Paystubs…What They Are and Why Your Company Needs Them


Paystubs are what you give to your employees along with their paychecks at the end of the week or the end of the month. It is basically a breakdown of their earnings for that period, along with the relevant deductions made from their gross earnings. 

A paystub outlines the details of what your employee is being paid for, how much they have earned, and the amount and description of the deductions that are being taken off.  Also referred to as a check stub maker, they highlight and outline things like tax, health and medical insurance, and retirement funding, if applicable. 

So What is a Paystub Exactly?

A paystub is similar to your payslips and is given to employees with their paycheck. The stub confirms what deductions were taken from an employee’s gross pay to confirm the net pay amount they are taking home. 

Although paystubs are not required by federal law, many states do have some kind of paystub requirements. Paystubs are generated using a paystub generator, and it is the responsibility of payroll processing or your payroll software used to generate a pay stub. 

Aside from showing employees their proof of earnings for the given period, paystubs also show other information, such as social security number, hourly rate, relevant deductions, any additional contributions, and net pay. 

All of this information is extremely useful and necessary when applying for personal finance or a loan or simply to ensure that the correct tax amount is being deducted and paid. 


How to Create a Paystub

Creating a paystub is the easy part; simply visit the page today to get your paystub creator issues handled promptly and professionally. This can very easily be done through your payroll department.

With paystub creator, your payroll will be able to generate stubs easily and efficiently, either to be printed out or emailed for extra convenience. This form of instant delivery means that you do not have to wait, so you and your employees can carry on with business as usual without any delays. 

So Who Needs a Paystub from their Employer?

Once you generate a pay stub through a paystub maker, you create a legal document that your employees are going to thank you for. A paystub is an official document that is fast becoming the new normal, or standard if you will, when it comes to handling payroll processing. 

Creating a paystub for employees allows them the freedom to move freely through their daily lives, aiding them to secure loans and financing and also acting as proof of income for any necessary verification purposes. Once payroll gets the ball rolling, your employees are going to love the extra attention to detail, showing them just how much you care. 

Final Paystub

A paystub generator is what is going to give employees the peace of mind that they deserve when it comes to them taking care of their personal finances. A paystub can be one of the most important documents that they receive. 

Generating a pay stub online is simple and easy and can be done with little to no effort at all. All you have to do is make the right decision for yourself and for your employees. 

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