Overcoming Knee Pain: A Guide to Sleep Better

It’s challenging to maintain your sleep and posture while suffering from pain. But knee pain might be controlled by medicatireduce the effect of severe injuries to relieve unbearable pain. 

Improper sleep creates hormonal changes that lead to mood changes, laziness, and difficulty walking. You can suffer from Knee pain because of injury, blockage of blood vessels, weight gain, and many more. 

However, doctors suggest that knee pain can be healed by home remedies such as warm baths, adjusting sleeping positions, messages, and many more. Sometimes, you might need therapies and chiropractic to resolve the knee condition.

Therefore, in this article, you will find top-notch ways to cure knee pain without any hassle. Keep reading to know more.

Best Possible Cures to Knee Pain for a Better and Quality Sleep 

The leading cause of knee pain is due to Osteoarthritis, and it is a long-term knee condition. You experience pain in your knee because the joint is damaged, which can happen due to injury, age, or calcium deficiency. So, it is better to maintain your sleep and posture in your daily routine. 

Furthermore, it is best to consult with a doctor as knee pain might be caused by knee cap damage. And mostly, it requires surgery or other severe procedures.    

Light Therapy

Light therapy is safe for home usage as it contains a therapeutic that helps heal your body. This light penetrates your skin to circulate blood flow, raise oxygen levels, and provide nutrients to prevent knee pain. The range of this light is limited to approximately two to seven centimeters. 

Also, it helps to regulate mitochondrial within your cells and targets the growth of new muscles, tissues, and cells. While using a kneepad, you sweat, eliminating toxins underneath your knee’s skin. This therapy can provide collagen production and elastin skin that naturally heals the knee if you prolonged use.

  • It helps reduce muscle fatigue and improve muscle recovery to prevent knee pain. 
  • Light therapy aids in releasing endorphins, known as natural painkiller hormones, in your body.
  • The infrared rays spread capillaries to swiftly improve blood circulation and heal damaged tissues. 
  • It reduces the swelling due to water retention in your feet as this therapy can drain lymphatics from the legs. 
  • This therapy can combat microbes to cure infected knees as it can energize the production of white blood cells effortlessly. 

Take Warm Baths

To relax your nerves, you can take a warm bath before sleep, and it will help relieve knee pain so you can fall asleep quickly. 

And this home remedy can aid in increasing pressure on your knees, which can soothe muscle injury. If you are experiencing swelling and burning sensations in your knee area, this therapy can reduce it gently.

Moreover, the warm water can circulate blood flow which helps to regulate blood and open blocked vessels. Although it provides the lingering feeling of warm water after a bath, you must wrap the cloth around the injured area. So it won’t be hit by cold air and destroy the warm bath effect. 

Adjust Sleeping Position

Maintain your sleep and posture is essential, as lousy posture might lead to knee pain and cramps. You might fall asleep swiftly when you find the correct posture while lying in bed. 

Knee pain can disturb sleep as muscles and joints are not in a proper place, eventually leading to disturbed sleep and frustration. 

You can place pillows or cushions to support your perfect posture to relieve knee pain. If you suffer from knee pain, you must find the correct posture using pillow support. Although it depends on which side you prefer to sleep on, we have mentioned some tips. 

  • People who sleep on their backs should keep the pillow underneath their knees.
  • You can place the cushion between the legs if you are a side sleeper. 

Adjust Medication Timing 

You might suffer from sleep deprivation as the medication timing is the issue that can prevent sleep. Although pain relief can benefit rest well or help quality sleep, some high doses of drugs at inappropriate times can worsen the condition.  However,  duloxetine and Acetaminophen can help to relieve pain and are available without a prescription. 

So, it is better to contact your doctor and share the details to switch medications or their timing if you are intaking medication that contains antihistamines, opiates, and barbiturates than these are the fundamental cause of sleep apnea. 

Weight Loss 

If you gain some extra pounds or are overweight, you might suffer from knee pain as knee joints can’t flow blood accordingly due to the build-up of fat. Also, gaining excessive weight requires your knees to work more, leading to joint damage or blocked blood vessels. So, it is better to reduce weight and maintain a healthy diet. 

The body is at higher risk of inflammation, affecting knee performance. In addition, maintaining a healthy diet can cure knee pain and give your body nutrients and energy. 

  • Enrich your diet with fibers, fruits, and vegetables to support your immune and blood flow system.
  • You must avoid eating red meat or foods that contain animal fat to lose weight swiftly. 

Use Heat or Cold Paddings 

Doctors recommend heating pads or ice packs depending on your injury and pain conditions. So you must choose a heating pad or an ice pack depending on your body’s healing system

Many people find a relaxing sensation in heating pads compared to ice packs. The best way to use this remedy is twenty minutes before bedtime. 

This remedy will gradually reduce swelling if you suffer from swelling or pain. But, you must avoid direct application of ice packs as they can damage skin tissue, and it is better to wrap the ice pack in a towel or cloth to prevent skin damage and pain. 

Message Therapy

Self-messaging can prevent knee pain and prevent you from sleepless nights accordingly. However, you must sit adequately to do this home remedy, or it might worsen the knee pain.

  • Your feet must be flat on the surface and your knees pointing forward. 
  • Make a loose fist from your hands and tap the lower, upper, and middle thigh area approximately ten times. And repeat this procedure three times if you are suffering from severe pain. 
  • Use the palm of your hand to glide from your thigh far from the knees gradually and then release the pressure. And repeat this exercise around the outer and inner sides of the thigh for around five sets. 
  • Gently press your fingertips around knee tissues moving up and down five times.
  • To back up the outer thigh from your knee area, you must press the thigh and glide it down slowly. 

Bottom Line

Knee pain is treatable with mentioned home remedies without any side effects and pain. However, some treatments don’t prolong the benefits of curing knee pain. So, it is better to consult a doctor before applying home remedies. Professionals can prescribe strong medication to heal the knee injury, and knee injury rehab exercises, such as light therapy, may be one of their ultimate options.