6 Best Techniques To Stop Stuttering

Stop Stuttering

There are different kinds of speech disorders that affect people differently. Often these speech disorders create hindrances in people’s life and disrupt their social lifestyle. Stuttering is one of the common speech disorders—stuttering results in repeating syllables, sounds, or words. It can sometimes affect the normal flow of sentences and interrupt one’s conversation, accompanied by unusual movements of expression. Stuttering can become a significant issue that can influence the confidence level of a person. Hence, it is essential to adopt techniques to stop stuttering or at least reduce it to some extent.

Top Techniques To Stop Stuttering In The Best Way!

“More than 70 million people in the world are affected by stuttering, which clearly states the need for intervention.” – medicalnewstoday.com

Stuttering is common among men compared to women. There is indeed no medical cure to the stuttering issue, and stress, anxiety, or pressure can make things worse. All you can do is manage the situations in the best way possible and work to improve your speech. By following proper techniques to stop stuttering, you can save yourself from social embarrassment and get a stutter-free life.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the techniques that can help you stop stutter.

#1 Try To Speak Slowly

If you have a stuttering issue, speaking in a fast-paced tone will only make things more complicated. Speaking slowly will reduce the stress and the extravagant signs of stuttering. When you talk fast, your stuttering issue will be emphasized. On the other hand, slow speaking will give you time to focus on each word and get it right. For instance, you can try reading sentences aloud, but at a slow pace at your home, and once you have mastered the art of slow speaking, you can try conversing with others. For better results, try to add a pause between sentences and phrases.

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#2 Always Avoid The Triggers Words

For a person who stutters a lot, there’s always a trigger word that can make them nervous and stutter even more. It is advised to stop using a particular word or phrase if they are not comfortable with it. It would help if you made yourself as comfortable as it can be while speaking; it is one of the best techniques to stop stuttering. Avoid the trigger words as much as possible. Make a list of words that make your stutter even more and try to find their alternative to practice them alone in your room.

#3 Keep Your Mind Sane

Indeed, stuttering can cause you trouble that often affects mental peace. As mentioned earlier, stress and anxiety result in heightening the stuttering issues; it is imperative to find ways to control that. Mindfulness is one of the noted practices to keep stress and anxiety at bay. It is found that there is an overlapping connection between the effects of mindfulness and techniques in managing the issue. It helps in decreasing the avoidance strategies, improves emotional control, and focuses more on acceptance. Mindful meditation is an effective treatment program for people.

#4 Go For Speech Therapy

It is a long-term treatment plan that usually works for people at an early stage of stuttering. If you have been stuttering for 3-6 months, or have signs of stuttering, you must opt for speech therapy. Though this therapy may not be able to stop stuttering altogether, it can undoubtedly bring a remarkable improvement in the situation. This therapy helps slow down the speech rate, manages the stuttering situation in the best way, and works out a smooth speech pattern. Research has proven that speech therapy is best for adults and children if they remain truthful and dedicated to treatment.

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#5 Opt For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Yet another long term treatment plan for stuttering is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). As you know that stuttering is connected to your cognitive thinking and severely impacts the way you think or act, it is crucial to address the root cause. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a psychotherapy wherein the therapists teach the patients how to mold their thinking and alter behavior at respective situations. The treatments in CBT majorly includes-:

  • Teaching direct communication
  • More education about stuttering
  • Problem-solving exercise
  • Humming practice
  • Relaxing techniques
  • Help in managing unnecessary thoughts
  • Exercising prolonged sounds

#6 Use of Proper Devices for stop Stuttering

Apart from therapies and techniques, you can use a little help from technology and improve your speech. There are plenty of electronic devices available for people looking to improve fluency and speech. Some devices can also help reduce the speed of speech, while others enhance the fluency by practicing syllables. Devices that mimic the speech and making it sound like the person is talking in union are among the most popular ones. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders has stated that speaking in unison with a group is proven to reduce stuttering effects temporarily.

Stop Your Unwavering Indulgence Is The Key To Your Solution

Stuttering has become a growingly widespread speech disorder among people that do not have any proper cure. Early intervention is key to stop stuttering and help you overcome speech anxiety. Following some best techniques to stop stuttering will come handy in such situations. The change starts with you. By adopting speech practicing techniques, you can bring some significant differences to your stuttering issue.

There are some speech therapies as well that you can opt for to gain control over your speech. However, nothing works until you decide to help yourself. It is imperative to take charge of your speech disorder and work out a plan to help you overcome it. Seek assistance from self-help groups, speech therapists, or your loved ones to create techniques that can help you stop stuttering or reduce it.

Researchers are on the quest to find an effective treatment for stuttering to help people, especially children, get their normal speech back. The above mentioned were some of the techniques to stop stuttering that you can practice bringing a change.