Sweatshirts For Women: Choosing The Perfect Sweatshirt For Your Body Shape

Hourglass, pear shapes, rectangular, tall, short – the saga of body shapes goes on! We see women with all sorts of figures around us, and the perfect piece of sweatshirt should celebrate them all. Catering to different body shapes, there is a wide variety of sweatshirts available in the market. Sweatshirts keep you warm and your style quotient in check at the same time. They are indeed winter quintessential.

The key to picking the best sweatshirts for women is to look for features that highlight your best attributes. Let’s explore the 101 of selecting the ideal sweatshirts for your body shape and start your shopping spree.

Tips on Choosing the Best Sweatshirts Based on Your Body Shape

Check out the different body shapes and the flattering sweatshirts!


The broader shoulders and hips with a slimmer waist are the teller of an hourglass shape. The best sweatshirts for women with such body shapes will accentuate the waist. Think of low necklines as they elongate the neck. The length should just be falling on your hips.

Crew necks, boat necks, and oversized collars are best to avoid because they can make you appear heavy.


The narrow shoulders and the wider hips create a pear-like shape, hence the name. The sweatshirt should balance the appearance by attracting some focus on the shoulders. Boat necks and loose sleeves will add much-needed volume to your upper body. Tunic or crop lengths will be a huge compliment as they end well above the hips, blending with the silhouette and not making any statement.

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Colour-play can also make a difference here. Pick darker shades for lower portions of the sweatshirts to create an illusion of a smaller hip.


With no well-defined waist, oval body shapes have a heavy frame, wide hipline and equally wide bust. Empire waists are a blessing for oval figures. Long sleeves and hems that end at the hipbone are also enhancing features. Sweatshirts with vertical patterns will make oval shapes look taller and slimmer.

Two things you should avoid when checking out sweatshirts for women are figure-hugging and boxy fits.


Since the weight is almost evenly distributed, women with rectangular body shapes lack curves. The ideal clothing will change the same. Pick a sweatshirt that will add some dimensions at the right place to create a charming waistline. You can experiment with boat necks. 

Go for sweatshirts with detailings or prints, but ensure those are not around the waist, as they can draw more attention. Instead, opt for a sweatshirt with a print or pattern on the upper section or on the sleeves. 

Inverted Triangle

A wide upper body, narrowing towards the hip. You need to create a balance by adding curves around the hips. You have to look for a simpler and more fitted sweatshirt on the upper side. You can have prints or designs, but the placement should be around the waist and hips to appear balanced with the shoulders.

Opt for plain, long sleeves without any print or design to not put much focus on your arms. Crew necks will be a great fit. 

Some Secrets to Elevate Your Figure with Sweatshirts

With a clear idea of flattering sweatshirts for women based on their body shapes, these tips can help you step up your fashion game!

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Opt for a Fancy Neckline

Women who are conscious about their figure can divert the eyes and bring the focus to their neck and face with an interesting neckline. Opt for a hood with fun drawstrings to highlight the neck area.

Play with The Lengths

If you are tall, you can try out dramatic lengths. A long sweatshirt with boots can be a go-to look in winter. Crop tops with high-waist bottom wear can be equally impressive.

Petite women need to be more careful with the length, but you can forget the restriction by looking at the choice of prints and patterns. You can go for different dealings and patterns; just ensure they put the focus back on your shoulders or waist.

When You Need Something Unique

Slip-on and zippers are the common types of sweatshirts we generally see. But if you think these are the only two options, think again! When you want to look cool and different, opt for a sweatshirt with a buttoned opening or zipper on the side. 


One major clothing decision centres around colours. Lighter shades can make one appear wider, and darker shades tend to have the opposite effect. Apart from that, you can pick a colour that suits your preference. You probably already know your body shape. Now, figure out your preference and then match the descriptions of the sweatshirts as we discussed above. Then? Enjoy shopping for the trendiest sweatshirts for women.