Benefits of Drinking Hot Water Beyond Weight Loss Goals

benefits of drinking hot water

Are you among those people who begin their day with a cup of tea or coffee? Well, most of the people do that way. For some people, tea and coffee prove to a stimulator for them to leave the bed, and they think that these beverages play a vital role in their life. Some even have a perception that without them, they can’t work efficiently. Everyone gets going with a caffeine boost. While there are innumerable benefits of caffeine drinks, the benefits of drinking hot water are no less.

On the one hand, coffee drinkers have a longer life, and it protects their liver according to some studies. On the other hand, tea is also loaded with benefits such as less caffeine and an ample amount of antioxidants. It also boosts the immune system.

Not many people know that regular intake of warm water is not only inexpensive but is also a convenient way to stay healthy and absorb some healing qualities of lukewarm water. Besides, you can drink warm water with several ingredients such as ginger, lemon, and honey. However, it is best to drink warm water alone. Make warm water a part of your mornings and evenings.

It should be your first task after you wake up and just before going hit the sack at night. In this way, you will achieve some enormous benefits of drinking hot water. However, always ensure that you are not scalding hot water, and the ideal temperature of water for drinking is 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit. To warm water up in real-time, you can keep an electronic kettle to do the task.

Benefits of drinking hot water

Here are some reasons to shed some light on the benefits of drinking hot water for your overall health:

It helps in digestion

Sounding weird? Drinking warm water is the most refreshing and heavenly for your health as compared to cold water. Benefits of drinking hot water list better and improved digestion on the top. It soothes the body’s digestive tract, thus making the elimination of waste easier the next day. It also flushes out toxins and cleanses your digestion. The water breaks down and dissolves everything you eat. In this way, it eases a hard time your body experiences to digest. You can include warm water alongside meals instead of rushing to drink icy cold water. Coldwater hardens the oils in the food you intake and causes indigestion. Try warm water at once, and gut will be thanking you later.

Loose those extra pounds

Got extra pounds after spending quality time during holidays? Your favorite dress is not your size anymore? Well, try to include warm water and experience the benefits of drinking hot water as it helps you out in your along with your diet. Drinking hot, warm water early in the morning helps to lose some weight. It enhances the body’s temperature, and it increases the body’s metabolism. In return, your body begins to burn extra calories. It clears out wastes in your intestines and feeling of bloating mitigates.

Lighten your mood and ease up the nervous system

It is quite common that everyone deals with pains, aches, and cramps with things making us stressed out and panicking. Among the other benefits of drinking hot water is it calms and soothes the central nervous system of the body. The hot water relaxes you giving you relief from pain. Eventually, you will feel calmer and relaxed all day long. If you are aware that the day is going to be a weary one, drink warm water the entire day to see the differences.

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Helps in improving blood circulation

Have you ever had a warm bath? It feels like you are spending a heavenly time at a spa. Your tense muscles begin to relax, and blood flow eases up. Thus it improves blood circulation. The benefits of drinking hot water are the same as bathing in warm water. Test it before you go to sleep and need restful and relaxed sleep. To add more, you can bath in warm water with some essential oils, and you will surely have the peaceful and best sleep ever.

Relieves sinuses and nasal congestion

When the seasons of sinus infections and nasal congestion comes, people rush towards getting medicines, but they aren’t aware of the benefits of hot water. While medications, Vitamin C, and other alternatives provide significant relief in the pain, drinking hot water provides benefits when an individual feels down. You can inhale the vapors of warm water as it helps in loosening up the clogged mucus. It also relieves sinus infections and the associated headache. One of the other benefits of drinking warm water soothes your sore throat due to mucus buildup and provides warmth.

Warm water keeps hydrated

The benefits of drinking warm water are no less than water intake at room temperature. Yet, it is best to take a specific mild water dose every day. It is essential to keep your body hydrated. Add some warm water with the mix for achieving the goal of drinking water the entire day. It is not a tough job to begin and end your day with a glass of warm water. Once you get to the routine, it will help you out to fulfill the target of keeping yourself hydrated.

 Healthy teeth

You may not hear this among the benefits of hot water, but once you switch from drinking cold to hot water, you will see this difference. Warm water makes it easier for teeth. Get into this habit of boiling water drinking. Extreme temperatures affect your teeth, so it’s wise to drink hot water once in a while.

Fights aging and cleanse the skin

One of the enormous benefits of drinking warm water is the prevention of premature aging signs such as dry skin, wrinkles, and dark patches on the surface. It also clears out your clogged skin.

As mentioned previously, cleansing the body from toxins is crucial to keep a healthy gut. Since viruses are responsible for accelerated aging, hot water helps to repair damaged cells and making your skin smoother, fresher, and free from irritating breakouts. Hot water also eliminates skin issues and infections from their root. Start drinking hot water today and welcome a natural, healthy, and youthful glow.

