The Changing Demographics of Casino Visitors: Millennials and Gen Z

Land-based casinos were all the rage with Boomers and Gen X’ers, but they’re not nearly as popular with younger generations. Millennials and Gen Z have a new outlook on gambling and are pushing operators to rethink the way they entertain and attract customers. Read on to discover how technology and fresh outlooks are changing one of the oldest industries in the world!

Attitudes Towards Gambling

Millennials and Gen Z are the first generations that grew up with the internet, so it’s natural for them to have a different view of gambling.

Though it’s still considered to be a fun hobby, these generations are less likely to travel for entertainment. Instead, they want the fun and games to be brought to them through technology.

The Popularity of Online Casinos 

The popularity of online casinos among younger generations is undeniable. It’s unlikely you’ll hear Gen Z or Millennials saying they visited a land-based casino any time soon. There are several reasons for this:

  • Convenience– Thanks to technological advancements, it’s become much easier and more convenient to play in online casinos. You no longer have to leave the comfort of your own home and you don’t even need to own a computer. This also means that you can play whenever you want. When you’re standing in line or riding public transport, you can play a game of blackjack or spin some reels. There’s no more need to go and actively seek out entertainment.
  • Variety of choice– The internet globalised gambling. Younger generations are no longer restricted to just the casinos in their city or country. They can use sites like Master of Casinos to discover the best operators worldwide, get better bonuses, and enjoy a wider variety of games. The world is at the palm of their hands and all they have to do is pick and choose.
  • Easier social interaction– These generations are used to interacting with people on the internet, making it much easier for them to start conversations online. And since gambling has a social component, it’s natural for Gen Z and Millennials to want to interact with other users in a casino. They contribute to active and thriving casino communities that make the experience better for everyone!

How to Attract the Younger Generations

Adapting to the way younger generations gamble is imperative for the success of any casino. There are several things operators can do to make their businesses more appealing to Millennials and Gen Z.

Cross-Platform Gaming

By implementing a responsive design, casinos can easily offer their services on devices other than computers. Most people today use their smartphones to gamble, so not having a mobile-optimised site is a huge waste of opportunity.

The next step in cross-platform gaming is allowing people to pick up where they left off after they switch from one device to another. Let’s say your customer was playing a game on their tablet, but now they want to go outside and continue playing. They should be able to turn on the same game on their phone, with all of their progress saved. This type of freedom and convenience wins over Millennials and Gen Z every time.

Immersive Technology

Since today’s generations are constantly bombarded by content, it can be harder for online casinos to stand out from the crowd and pique their interest. One way to cut through the noise is to make use of emerging immersive technology.

We’re talking about Augmented and Virtual reality, of course. With this technology, you can bring your casino to the next level. Offer the authentic atmosphere of land-based casinos without needing your target audience to leave their homes. Be creative with your design, make use of the available hand and head gesture controls, and watch as more and more Millennials and Gen Z’ers flock to your casino!

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

TV, radio, print, or even basic social media campaigns are no longer going to cut it. To promote your casino, you’ll need to be creative and understand how these generations use the internet. They like short and relatable content, but it can’t feel like you’re selling something. 

That’s why reels and TikToks are one of the better ways to target Gen Z and Millennials. Get on a recent trend, partner with famous influencers, and don’t be afraid to use humour. Another good tip is to work on your brand identity and voice. Be authentic and don’t be afraid to show people what you’re all about. Introduce them to your employees, show them a bit of the office where the magic happens, and tease them with upcoming content. 

You can also try doing short video reviews of popular games to show your expertise and attract a wider audience.

A brilliant example of a marketing campaign that grabs the attention of younger generations is 4RaBet. They put their logo and outline their welcome offer on a sticker, then attach it to popular reels and memes. This gets shared and reposted all over the internet, making thousands aware of their brand and resulting in more sign-ups. Yet, they don’t have to do much! 

Staying on Top of Trends

While staying on top of internet trends is important, so is keeping up with how the gambling industry is developing. What upcoming game is everyone talking about? What did your competitors recently do that made them the centre of attention? Are there any provider promotions that stood out to your target audience? Are there more talks of adding new features and technologies to the gambling experience?

All of this chatter can help push you in the right direction to build your brand. Keep up with the conversation, move fast, and you’ll easily attract a younger crowd.


You have to remember that Gen Z and Millennials contributed to the exponential growth and popularity of video games. Gambling is just the other side of the gaming coin, so why not introduce gamified content to your casino?

It can be as simple as adding an XP (experience point) bar and an avatar that players can dress up. The XP bar should fill up as people wager and play, giving them a bonus when they reach a new level. You can add this as part of your loyalty program to incentivise players to keep coming back to your casino.

Another great idea is to add achievements. These don’t have to come with rewards, but they’re a nice dopamine boost for when the players do something. They can also be powerful motivators. For example, when a player completes the verification process, make an achievement notification pop up. It can say something like “Achievement Unlocked: Verified and Ready to Roll” to make it more playful and fun.

Personalised Rewards

Everyone likes to feel special and important, and Millennials and Gen Z are no exception. Instead of just offering the same bonuses for everyone, you can entice younger generations by giving them personalised rewards. These should be recurring promos (once a week or month, for example) that are tailored to the player’s gaming style.

Let’s say a customer only plays slots. They’ve wagered a bit of money already and log in fairly regularly. To make them feel seen, you can reward them with free spins. Or if another customer keeps heading towards the live roulette and poker tables, give them a match bonus specifically for live dealer games.

Aside from creating a more trusting relationship with customers and making people feel cared for, this is an excellent way to ensure the bonuses you give out are useful and relevant. Plus, it’s much more likely for your players to come back when you give them a reason to!

Better Responsible Gambling Tools

Gen Z and Millennials are more self-aware and like having more control over their online activity. Giving them a way to stay on top of their accounts is bound to make them play with you more and widen your audience.

Deposit, wager, and time limits are a must for successful online casinos. Some popular brands, like Bet365, also have dedicated responsible gambling help centres where people can do self-assessment tests for problem gambling. This is another way to show that you care about your players and to honour the sense of social responsibility that companies are expected to have today.

Better Security and Transparency

Aside from being more careful when they gamble, Milennials and Gen Z’ers are also more aware of cyber security. They don’t easily trust new websites, especially ones that require their personal and payment information.

Invest in this part of your site, introduce two-factor authentication, and clearly outline your KYC process. This will make your online casino more transparent and trustworthy.


As technology advances and new generations enter the betting world, it’s natural for the gambling industry to change and evolve. These tips will help you better meet your players’ needs and refresh your customer base!