5 Creative Ways I Maximize The Benefits Of My CBD Regimen

CBD Regimen

It’s no secret that CBD is one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market. People just can’t seem to get enough of this remarkable compound and the awesome variety of formulations available. It wasn’t until I tried CBD edibles that I discovered my love for hemp extracts, but when it finally happened, I knew they’d be part of my life forever more.This blog will tell you about 5 Creative Ways I Maximize The Benefits Of My CBD Regimen.

Cannabidiol is an incredible compound that is widely used as a part of people’s daily wellness regimen, but how many people are really getting the most out of their CBD use? There is nothing wrong with casually using CBD whenever you feel like it, but there are some creative ways that I’ve found help me stay consistent, and maximize the benefits I experience when using CBD.

CBD on a run

One of my favorite ways to use CBD is to incorporate it directly into my health and wellness practices and exercise routines. I am an avid runner and do so 6 days a week. When I am getting ready for a run in the morning, I eat a nice big meal full of healthy fats, swallow a couple highly concentrated CBD capsules, and I am on my way. 

I always grab my CBD tincture on the way out the door. Tinctures are highly portable, and just so happen to be my favorite way to use CBD while I’m on my run. I do 15 mile runs 6 days a week, and rest on sundays. When I am at mile 4.5, halfway through my run, I stop to enjoy a big-gulp for a boost of sugar, a hotdog for a protein boost, and a hearty helping of CBD tincture oil to promote homeostasis and keep me going.

Something about using CBD in the middle of my run increases the effects I feel from it. I believe that it is because it gets pumped through my blood stream while I’m running. I’m no scientist, but this works for me, and I certainly feel a fuller effect from the CBD. I should probably ditch the big-gulp and hotdog, but they are so deeply ingrained in my routine at this point that I wouldn’t feel fulfilled without them.

CBD Breakfast Bliss

Starting your day off with a hearty helping of CBD is a great way to make sure you are maintaining your chill factor, even when your day gets tense. CBD is best absorbed on a full stomach, so it is important to eat your breakfast before ingesting your morning dose of cannabidiol. 

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee, and I love nothing more than sipping a warm brew before sunrise. If you are a fan of coffee, there are some really delicious CBD infused coffees that are the perfect compliment to your morning CBD routine. Start your day off right by indulging in a bit of breakfast bliss with the power of CBD. Breakfast may or may not be the most important meal of the day, but it is your first, and possibly most important opportunity to take CBD and get your day going!

Fatty-foods for a fantastic experience

We all love fatty foods. Whether you like to get your fat on with chocolate, avocado, or a hearty helping of nuts, fatty foods can be both healthy and highly enjoyable. They can also help maximize the benefits of CBD

When you eat foods containing healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, chocolate or nuts, you are providing your body with the tools necessary to absorb CBD more rapidly and efficiently. The next time you treat yourself to CBD, try pairing it with a delicious chocolate bar or some guacamole and you will maximize the benefits you experience!

Powerful CBD suppositories 

Many people believe that suppositories are not dinner conversation, nor do they sound like a particularly pleasant experience. Nothing could be further from the truth! I find CBD suppositories to be an incredibly enjoyable method of CBD use and a highly effective one as well.

Drinking a cup of CBD coffee in the morning is so basic. If you think that morning coffee is invigorating, just wait until you try a CBD suppository at sunrise! If you want to start your day off with a bang of beneficial compounds that are rapidly absorbed into your body, CBD suppositories are one of the most effective options. 

Don’t be shy about suppositories. They are an incredibly effective way for your body to absorb valuable compounds without subjecting them to the harsh environment of the digestive system. Who knows, you might even find this method of use to be highly enjoyable. I sure do!

No matter which one of these creative ways you decide to embrace, they are sure to help you maximize the benefits you experience when utilizing the remarkable power of CBD!