Tips For Staying Healthy From Home

Staying Healthy From Home

In the age of COVID-19, Staying Healthy From Home has become a priority. But due to the limits the virus has put on our lives and schedules, it’s tougher than ever to maintain our healthy lifestyle. It’s all too easy to spend our evenings on the couch. I mean, it’s not like we can safely go anywhere or do anything, right?

But of course, just because something is more difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here’s a handy list of tips you can incorporate into your routines to stay fit in both body and mind, even in a pandemic.


One of the core tenets of health is exercise. Unfortunately, because of the virus, many gyms remain closed. There are plenty of alternatives though, ranging from simple and cheap to highly advanced with a premium price tag to match.

Core Drills: You don’t need complicated equipment to get a good sweat going. Pushups, crunches, planks, along with a few other body exercises can help you maintain fitness without breaking the bank. Slowly add on more reps to each set as you progress through the weeks until you find the right balance of challenge and time commitment.

YouTube: Gone are the days where you need to buy expensive DVD sets (or, god forbid, VHS tapes) to work out at home. YouTube and other online video providers have tons of workouts available for free or through low-cost subscription services. Find one that’s right for you, or bounce around to keep things fresh.

Active Games: Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more personalized though. If there’s a video game console in your home, that might be just the ticket for indoor exercise. From fun dancing games to virtual reality boxing to specially-made fitness games that can customize workouts for you and track your progress, there’s a wealth of options for all skill and intensity levels.

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Home Gyms

If you’re looking to drop some coin for your fitness needs, there’s an entire industry waiting for you. Stationary bikes that put you in virtual spin classes, mirrors that have you work out with real trainers or even just a personal set of dumbbells. These are all options available to you. And while the prices of some of these things can seem high, consider that it might motivate you to stick with them knowing what you paid for them.


Exercise can only take you so far though. Maintaining a healthy diet is also crucial to being your best you. Being stuck inside can get you into some bad habits, but it also presents an opportunity to start some good ones.

Pre-make Meals: It’s a hallmark of many dieting tips, and for good reason. Pre-planning and preparing meals saves you money, time and discourages you from straying to less healthy options. Try making four meals on Sunday, eating those meals throughout the week, then rewarding yourself on Friday.

Kitchen Gadgets: Similar to your home gym options, there are plenty of devices that can help you make healthy choices. Steamers, blenders, air fryers and more give you lots of options for healthier eating.

Make A Supermarket Routine: Has anyone ever told you not to go to the grocery store hungry? The same goes for not having a plan when you go shop. Categorize your shopping list into fruits, veggies, meats, grains and dairy. This will help you make sure you’re getting a good balance of nutritious groceries and deter those junk food impulse purchases.

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Buy Online/Non-perishables: Going to the grocery store, especially when it’s crowded, can itself being a risk to your health in the age of COVID-19. Purchasing your groceries online for pickup or delivery helps to limit your exposure, and stocking up on non-perishable food items lessens the number of trips /orders you need to make.


Because health is more than just what you eat and how active you are.

Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water throughout the day has a range for Staying Healthy From Home, from better physical performance to higher brain function, even aiding in weight loss. 6-8 glasses a day is what’s recommended, and that’s outside of what you drink with your meals.

Make Time For Yourself: Your mental health is important. Things are stressful right now and it can be difficult to stay safe and sane. Carving out a little time each day to be with your own thoughts or let yourself unwind will help keep your head right.

Get Good Health Insurance: You hope you never need to use it, but having good insurance can give you peace of mind that you’ll be protected if something does occur. Need health insurance? You can request a free health insurance quote from Freeway Insurance.