There are free and effective solutions for WooCommerce dropshipping stores!And in this article, I’ll share with you the 10 best plugins for an AliDropship Woo store!

Our team has quite a long history of working with WooCommerce as both users and developers.We ourselves have developed a solution – SaleSource, which is perfectly compatible with the WooCommerce platform.

Thanks to this tool, even inexperienced users can create fully functioning dropshipping stores and run their independent profitable businesses.

This article will give you more details! While our plugin is a multifunctional tool for dropshipping store creation and management,there are lots of business areas that can be further improved with extra solutions picked 10 FREE WooCommerce plugins that can radically change your business results.

This group of plugins helps you run your store more efficiently.Often, it is recommended that only experience entrepreneurs launch their stores on WooCommerce as it is quite a demanding platform.

However, the following plugins will help youdeal with the technical challenges!This plugin is a must for every eCommerce entrepreneur who takes care of SEO.

And even if your store isn’t based on WooCommerce, you still can – and should – get it for yourwebsiteYoast SEO takes care of your store content

from the point of view of search engine optimization.

It has a range of premium features that allowyou to evaluate the quality of the content you put on your store pages, and even thequality of your text.With its help, you can optimize your websitestructure, work with focus keywords, create

SEO-friendly text, and, in general, make your store more appealing for both buyers and search engines.WP Super Cache speeds up your WordPress online store and optimizes its performance.

The plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress website, so that your server can work with them instead of processingheavier scripts.Therefore, with WP Super Cache, your websitewill load faster as it will use less server resources.

Of course, it will bring value to your store visitors and buyers as they will enjoy a smoothand effortless shopping experience. Speaking of your buyers’ convenience, I would also like to mention the amazing Currency Switcher plugin for WooCommerce, which is the one that we use at SaleSource.

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It has lots of features that are a must-havefor any international online store.For example, it can identify the user’s country by its IP and use this data or the chosen language to automatically select thesuitable currency.

Surely, it’s a convenience both for you and for your customers.

And, since we’ve started talking about shopping experience improvement, let’s proceed with  the next group of helpful and free WooCommerce plugins.

Advanced Access Manager is a powerful and flexible WooCommerce plugin that lets you improve the security of your website.The plugin provides different access levelsto the website content depending on the user’ role.

So, it defines who, when, how, and under whatconditions the user can work with your website resources.It is highly useful for huge online store owners who deal with several administrators, editors, authors, followers, and other types of users.

Do you want to make it safe and convenientfor your store visitors to navigate your website?The following plugins might come in handy.

What if your store visitors like some of yourproducts, but can’t purchase them right now?

With WooCommerce wish list plugin, these potential clients can easily save the desired productsfor later.What’s more, they can share their wish listswith friends and relatives, which certainly

is good for your store recognition.

Without any doubt, it’s a really convenient tool if you want to raise awareness about your store and improve the conversion rate.

High quality images are the key to a better product presentation and to reducing customers’ uncertainty.With FooGallery plugin, you can organize your on-site images into user-friendly albums andgalleries.Its PRO version also supports the creation of video galleries.

For this purpose, you can take the videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TED, Dailymotion, or use self-hosted videos from any online sources.So, if you’re looking for a free and impressive way to organize visual content on your site, that’s your best bet.

How can your store visitors be sure that the website is active, secure, and worthy of their money and attention?All they need to do is check the linked social accounts.

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The Social Icons plugin supports over 200 popular social icons and lets you convenientlydisplay them on your website.Thanks to flexible plugin settings, you can be totally sure your amazing social pageswon’t go unnoticed!

And, since we’ve started talking about social media integration, it’s the perfect moment to mention free WooCommerce plugins that can help you with social media marketing services and with other ways to promote your store.

It is possible to automate at least some parts of your marketing tasks, similar to the way you automate routine managerial duties.Therefore, you’ll get more free time to get creative in your promotions and to communicate with your audience more efficiently

This plugin is a must-have if you’re working with Facebook pixel and Facebook product catalog to run your promotions With its help, you can install Facebook pixel on your website in a single click.

That means that you will be able to track conversions, create custom audiences with various parameters, manage your product catalogs, and synchronize them with Facebook.Therefore, you can take your Facebook ads to a new level and enjoy greater efficiency of every marketing action you take on this social media.This plugin for WooCommerce delivers emailsto your audience and makes sure these lettersdon’t go to spam or junk folder.It configures and sends all outgoing emails

via a SMTP server and can be used with Gmail,Yahoo, or Hotmail SMTP servers.

The plugin connects your WordPress store with a mail server to handle all outgoing emails.

It looks like all the letters are composed inside your mail account and makes it easierfor you to launch trustworthy and efficientemail marketing campaigns.

This is one of the most popular email delivery services – and our favorite one Pepipost makes sure your emails satisfy all filtering requirements and prevents them fromgetting lost in the spam folder.

So, if you don’t want your email marketing efforts to fall flat, consider this free WooCommerce plugin – have we mentioned it’s perfectly compatible with our SaleSource plugin.