Can You Get Chlamydia From Kissing Your Partner

can you get Chlamydia from kissing

Imagine getting intimate with someone while having the fear of diseases. The horror! Be it mild or severe, we need to treat sexually transmitted diseases seriously. Today we’re going to discuss the answer to, “can you Chlamydia from kissing” and what this means for your health.

For starters, let’s clarify that Chlamydia cannot happen through kissing. It is a very common STI that happens when couples have unprotected sex.

Interestingly, you can have Chlamydia from oral and anal sex. So, it does not limit to vaginal sex only. The problem with this STI is that it goes undetected till tested. However, there are major negative impacts of this STI.

Having unprotected sex increases the chance of Chlamydia. Hence you need to use condoms while doing intercourse.

Now can you get Chlamydia from kissing someone? No! You cannot get Chlamydia from kissing.

But there are chances of infection if you use sex toys used by others or if you let them use yours.

Since the bacteria of Chlamydia can travel via the semen and vaginal fluid. Now If you are an expecting mother, and have Chlamydia, it might infect the baby too.

The good news is you can treat the condition with antibiotics. But since the problem with this STI is detection, you might not know you have it until it is late.

Causes of Chlamydia

Chlamydia can only spread through sexual contact semen or vaginal fluid is involved. Sexual contact means any kind of intimate activities, even without penetration or ejaculation.

If your partner is infected, there are numerous ways in which the fluid can pass through the genitals causing Chlamydia. Here are some ways that this can happen to you and it exclude kissing:


This is a primary way bacteria can enter your body leading to Chlamydia. The bacteria transmits from the vagina to the penis and vice versa.

Anal sex

The bacteria can enter the body from the penis to the anus.

Oral sex

Now, oral sex is equally dangerous. The bacteria can travel from the mouth to the penis, anus, or vagina.

Sex toys

You should never use or borrow anyone’s sex toy as it can be mode bacteria to enter the body.

Manual stimulation

While this is rare, it can happen. Here if you touch an infected person and unknowingly transmit the bacteria in their body to your eye, it can lead to an infection. While it cannot happen from a normal touch it can happen if you come in contact with their genital fluid.

So, can you get Chlamydia from kissing? No! Kissing isn’t the way but oral sex is.

Kissing will not transfer the bacteria from one body to another.

Chlamydia cannot live outside a body. So, the only way it can travel is via semen and vaginal fluid.

Chlamydia in women symptoms

Here are some symptoms to detect Chlamydia in women:

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Unusual urine

With Chlamydia, there are chances you may pass pus with your urine.


This one may be very difficult to distinguish as you may face heavy bleeding during your periods. But the bleeding might be because of Chlamydia.

Pink fleshy tissue during period

Frequent Urination

The urge to pee might increase due to infection.


While you pee, you may find difficulty urinating. You can also feel pain in the vaginal area.


You may feel pain during intercourse.


Smelly Gray, Yellow, or White discharge is one of the most common symptoms of Chlamydia.

Painful periods

The periods may be more painful than normal.

Painful abdomen

You may face a little pain in your lower abdomen with Chlamydia.

Itchy Vagina

Another symptom you may face is an itchy vagina or a burning sensation in the vagina.


You may feel feverish because of the bacteria and pain.

Chlamydia in men symptoms

In the above explanation, you saw the symptoms occurring in women. Now let’s see the indicators seen among men:


The burning sensation while peeing is common among men with Chlamydia.


Mild fever is common in both men and women.

Discharge from the penis

Being a man, you may get watery, clear, or sometimes mucus-like discharge from the penis.

Apart from the above-mentioned indicators, there may be chances you will feel some discomfort in the anus, eyes, or throat. You may feel irritation or redness in your eyes, pain in your throat, or something unusual.

In any of the above circumstances, you should see a doctor immediately before the problem aggravates. It is better to get treated as soon as possible because the side effects are terrible if it worsens.

How to treat chlamydia

To know whether you have Chlamydia or not, NAAT (nucleic acid amplification test) is a test you need to go through. This will include a fluid test or swab test. You might also require urine sample.

As you visit the doctor, do not forget to discuss and reveal everything about recent sexual activities. The doctor needs to diagnose it correctly.

If you are positive, the doctor will prescribe you some antibiotics for a few weeks, and you should be ready. However, check with the doctor before stopping the medication. You may not find any symptoms and start feeling better, but the infection does not necessary go away quickly.

