Do Fish Drink Water: Fresh Water vs. Saltwater Fishes

Do fish drink water

Do fish drink water, or do they not need to drink, unlike other creatures? The question might seem quite simple to you. But the answer to this question is not so simple and somewhat tricky.

It does feel weird when you think about the question. That’s because a fish could not be alive unless it weren’t for the water. So we don’t pay attention to whether fishes drink or not.

But now that you have somehow managed to find this article, you will find this topic interesting. Don’t you want to know about the system of a fish just a little bit?

We will let you know some interesting details about this marine species by the end of the full article. So start reading, and you will never know what’s waiting for you!


First of all, we all know that this water is necessary for most living organisms. They all can’t survive without water, including us humans.

But what exactly happens when it comes to fish? Do fish drink water for real?

As we told you before, there is no short answer to this particular question. We need to dive deeper into the water to get some real answers.

Without any further ado, let’s go straight to the main discussion.

Primary types of fishes

There are two types of fish we normally see:

  • ¬†One is those who dwell in saltwater, and thus they are called saltwater fish
  • The other one is those who dwell in freshwater and thus go by the name of freshwater fish

So now that you know about the classification of fish, the rest of the road will get much easier.

The answer will be different according to exactly which kind of fish we are talking about here.

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So, if you want to know whether freshwater fish drink water or not, the answer will be no.

Do fish drink water

But, what if you want to know about saltwater fish? What is the answer going to be then?

Then we would say that, yes, saltwater fish do drink water for real.

But why is the situation so different when it comes to saltwater fish?

Why do fish drink water while living in saltwater?

We will tell you exactly why saltwater fish drink water while freshwater fish don’t.

But first, you have to know about the Osmosis system. Knowing this is important when you are so curious about fish.

Fish remain in the water all the time. For obvious reasons, some of the water automatically gets soaked by a fish.

Now Osmosis is truly a wonder of nature where this process ensures that every part of a fish’s body gets water evenly.

Humans are desperate for salt in our systems, and the fish are no different!

They also need to balance the amount of salt in their bodies to stay alive.

When it comes to freshwater fish, there is enough salt inside them compared to the water they dwell in.

So they don’t need to drink water because they don’t lose water content by Osmosis. But they need to urinate from time to time so that the water balance doesn’t cross the finish line!

But we see a stark contrast when it comes to saltwater fish.

Do fish drink water

They dwell in seawater, and that seawater has more salt than their bodies. Unlike freshwater fish, water flows outside of their body by Osmosis.

So for obvious reasons, to fill that water content, they need to drink water.

Do fish need to drink water

You are reading about do fish drink water, and in this section, we will bottom line it for you.

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You can say that freshwater fish don’t need to drink water. But saltwater or seawater fish have to drink water to get things going. It’s as simple as that.

So, do fish drink water – the answer to this question is less complicated when you think about it. You need to do some math to calculate how the bodies of a freshwater fish and a saltwater fish work.

It will not be an exaggeration if you say that freshwater fish don’t ever drink water or don’t need to.

But only seawater fish do drink water to maintain the balance of water in their system.

How do fish drink water

So, by now, you have surely understood that fish don’t exactly drink water just like the way we do. Their bodies are so different from ours that it would be impossible to live like us.

But do you know how seawater fish drink water?

Well, they don’t drink water by mouth like other living creatures. The drinking process is slightly different when it comes to fish.

They get the necessary amount of water by absorbing it through their bodies.

So apparently, they don’t drink what we know typically as drinking. But through Osmosis, they get water content evenly as they need.

Final thoughts

We hope that our article was interesting enough for you. But now it’s time to take our leave for now.

But before signing off, here are our final thoughts on this matter.

Fish are amazing creatures if you think about them. There are many fish in this world, and they all are unique in their ways.

Most importantly, all the fish have managed to evolve quickly no matter their situation.

They somehow managed to find a way of living through Osmosis and built an empire in the underworld!

The more you know them, the more you will be amazed by their interesting stories and their way of living.

Now that you stayed with us to read the entire article let us know how much you enjoyed reading it.