Promotes hair growth and improves health

Hair health and their health is some of the known benefits of drinking hot water. It keeps them shiny and soft alongside giving accelerated hair growth. Regular intake of hot water energizes the nerve endings present in the hair roots. It activates them and promotes growth. Warm water is also advantageous for the scalp and keeps it moisturized and hydrated. It is capable of fighting dandruff and dry scalp.

An ideal drink post-workout

After a home workout or workout at the gym, replace your shakes or energy drinks with warm water. It allows replenishing essential minerals and vitamins and also rehydrates your body. Besides, it has zero-calories, and it is free of chemicals. Thus, it sounds like an ideal drink for post-workout.

Corrects your metabolism

Warm water enhances the metabolic rate for at least 30-40 %. It increases the body’s temperature and thus results in a faster metabolism. Always remember that difference is not much because metabolism is mostly altered due to weight, genetics, and age also plays a part in it.

Lowered infections risks

It is a well-known fact that boiling water kills germs, especially during wilderness hiking. It happens because it kills microbes and harmful bacteria present in the water, which would possibly cause infections in your body otherwise. Reducing the infections exposure, hot water is far better than cold or room temperature water.

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Relieves constipation

Dehydration causes constipation while the water keeps moving the food down the intestines. If dehydration occurs in the body, the large intestine soaks up everything it can from the eaten food. Thus, it becomes difficult to pass and causes constipation and pain. Hot water breaks food faster and relieves the pain quickly. It also soothes your intestines.

Relieves pain

You must have heard people’s suggestions to use a hot water pack for easing up the menstrual cramps. It does works brilliantly and not only in menstrual cramps but also in painful and swollen areas. Providing relaxation to the muscles, it soothes the pain in your body wherever it is. It also lightens body aches and headaches.

Treats Achalasia

It is a health issue in which the lowermost part of your esophagus is unable to relax and thus prevents food from moving further into your stomach. Warm water assists relaxation esophagus’s lower par. Studies have shown that hot water improves achalasia symptoms. Hot water treats the LES (Lower Esophageal Sphincter) symptoms more rapidly. Some people also get relieved with warm water in chest pain. On the contrary, cold water aggravates the symptoms of LES.

Coldwater Vs. Hot water

Undoubtedly, cold water possesses its benefits, especially when the body temperature is rising. It can happen due to exercising or an intense workout. When a person travels in the hot sun and faces the heat strokes, cold waterworks. It brings back the body’s temperature to normal. It also rehydrates you quickly. In these instances, drinking warm water would have adverse effects.

Apart from the above instances, warm water should be your preference. But still, there are some facts you need to remember, as:

Hot water doesn’t mean boiling water. Boiling water can cause damages to your esophagus, and your taste buds can be burnt. And you wouldn’t want to scald your tongue.

Avoid hot water drinking close to boiling temperature. Before taking a complete gulp, it would be best to make a small sip at first. The ideal temperature of warm waterfalls between 1200-1400F. It wouldn’t be possible for you measuring the heat, so take a small sip before you drink it.

Wonders of warm lemon water

Though there is not much research regarding the benefits of warm lemon water yet both lemon and water are beneficial in specific ways.

Here are some ways through which lemon and water are beneficial for your body.

Stay hydrated

Water is an ideal beverage for proper hydration. Various studies show that a perfect take for women should be 91 ounces/day, and it should be 125 ounces/day for men. It comprises water from both drinks and foods. Add some lemon to enhance the flavor of water, and it can compel you to drink sufficiently.

Rich in Vitamin C

Lemons and other citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C. An antioxidant, it protects cells from the damage caused by free radicals. You may have heard about it that Vitamin C helps in the prevention of the common cold. It also reduces the chances of heart diseases and strokes. It lowers your blood pressure.

Helps in losing weight

Various studies have claimed that lemons contain polyphenol antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce weight gain and also mitigate the chances of obesity. The compound also improves insulin resistance and affects blood glucose levels. Both factors are responsible for type 2 diabetes development.

Enhances skin quality

Vitamin C is abundant in lemons, which reduce various skin issues such as wrinkles, dry skin due to aging and sun damage. However, it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated. Failing to do so will dry up the skin, and then it is prone to get wrinkles.

A perfect remedy for poor digestion

Lemon water in the morning as a laxative prevents constipation. Drinking warm lemon water after waking up gets the digestive system activated. In ayurvedic medicines, the sour taste of lemon stimulates “Agni,” which means to begin the digestive system and to allow the food for better and easy digestion. It also prevents building up toxins in your body.

Conclusively, it can be said that hot water heals your body in every way. It boosts your digestion and eliminates metabolic waste quickly. It is a perfect method to go for except if the environment is hot around you, and you get dehydrated. Start a healthy habit of drinking hot water regularly.