So, after you are done with the prescribed dose, check with your doctor, get tested if required, and then stop the medicines. Chlamydia can return if not treated properly.

With the treatment, you may also be asked to avoid all sexual activities as you may get re-infected. Along with that, you must also ask your partners to do a test.

You must abstain from having sex until the infection gets clears completely. Follow all the instructions correctly and have the medicines on time. Now it’s also your responsibility to inform your partner about the infection so they too can get their tests done.

Also, it is possible that you have multiple STIs at the same time, and it is better to test for all.

Though there are only antibiotics that one needs to take for this treatment the reoccurrence rate is high. Hence it is better to keep a check regularly.

How to prevent chlamydia from spreading

Chlamydia is common. But there are a few measures that you can take so it doesn’t happen to you:

Inform your sexual partners

Inform your sexual partners about your infection. Informing them will make them aware of the infection, and they can get tested at the right time.

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Have protective sex

The best way to prevent it is by doing protective sex. Unprotective sex not only invites Chlamydia but also other STI diseases. Some of them can be life-threatening conditions like HIV.

Using condoms

Using condoms is very necessary. You can either get the regular latex condoms, else there is female polyurethane as well. So, either way, just be safe.

using condoms are necessary to avoid STIs like Chlamydia

Routine testing for people with multiple sexual partners

Now the number of partners you have also plays a role in reducing the risk of the infection.

Routine testing is very important for Chlamydia. When you get it tested early, you get early treatment as well. This will reduce irritation and suffering.

As per research, if you are a woman under 25, you must get yourself tested yearly. Never have sex until you are completely cured.

Remember, your sexual partner must also be tested and treated before you start having sex with them again. It is a very common disease, so you need not be ashamed.

Regular checks and hygiene should be your go-to mantra. If infected, get treated and follow all the safety measures. And listen to your doctors. They know the best.

Facts about Chlamydia

Below are some of the interesting facts about Chlamydia that you should be aware of:


Chlamydia goes away with treatment. It will take almost 2 weeks to get totally cured. However, to get a negative result in the reports, you must wait for 4 weeks.


It happens when you don’t get it treated properly. It can come back within less than 4 weeks.

Seeing the doctor

As soon as you get symptoms or if your partner informs you that he/she has tested positive.

How long does the infection take to show up

Chlamydia might even take a year to show its symptoms. Sometimes it could be a year, and sometimes it could be a month. Hence it can be difficult to find out who’s the chain of the infection.

Chlamydia has an unpleasant odor

To avoid this infection, you could choose to have sex with only a particular partner and make he/she have it with you only.

Using dental dams

While doing oral sex, dental dams could be used for prevention. If not attended, the infection may also initiate many other complications.

Can you get throat chlamydia from kissing

As discussed, whether you can get Chlamydia from kissing, the answer is no. The same goes for whether you can get throat chlamydia from kissing. The answer is still no. Kissing has nothing to do with Chlamydia.

However, if you have oral sex, you may get an infection affecting your mouth and throat. The throat can cause a very painful experience and should be treated immediately.

Often throat pain is linked to a sore throat or a common cold. But do not miss the symptom of throat chlamydia which happens due to unprotective oral sex but not just kissing.

flu incubation period

You may also feel feverish, cough, painful lymph nodes, and throat pain. Similar to a throat infection, right?

But this is throat chlamydia.

Hence go to the doctor immediately. Ensure to tell him about unprotective sex so he can diagnose you correctly and prescribe you the required treatment.

But can you get mouth chlamydia from kissing? You know the answer already. Enjoy your kisses without worrying as it is not going to give you Chlamydia.

can you get Chlamydia from kissing

Safety measures

Though you cannot get Chlamydia from kissing, there are a few safety measures that you can follow to prevent any kind of infection:

  • You must avoid kissing if you or your partner has open sores
  • Fantasizing is good, but you have to stick to the basic so don’t bite while kissing
  • You can always kiss the cheeks and forehead to show affection to someone infected
  • Avoid kissing if you or your partner is sick with a fever or cold

Follow the above measures, and you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

Hope you got the answer to whether you can get Chlamydia from kissing and some eye-openers about the infection. Kissing is a very passionate form of expressing love. So, go ahead and kiss your partners. You will not get Chlamydia, even when you use your tongue. Happy kissing!