Is Decarboxylating of CBD Buds Necessary?

Decarboxylating of CBD Buds

If you are reading this article, you are either a curious person online or someone who is explicitly researching marijuana and all of the products that come from it. The good news is that you have landed on the perfect article to help shed light on the topic of CBD and the process of decarboxylation. For starters, CBD is the short form for cannabidiol. CBD is one of the more than one hundred cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The marijuana plant has various strains that hold different portions of cannabinoids. One of the most popular strains is known as the hemp strain.

What is Decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation is simply described as decomposition that is catalysed by heat. To further understand the concept, one needs to understand the science behind the CBD oil. Before cannabidiol reaches the state of being oil to be used for medical reasons such as anxiety, depression, cognition, movement disorders, and pain, the oil is in the form of an acid known as CBDA. CBDA stands for cannabinoid acid. The acid is inactive and needs to be activated for use and decarboxylation makes this possible. 

The Science Behind It

The chemical reaction that takes place when you burn CBDA is very important to bring about the feeling of euphoria. If you fail to decarboxylate your hemp flower, you will be sorely disappointed in the smoke session you partake in and won’t feel any effects. A company that provides lab results of its products is a useful reference if you want to get high-quality CBD buds. What happens is that the carboxyl group is detached from a molecule. The removal of the carboxyl group results in that release of carbon dioxide and the overall effect is that it releases pure CBD. 

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Do You Need to Decarboxylate Your Flower?

CBDA as an inactive compound has been proven to be helpful in cases of nausea, epilepsy, inflammation, and pain relief. If you wish to utilize this cannabis compound, you are encouraged to add fresh cannabis leaves to a smoothie and blend them. Another way to use the CBDA is by freezing freshly-cut leaves and using them as ice cubes to your mojito. 

How Do I Decarboxylate?

You do not need state of the art facilities to decarboxylate your cannabis flowers. All you need is an oven, cannabis flowers, and some patience. Check the temperature of the oven and ensure that it is optimum according to the size of your batch, then break the cannabis into small buds to increase the surface area that is in contact with the heat. Set the buds into the oven and wait for 30 minutes, and ensure that you turn the buds every other 10 minutes. When the buds become fragrant and toasted, they are decarboxylated. 


If you want to get the full benefits and kick of using CBD, then you are then highly advised to decarboxylate your cannabis flower. However, if you only want to get a mild, slightly tamed feeling when you consume your herb, then don’t decarboxylate it.