Did Your Dentist Recommend Dental Bonding as a Part of Your Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

Everyone is a little conscious about their smile, whether they openly agree about it or not. That explains the progressive rise of cosmetic dentistry. Even though an imperfect smile has also attained newfound love and admiration, some people still want to do something about it if they get a more affordable option to fix it. At the same time, the procedure shouldn’t be invasive. For them, dental bonding can be an ideal choice. Are you aware of this? If not, let’s take a quick view of this procedure and its associated aspects.

Dental bonding & its benefits

You can also call it composite bonding. In this process, the professionals attach the tooth-colored element to the original tooth to cover imperfections like stains and chips. Those having crooked teeth can also benefit from it. If you check Flatiron cosmetic dentistry services, you will find this treatment among other dental procedures. The dentists suggest that this treatment doesn’t affect the original tooth structure; hence, you can consider it one of the finest forms of cosmetic dental treatment. It doesn’t require reshaping the teeth. One can apply a coat of composite bonding on your natural tooth to give it a desired color or shape.

However, it can treat only minor chips and discoloration issues. Suppose your front tooth has chipped a little. You can restore its shape with composite bonding. Or, you can get the whole tooth covered to hide the unwanted color of the surface. In some cases, it can also solve the problem of tooth erosion by restoring the original shape.

Preparation & expectations from dental bonding

Significant relief is you don’t need any special preparation for this. Your dentist will examine your teeth and repair them with bonding if it seems the best fit. Usually, it can happen on the same day. You may wonder if the treatment will involve the use of local anesthesia. Again, it doesn’t need this because it’s not invasive. The dentist uses a chemical to help fix the bonding on the tooth surface. However, the time taken in a procedure can vary from patient to patient. One critical determining factor in this can be the number of teeth requiring this cosmetic dental job. 

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Cost & potential risks of dental bonding

The main thing is that this treatment is affordable, allowing you to enjoy a healthy smile for a relatively lower expense than dental veneers, which can be as costly as USD $30,000 and more sometimes. Still, you will want to look at your budget to ensure it doesn’t pinch you. Some believe a typical bonding work can start from USD $400 to USD $1,000 for a tooth. For correct estimates, it is better to consult your dentist. They can give you accurate figures. Remember, this dental treatment is only for visible teeth. It doesn’t treat molars or teeth at the back.

Nevertheless, you can agree to this procedure because of its cost-effectiveness and efficiency in improving your smile. But you must also realize that the bonding will not remain new forever. It will chip and become discolored over time. The best way to preserve your dental bonding is by caring for it. It doesn’t mean all bonding materials will not be able to hold up for a long time. Some people can enjoy its fresh look for a considerable period. Some opine that complete surface bonding usually lasts only two or three years. Essentially, this cosmetic procedure doesn’t have any side effects, but you may have to get it done again after some time to maintain your tooth’s appearance.

Ideal candidates for dental bonding

You already know by now that this treatment is for concealing discoloration, cracks, and chips in a tooth. But you should also note that the procedure can be a blessing for someone with gaps between their teeth or smaller teeth. While these are its applications in cosmetic dentistry, the same treatment can also help with restorative work like cavity fillings, dental root protection, etc. If you worry about the pain caused by a procedure, you will be glad to know that this will be a painless experience as dentists don’t have to do anything with the nerves that can be sensitive to the touch. And as informed, local anesthesia is not a part of it. After the procedure, you can have some sensitivity issues. But OTC medicines can relieve the pain and discomfort.

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Aftercare for dental bonding patients

Dentists can recommend fluoride toothpaste. Once you get this treatment, you will have to maintain oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth with soft bristles twice daily will become a ritual. You will also floss your teeth at least once and visit your doctor for routine cleanings and examinations.

Generally, dental bonding is a good choice for smile improvement. You can benefit if you don’t have any severe dental or gum issue. However, if you face decay, you must get that fixed first before going for this. So, you must visit your dentist for assistance if you have a chipped, cracked, or discolored tooth. They will talk to you to understand your cosmetic goals and personalize the procedure to make it apt for your requirements. Sometimes, the bonded material can peel off during chewing. If you encounter this, meet your dentist for correction.

Many people confuse dental bonding with veneers. But it’s critical to know that bonding is not a permanent fix. It’s a cosmetic enhancement. For long-term effects, you can be better off with veneers that give you natural teeth-like results. In this procedure, the dentist uses a thin coating of porcelain material to place it on the teeth. Once done, it can stay for up to 20 years. The main thing is the dentist will have to work on your original tooth anatomy to be able to fix it onto the front surface.

Your doubts and confusion will vanish when you meet a licensed dentist. If you have a dental insurance plan, find one from the network to enjoy the best services at lower rates. Also, be open to your dentist’s suggestions before rejecting anything. They can discern your requirement well. You can also check out this dentist in Syracuse if you reside in New York.