Sperm Cramps Meaning, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Sperm Cramps Meaning, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Imagine going through the act of sexual desire only to find pleasure turned into pain. It becomes rather hard to channel emotions when the topic itself feels like a taboo. Talking about men’s sexual well-being is imperative to shed light on aspects like sperm cramps that happen during or post-ejaculation.

What is meaning of sperm cramps

Sperm cramps or epididymal hypertension is a sensation of shooting pain that can happen to men after an orgasm.

A moment of stress release and hyped heart rate quickly turns into a cramp-like feeling down there.

Now, if a male going through this is new to the world of sexual pleasure, they might be confused.

We carry a preconceived notion that sex brings a good feeling to our body and mind.

But many going through painful experiences might not be certain if what they are feeling is normal.

We are here to guide you in understanding and evaluating how you might feel about consulting a specialist for treatment.

What are sperm cramps?

Sperms cramps are post-orgasmic pain syndrome (POPS) that happens to men after they ejaculate. It can happen after intercourse or masturbation.

While our bodies react differently after sexual release, cramping isn’t a normal feeling that males should go through.

Discomfort in the testicles instead of a feeling of desire fulfillment can refrain a male from indulging in the activity in the future.

It is not only detrimental to their overall wellbeing but can also negatively impact their relationship.

If the post-orgasm phase brings testicular discomfort, it might reflect through pain and cramps.

Identifying the first step will help you understand the probable causes and treatment available.

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Causes of sperm cramps

Sperm cramps can be a sign of infertility, infection, prostate issues, and so on. Abstaining from sexual activities for a prolonged period or mental health issues like stress and anxiety can also cause sperm cramps.

Here are detailed reasons why this might happen to a male:


Infections like epididymitis, orchitis, and UTI can cause sperm cramps, causing pain in the testicles.

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Epididymitis causes swelling and inflammation of the epididymis, while orchitis happens due to virus and bacteria build-up in the scrotum.

UTI can happen due to lack of hygiene, sharing washroom usage, and cause pain during urination.

Testicular Torsion

If a male faces testicular torsion during or after sexual activities, it does not necessarily mean a cramp. It happens when testicular nerve cords get twisted and don’t allow natural blood flow.

It is a medical emergency as the acute pain becomes unbearable for the male and can lead them to unconsciousness.


When veins in the scrotum enlarge over time, they lead to testicular discomfort. While this might be prominent during urination, it widens during activities like sex and masturbation.

Sperm cramps due to varicocele can last for hours or days. Medical supervision is crucial if the pain lasts longer than usual.

Muscle cramp

It is best to refrain from activities that cause you pain instead of pleasure. Many times, we get excited while trying different sexual positions.

Excessive contraction during the activity can lead to cramps but should subside when you stop. If you find the pain subsides gradually, it is not serious.

Mental health

People indulge in sexual activities with different expectations and desires. While many feel that it is a way to fight emotions like depression and stress, it can also make a person anxious.

Having pressure to perform well or do it unwillingly can reflect negatively. If a man restarts sexual activities after a long period or does it excessively can also experience sperm cramps due to a sudden hormonal change.


The prostate gland connects the urethra to the male genital and assists the process of urination. Prostatitis is an inflammation of this gland with symptoms including sperm cramps during ejaculation and pain during urination.

It can happen at any age but causes extreme pain. Immediate medical supervision can prevent the painful release of male bodily fluid.

Sperm cramp diagnosis

The pain felt down there should be treated like an alarm to move ahead with the diagnosis. Many times, more than the feeling of discomfort, fear and shame take over.

One needs to have the courage to visit a urologist who can examine and diagnose the problem. The assessment begins by going through the medical history.

Symptoms indicating a condition like epididymitis require physical examination. Such tests can include ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI.

Sperm cramp treatment

Depending on the severity of the condition, sperm cramps require medical supervision or home care. The symptoms and regularity determine the way forward.

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For instance, a testicular torsion requires the patient to be admitted to the emergency room. At the same time, prostatitis reflects discomfort through urination.

Here are some ways to cure and treat sperm cramps:


If infection is the reason why you have pain while ejaculating, the sensation will be like irritation. In such cases, doctors recommend antibiotics to reduce pain from the genitals gradually.


If you experience this one time due to a heated session of intercourse, you might not go through it again. A sperm cramp can also be a muscle cramp that subsides once you stop the activity and let yourself relax.

There are over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen or acetaminophen that gradually reduce pain. But you must take them only if the pain doesn’t subside and also after taking doctor’s instruction.


Your doctor might ask you to go through physical therapy if sperm cramps persist for a long period. Medicines might accompany the course, but treatment will improve muscle cramps. During such times, you have to abstain from sexual activities.

Emergency aid

If a man experiences something as serious as a hernia or testicular torsion, they require immediate medical assistance. After a series of tests and diagnoses, doctors will confirm the condition and stabilize blood flow to the testicular region.

Final thoughts

Male sexual health matters and semen cramps should not be a taboo topic. If you know a friend who requires help, suggest that they visit a specialist. If you are someone who needs help, don’t hesitate to take the steps you need to improve your sexual health.

Your well-being matters to you and your partner, and leading a healthy life is not devoid of pleasureful actions. Diagnose and treat at the earliest to be free from this painful experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are sperm cramps in men?

Sperm cramps or semen cramps are testicular pain that men have when they ejaculate during sex or masturbation. It can happen due to an infection, inflammation, prostate problems, stress, testicular torsion, and more.

2. What are sperm cramps in females?

Sperm cramps do not happen to women as it is different from period cramps. However, females can feel irritation after intercourse. Such reactions occur when coming in contact with semen leads to uterine contractions, causing pain in the abdominal area.

3. How long does sperm cramp last?

Sperm cramps can last for hours or days, depending on the severity. If the pain does not seem to subside over time, it requires medical intervention.

4. How to stop sperm cramps in men?

Only diagnosis can determine the reason why a male faces sperm cramps. If it is a testicular torsion, they need immediate medical supervision, while bacteria infection requires antibiotic treatment. Similarly, the cause will determine the accurate treatment process.