Exploring the primary features and advantages of applying magnetic car decals 

magnetic car decals 

It goes beyond saying that magnetic signs are one of the most popular and commercially viable types of car stickers on the market. Their upsurge is due to the quick and easy installation. They are also easily available. They are in extensive use in the ambit of marketing. Let’s see about exploring the primary features and advantages of applying magnetic car decals.

  • Magnetic signs function like car door magnets. You can stick them to your car door, allowing you to take them to any part of the city, state, or country. 
  • They are an excellent form of affordable mobile advertising. They also work like a dedicated truck door magnet, which helps you reach out to a larger customer segment.
  • Car door magnets are a clinical way to expand your reach as they provide you with more business bandwidth. They are the safest option for those with budget constraints. 
  • Small and medium businesses swear by these car stickers. Magnetic bumper stickers are some the most attractive and wonderful mobile banners in the current era.
  • You can take them from companies that make these stickers with UV-resistant and weather-resistant materials.

The best uses

There’s no denying that radio, print, and television advertising continues to be popular, but they are not viable and feasible for small and medium businesses. For businesses with limited budget, the new and safer way to advertise is their car or organization’s car. It’s more affordable and immediate.

  • Internet and local companies swear by eye-catching car stickers to tap new customers.
  • You can literally convey any message through magnetic car signs. You create a magnetic design to advertise things that you want to convey to your target audience.
  • Commercial or home-based businesses and consultancies use magnetic car signs, which commonly include the business name, phone number, logo, trade or brand message/mission statement, and contact details or website. 
  • Mention toll-free or local numbers. You can advertise your business while driving or even in the parking lot. 
  • Larger companies often use these signs on a fleet of professional vehicles.
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The biggest benefit of car magnets is that they can resist elements and wind without losing their professional gloss and fading. Many choose these signs to avoid permanent damage to their cars.

You don’t purchase them in a cookie cutter design or shape. You can select the print in compliance with the shape and size you need for your van, car, or truck.

The paper and substrate format

In technical parlance, magnetic signs comprise simple and catchy vinyl graphics. You make these stunning car stickers with a vinyl cutter and apply them to a flexible substrate. This is a magnetized substrate. They come in two prominent varieties, magnetized paper and magnetized vinyl. 

  • The latter is generally 12-30 millimeters in thickness. You can design them with self-adhesive vinyl.
  • It’s available in clear white along with a few radiant colors, ensuring a matte or glossy finish.
  • You can choose white, red, or matte and gloss as per your preference. 

Do keep in mind that if the magnet has more thickness, it will have more magnetic composition. It’s a critical aspect because a magnetic sign’s stability rests purely on its pull hold and strength.