How to Recover from Hair Loss During Your 40s?

Hair Loss


The testosterone levels in men begin to fall in their 40s and the same triggers hair thinning in some of them. However, a lot of mature men experiencing hair loss during their 40s are unaware of this fact and are taken by surprise when it happens. 

This is also the reason why men in their 40s fail to take the right recovery steps and have to, later on, opt for hair systems to cover their bald spots. To help mature men dealing with hair loss, we decided to partner with Lordhair and came up with 6 hair recovery tips. 

Read on to discover treatments that will help you deal with hair loss in the early and late 40s:

Healthy diet

Consuming a diet lacking the right nutrients aggravates hair loss among men in their 40s. Switching to a diet rich in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and other essential nutrients will make your hair stronger. 

Not sure what makes up a healthy diet? Include salmon, green leafy vegetables, eggs, dry fruits, and dairy products into your weekly meal plan. And try find the alternatives to meat if you are a vegetarian! 


Minoxidil is the most recommended treatment for males dealing with hair loss. Also known as Rogaine, it’s often prescribed by dermatologists for hair loss and receding hairline. However, minoxidil has its share of side effects. 

Below are the most common side effects of using minoxidil:

  • Scalp irritation
  • Scalp dryness
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
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Medicated shampoo

Unlike ordinary shampoos, medicated shampoos help men prevent hair loss by being gentle on the scalp. Containing scalp nourishing ingredients, medicated shampoos refresh the scalp by treating dryness and flaky skin during the cleaning process. 

Medicated shampoos are also recommended by dermatologists for treating scalp ailments like dandruff, and fungal infection. 

Head massage

Massaging your head with oil twice a week is an age-old technique for hair nourishment and hydration. By improving blood circulation, it dilates hair follicles and promotes hair health. 

A lot of hair oils and serums available in the market contain essential nutrients that nurture the hair. Use the same during the head massage. Coconut oil is a great pick to nourish your hair on a regular basis. 

It’s ideal to massage at least 4-5 minutes before washing the hair. 

Skip hair styling tools 

Styling hair surely helps men achieve a pleasing appearance but using hair styling tools a lot can also trigger hair loss. The heat from these tools strips off the natural moisture from the hair, making them dry and brittle. Therefore, minimize the use of hair styling tools in your forties!  

All the listed treatments above will help you deal with hair loss during early and late 40s. However, if hair loss is genetic in nature, treatments can take a very long time to show results or simply go in vain. 

Recovery after extreme hair loss 

If your hair loss is hereditary in nature or has aggravated too far, we recommend buying a hair system to cope up with

This non-surgical hair gain treatment can provide both partial as well as full coverage to the head. Also called a toupee wig, a hair system is made of natural hair integrated into a skin-friendly base that covers the bald spot on the scalp. 

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Below are the advantages of wearing a hair system for recovery:

  • Quick results
  • Super affordable
  • Zero side-effects

What do you think about the hair recovery treatments? Tell us in the comments! If you have some hair recovery secrets, share them with our community as well!