How to treat muscle aches and pains after a run?

treat muscle aches and pains after a run

Do you get sick and tired of having aching limbs each time you’ve completed a run? It’s not always a bad thing – it can simply be your body’s way of telling you what it needs as it prepares to do some muscle building – but if it’s causing you real distress or putting you off your sport, you’ll be pleased to know that there are simple actions that can treat muscle.

Warm up before you start

If you’re already in pain when reading this, you’ll have to save this bit of advice for next time, but it’s the single simplest thing you can do to make a difference. Just five to 10 minutes of warming up will save you a world of pain afterwards and significantly reduce the chance of injury. You may feel that it’s adding to the effort involved, but you’ll find that it actually improves your running times.


When you’re dehydrated after a long run, the whole of your body suffers as a result. You need to rehydrate as soon as possible, preferably with an isotonic electrolyte solution, which will restore the proper balance of salts and fluid in your body. It may sound odd, but this can have a rapid effect or treat muscle, working from the inside out to relieve stress and inflammation.

Work through some stretches

Once you have some fluid back in your system, it’s time to get to work with the stretches. Just 15 minutes will do you a lot of good, but some runners prefer a full half hour. Simple exercise like this helps to work out tension and knots in the muscles, and means that everything will settle in the right place. It also makes it easier for you to identify serious strains straight away so that you can apply proper support to deal with them.

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Relax your body with CBD

When you’ve been running for a while, your muscles will be tensed for further action – they don’t automatically know that it’s okay to relax now. You can send them that signal very quickly and easily by vaping CBD or putting a few drops of it underneath your tongue. If you’re worried because you don’t know how CBD reacts to drug tests, you should be aware that standard tests don’t look for it, and even in the event of a specific CBD vape oil drug test, it may not matter, as it’s neither illegal nor performance-enhancing.

Take an ice bath

This may not sound very relaxing at all, and there’s no doubt that it can feel like punishment after a good, hard run, but a few hours later, you’ll be glad you did it. It’s the number one way to reduce inflammation, and after you emerge from it, your body will be ready to relax properly. It’s then that you’ll get that post-exercise buzz and feeling of enhanced alertness that’s so addictive.

Using these techniques will ultimately make running a much more pleasant experience for you, and will help your body to get more out of it.