Teeth Whitening Aftercare Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Smile

When it comes to giving your physical appearance and confidence a much-needed boost, teeth whitening is one of the best procedures you can go for. Teeth whitening can help give you a whiter and brighter smile that will transform your entire appearance. However, maintaining the appearance of your teeth after a teeth whitening procedure is just as important as the treatment itself. Below are some expert-recommended aftercare tips that you can adopt to maintain your smile following a teeth whitening procedure.

A Consistent Oral Care Routine is a Must

Having a good oral care routine that you are consistent with is one of the best ways to maintain newly whitened teeth. Brush your teeth twice daily with the type of toothpaste recommended by your dentist and floss at least once a day. You can also brush your teeth immediately after eating to get rid of any food particles that could accumulate and potentially stain your teeth. Using a good quality mouthwash is also good but avoid using any coloured dental care products as they can also stain teeth. You should also visit a qualified dental practice like Sherwood Park Dental Practice at least twice a year (every 6 months) for a professional cleaning and full check up.

Stay Away From Teeth Staining Foods and Drinks

Immediately after a professional teeth whitening procedure, the teeth tend to become more porous, making it easier for them to stain. It is, therefore, crucial that you avoid any foods or drinks that can stain your teeth for at least 72 hours (waiting for an entire week is best) after the treatment. says this dentist in Lincoln Park. This is because these foods and drinks can leave marks that causes discolouration of the teeth. 

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Some of the teeth staining foods and drinks you should avoid include; coffee, tea, any coloured soda, berries, red wine, dark beers, dark sauces like soy and marinara sauce, coloured spices like turmeric, paprika, cayenne and curry, vibrant vegetables and coloured candies. Acidic and fatty foods should also be avoided, as not only do they stain, but they can also damage the enamel layer of the teeth. 

Although, it can be challenging to stay away from all these foods, avoiding them is the best way to prevent the re-staining of your newly whitened teeth. You can opt for drinking only water or lightly-coloured liquids and ensure that you always drink with a straw, so the liquid doesn’t come in contact with your teeth. Limiting the consumption of these foods in future can also help maximise the results of your teeth whitening treatment.

Tobacco Consumption is a no-no

Chewing or smoking tobacco products should be completely avoided after a teeth whitening procedure as they can re-stain your teeth pretty fast. In order to avoid having to get constant teeth whitening treatments to correct tobacco stains that can weaken your tooth enamel, it is best to avoid tobacco completely. An added advantage is that it will also improve your overall health.

Using Whitening Toothpaste and Mouthwash

It is important that you wait for at least one week after your whitening treatment to use any teeth whitening product like toothpaste or mouthwash. This is because your teeth will be quite porous and sensitive immediately after the whitening treatment. Once the sensitivity has gone down (after about a week or so), you can use whitening toothpaste or mouthwash to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. Ask your dentist about recommendations for safe and effective teeth whitening products that you can use.

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Teeth whitening aftercare is necessary for getting the best outcome from your teeth whitening treatment. It is what ensures that your teeth continue to look pearly white long after the procedure. In addition to helping you maintain a bright smile for longer, incorporating the above aftercare tips into your daily oral care routine can help you improve your overall health.