTPs are good interactors and love to debate their ideas with other people. As we pointed out before, starting projects is never hard but completing them is not something that comes easy to them. Seeing the big picture and ignoring the tiny details is a common trait of ENTPs, which makes them extremely good planners.

It is easy to get along with an ENTP person because of their cheerful and laid back personality, but they can sometimes withdraw into their world of dreams and forget to nurture their relationships. This may cause many to see them as selfish.

They also prefer to wait and observe before taking action as they like to have a balanced view of a situation before they act. Furthermore, they are quick learners and find it easy to grab concepts and information fast before many other personality types. 

However, note that ENTPs love to argue and are willing to play the devil’s advocate to extend an argument for the sake of it.

These are three of the rarest personality types, and they are fewer of them among the general female population and rarer among the general male population.