Ginger Tea Benefits for Health and How to Make It?

Ginger Tea Benefits

Ginger tea is a quick fix to most of your health problems. You can vouch on ginger tea to give your health a tonic like no other. It’s also one of the easiest ways to reap the maximum of ginger benefits. You can make this tasty drink for yourself in just a few minutes. Wondering how you need to make it?  Don’t you worry!  We will guide you in making the best ginger tea ever. Moreover, we’ll also tell you what the ginger tea benefits on health are.

You will find people around the world using ginger as a remedy for numerous health problems. Although ginger was a native to Asia, but now, you can see them grow well in America and Africa too.

So, now before we know how ginger tea benefits our health, let us see what the nutritive values of ginger are.

Nutritive Value of Ginger Tea

Isn’t ginger a common spice in your kitchen? But do you know it is also highly in demand for the medicinal value ginger tea has? You’ll find people all across the globe to use ginger tea as a health remedy.

When you drink a cup of ginger tea, you are providing your body with amino acids, vitamin C, sodium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and so much more. It also has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. So, ginger tea overall is like a health tonic you can give your body.

Now that you know all about the nutritive value, let us see what magic ginger tea does on your health.

Ginger Tea Benefits on Health

Here you will find some of the best health benefits ginger tea gives you. Which are:

Controls Nausea and vomiting

Ginger tea is like a quick solution to your nausea. When you’re sick just have a cup of ginger tea to relieve yourself from the squashy feeling.

Researches have said medicines that cause nausea, like cancer medicines, HIV and other drugs, ginger tea can give immense relief. Moreover, you will find ginger tea to work better than many anti-nausea drugs too. If you’re on any strong drug and you feel like vomiting, a cup of ginger tea will give you instant relief.

Reduces Menstrual cramps

If you have ginger tea when you are having menstrual pains, you can give yourself immense relief. Moreover, many researches show that ginger tea benefits menstrual pains more than a lot of pain relievers. Some of the medications ginger tea was tested against are Novafen, Mefenamic acid, and Ibuprofen.

As a matter of fact, heavy menstrual bleeding can also be reduced by consuming ginger tea. So, young women who have heavy menstrual bleeding should have a cup of ginger tea to reduce the pain and bleeding.

Aids in Osteoarthritis

Since ginger tea has pain relieving abilities, you can have a cup to relieve yourself of osteoarthritis. You will find a few researches to back this claim but there are contradictory results too.

Reduces Morning sickness

Most pregnant women keep ginger by their bedside to reduce nausea and morning sicknesses. So, ginger tea can also give you similar results. It may not work as fast as a drug but can relieve you tremendously. However, you must always take your doctor’s advice before you have ginger or ginger tea when you’re pregnant. It’s a chance you would definitely not want to take.

Relieves muscle soreness

You must have seen many dieticians across the globe asking you to include ginger tea to a regular diet. That is because it helps your sore muscles to relax and overcome the pain you get after exercising. So, don’t forget to have a cup of ginger tea just after you’re back from the gym.

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Helps in Motion sickness

Motion sickness is another thing that many of you may have. Don’t you remember your mom carrying a piece of ginger in the purse or a flask of ginger tea while traveling? It helps any one tremendously, and can also work better than many drugs. In fact, studies say, a drug called dimenhydrinate that treats upset stomach is not as effective as ginger tea when treating motion sickness.

Lowers High Blood Sugar Levels

In a few cases, it has been seen that ginger helps to reduce blood sugar. You need to have at least two cups of ginger tea for a period of three months to see effective results. But it is advisable not to include it your diet all by yourself. Consult your doctor once to be sure, if you can have ginger or not. If you get permission from your health personnel, no one can stop you enjoy all the ginger tea benefits.

Aids in Digestion

If you notice several studies, then you’ll definitely see a cup of ginger tea aids in digestion. It helps people having dyspepsia to speed up the digestion of food. Ginger basically impels your intestine muscles, which is called digestive motility. This is what helps your food particles to break down fast and hence, helps in digestion. Moreover, it also helps, other stored food particles to move down the digestive tract easily. So, you can be sure of having no gas, bloating and enjoy easy digestion when you have ginger tea.

Soothes Upset Stomach

Ginger has the ability to calm your upset stomach too. You are already aware that ginger tea can help you with nausea, morning sickness, and motion sickness. It also has huge abilities to cure an upset stomach too.

You will find Romans and Greeks to also use this as a home remedy to treat an upset stomach. More so, even recent studies agree on the benefits of ginger tea in curing an upset stomach. So, remember to keep you ginger roots always handy!

