Find the Best Sites to Play Bingo Online

Sites to Play Bingo

More and more people today are moving forward in time by turning towards the futuristic world of online bingo. The exceedingly popular game of bingo can be played online on various credible sites mentioned on  In this article, you will know how to find the best site to play bingo online.

What is ‘Bingo’ 

Popularly known as Lotto, the game originated in the years of the 1500s. Bingo is a game solely based on luck by chance. The old Italians were highly known for the fascination with betting games and other games of chance. ‘Bingo’ was invented by the old day Italians as a lottery-based game, which was enjoyed by people of all economic status in various different ways, and although the years have passed, the game still remains enjoyable by the modern world. 

Online Bingo 

The online game brings ease to the people who want to play their favorite gambling game from the comfort zone of their homes. 

The rules of an online bingo game are mostly the same with regard to land-based bingo. Although the restrictions on the game are a little relaxed when playing virtually. 

The game is played by entering a virtual game room, choosing the number of cards that the player prefers, keeping an ear out for the numbers that are being called out, verging the number with the player’s card, and declaring the win. 

Best Sites To Play Online Bingo 

The growing popularity of online bingo has given a chance to these bingo sites like The Casino DB to step up and engage the users in playing the best bingo games on some credible websites. 

Let us get into the details of the best sites to play online bingo. 

  • Avenger Slots – Best known for its high loading speed and a great selection of slots. Avenger Slots was established in August of the year 2019 and is operated by Jump Man Gaming. The minimum deposit required to play with Avenger Slots is £/€10, and the Minimum withdrawal amount is £/€10. This new online bingo site supports the English language and currencies, including Pounds Sterling. The best feature of this site is the hefty sized welcome bundle, which is offered to the new members. Also, the surprise doesn’t end here. The existing members are also offered with varying bonuses throughout their membership. 
  • SlotStrike Casino – As the name of this bingo casino website suggests, it is solely based on the lucky players who want to try their luck by striking out the numbers on a bingo card. The user-friendly design of the website makes it easy for the players to access the website. SlotStrike Casino was established in July of the year 2018 and is operated by NEKTAN. The site is available in English, Swedish, and German languages. It supports Pounds Sterling, Euros, Swedish, and Krona currencies. The minimum deposit required to play is £/€10, and the minimum withdrawal is £/€10. Some of the features offered by SlotStrike Casino are Cashback, tournaments, live chat, online slots, roulette, bingo, etc. 
  •  The Sun Play – Another Bingo site operated by NEKTAN, The Sun Play, offers players the opportunity to play slots and bingo! The casino site was established and launched in June of the year 2017. The languages supported by The Sun Play are English, Swedish and Italian. The available currencies are Pounds Sterling, Euros, US Dollars, Swedish Krona, and the Norwegian Krone. The virtual casino offers features like welcome bonuses, which go up to 400£! As well as weekly bonuses to the existing members, choose your match weekends and regular tournaments for the bingo lovers. 
  • Casino765 – A relatively new bingo site established in March of the year 2020. Casino765 is operated by P24B Malta Ltd. This site supports the English language and the currencies Pounds Sterling and Euros. Casino765 offers welcome bonuses up to 3500£ to the new players and exciting jackpot offers. The recently issued website offers over 2000 games for its members, providing a large number of options for the gambling experts to play with and not get bored while sitting at home. 
  • The Palaces Casino – The Palaces Casino was first established in December of the year 2016 and is operated by Palatial Leisure Limited. The site supports English, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, and Chinese, and currencies supported by them are Pounds Sterling, Euros, Swedish Krona, Czech Republic Korunas and Denmark Krone. Some innovative features offered by The Palaces Casino are marking favorite options, creating game lists, up to £100 bonuses with 50 bonus spins, live chat section faster and user-friendly search bar to sort games by their names and developers as well as a modern and sleek design to the entire bingo site
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These were some of the newly established online bingo sites which have the best features, tournaments, and bonuses available for the new players as reviewed by The Casino DB