Cures Hangover

If you’ve had a high dose of alcohol, you can relieve yourself by having ginger tea. It will reduce your nausea and also give you a quick headache relief. So, every time you go out partying, don’t forget to keep a piece of ginger root ready in your kitchen.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Many studies have proven results that having ginger tea may help in lowering the levels of triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Although there is no evident study about it, so you can always ask your doctor before including it in your diet.

Controls High blood pressure

Numerous people having high blood pressure have said that having a cup of ginger tea regularly has helped them lower the levels of high blood pressure.

Reduces inflammation

As you already know that ginger tea works wonders as a pain reliever to menstrual cramps and muscle soreness. It is because of the anti-inflammatory properties in ginger and the compound gingerol present in it. Dietitians across the globe advise their patients to have a cup of ginger tea regularly. It not only helps to reduce any ache you may have but also calms any inflammation you may internally have and may not feel.

Helps in Weight Loss

Ginger tea benefits weight loss tremendously, as it curbs the frequent cravings. When you have a cup of ginger tea it reduces your cravings by quite a bit. This will eventually use up your stored fat, which will further help you in weight loss. So, you can very well go ahead and add ginger tea to your weight loss diet chart.

Cure Colds and Flus

Ginger tea benefits cold and flus enormously. Don’t you get relief from a cold when you have tea? So, why not enhance the tea a little more? Just steep in a root of ginger in your tea and see yourself to get instant relief. You’ll definitely thank us for this later!

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Boosts Immune System

You already know how high in nutrition ginger is. Moreover, it is filled with antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It also has a high content of vitamin C in it. So, how can ginger tea not boost up your immunity?

The compounds like shogaol, paradols, and gingerols helps you fight against the free radicals and also inflammation. So, you can have a cup of ginger tea every day and be sure you’ll have a healthy immune system.

Improves Cognitive Health

You may also notice a few studies stating that ginger is directly linked to having a healthy brain. A study showed evidences, of people having a better memory and cognitive health when that consumed ginger extract. So, you can conclude that having ginger tea may also help in improving your cognitive health.

Improves Skin Health

Who doesn’t like glowing skin? The antioxidants present in ginger help your skin cells to grow and improve your overall skin health. It even fights against the free radicals that help you have glowing and spotless skin. So, you can surely say that ginger tea benefits for skin health are immense as well.

How to Make Ginger Tea?

Now you know how wonderfully ginger tea benefits your overall health. So, wouldn’t you want to know what the best way to make ginger tea is? Here’s help!

We’ll take you through the process in detail, for you to make the best ginger tea and get its optimum benefits. The step by step process is as follows:

Step 1:

First, you must take a root of ginger and wash it well in tap water. Remember to scrub off the mud well. Then you need to slice it up quite thin. You can take around an inch of ginger piece for one cup of tea. If you’re thinking about the ginger peel, then you may or may not remove the skin. It’s completely your choice.

Step 2:

Then take a tea saucepan. Pour one cup of water, if you’re just making one cup. You must then add the thinly sliced ginger pieces into the saucepan. But remember the proportion of ginger should be one inch of ginger piece for each cup of tea.

Step 3:

You must then bring it to boil with a high heat in the beginning. As you see the water to boil, reduce the heat to a simmer.

Step 4:

When you see the water and ginger boiling really well, leave it for around five minutes. But if you want a much stronger flavor, leave for another five minutes. You’ll gradually see the color of the water changing, as the ginger juice infuses into it.

Step 5:

Now you need to use a fine sieve. Stick it on your mug and gently pour it through the fine sieve. If you would like to add a little flavor to your ginger tea, put in some orange or lemon zest in it. Or you can even put in a drop of honey or maple syrup to enhance the taste of your freshly made ginger tea.

Enjoy the goodness of every sip and the health benefits ginger tea gives. But before you include ginger tea in your diet have look at a few side effects, that you must keep in mind.

Ginger Tea Side Effects

You must not drink too much of tea, as it may cause health hazards. Keeping your consumption of ginger tea in limited amounts is always the best way.

If you are someone who is allergic to ginger then you must avoid having ginger tea, as it may lead to other problems. Moreover, people with diabetes, high blood pressure and other pre-existing health problems should always take the advice of the doctor before having ginger tea. It’s always best to know for sure before you make any changes to your diet. So, speak to your doctor first and then you can easily make a cup of ginger tea to enjoy its goodness.

Last Thoughts

Ginger tea benefits us in all aspects. But you must not go overboard with ginger tea. Keep the consumption level in moderate amounts so that you can enjoy the benefits completely.

The best time to drink ginger tea is actually in the morning as soon as you get up, or in the late afternoon. Make yourself a nice warm mug of ginger tea with the recipe we’ve given you in this blog. Go ahead and enjoy all the benefits of ginger tea. But don’t forget to leave us a feedback!