How to get rid of hickey

how to get rid of hickey

Some people have sensitive skin that can get bruised easily. Most people have wasted hours trying to find a quick solution on how to get rid of hickey. They try everything from applying concealing creams to wearing high neck tops to cover them up somehow. These hacks are generally useless and never seem to work out as they can only lighten or hide the marks but can’t help you get rid of them. But, how to get rid of hickey permanently? Follow a few hacks to get the best results.

Most importantly, this is a process; you can’t heal them or get rid of them overnight. All you can do is calmly tackle with the situation and follow the steps to get the most effective results.

Apply A Cold Compress or A Spoon on The Bruised Area

How to get rid of hickey using Cold Compress? Cold compresses can be useful when it comes to removing hickeys. Just grab a clean spoon, and keep it in the refrigerator for about eight to ten minutes, firmly press the scoop on the relatively fresh hickey. The cold helps in minimizing the blood seeping out of the vessels and thus provides quick solutions as also pointed out by several dermatologists. Repetition of the process several times in the day gives the wanted result.

Fresh Pineapples Can Also Be Quite Useful

Pineapples contain enzymes called bromelain that help with bruising. A simple diet inclusive of this readily available fruit is enough to help you effectively get rid of your hickey, it is consumable in the form of a solid or liquid component, it also helps in getting the enzymes fixed. It is one of the best hacks we suggest when it comes to the question, how to get rid of hickey?

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Consume Food Which Is Rich In Vitamin K

Food items with vitamin K are handy when it comes to removing hickeys; they absorb the clots from pooled blood. Vitamin K is findable in vegetables like broccoli, kale, and spinach. Brown rice is also rich in vitamin K. So, go ahead, treat yourself with some healthy food which is useful for answering your question, how to get rid of hickey. Just make a salad or use these products to top up your home-cooked recipes.

How to get rid of hickeys using Arnica Cream or Serum

These come in handy or all types of bruises and swellings. Some say that essential oils are a better option, but when it comes to hickeys and especially if you have sensitive skin, then it is not the best option as it may also cause dermatitis. Essential oils are mainly known to increase the rate of blood flow, which may lead to rashes on the skin.

Since Arnica is a flowering herb used to heal bruises for thousands of years, it is the best option. Arnica contains an anti-inflammatory substance called helenalin in it that helps slow down the swelling process. Treating the skin with arnica cream or serum once or twice a day is essential until the hickey is gone. Since it also has a cold calming effect, it is the most preferred option that is catered to by many.

Moisturize Your Skin with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera’s are just great for treating any skin problems, whether it is acne or spots or bruises. These plants contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties; a thin layer of aloe vera can help to keep the hickey from swelling up. But, definitely do not stay with the misconception that applying it twice a day would magically remove the hickey with a matter of one or two days. Just like any other bruises on the body a hickey also needs time in its healing process, it might even take up two to three weeks to heal completely.

How to get rid of hickeys by massaging the Area with a Banana Peel

This method might sound a little unconventional and awkward at first. But banana makes an excellent hickey fighter since it contains skin-soothing antioxidants and vitamins. Removing the peel and gently rubbing it on the surface of the hickey can help it making the healing process faster and painlessly. Like any other method this is also not just going to make it vanish instantly but following the steps with help initiate the process at a much faster rate.

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Apply A Warm Compress on The Bruised Skin

If you don’t see any betterment in the process of healing with these hacks with time, then it is time to shift to a heat compress, it allows new blood to circulate throughout the Area of bruising and helps in increasing the rate of the healing process. Wetting a warm cloth and holding it up to the injured skin is one of the best solution of your question on how to get rid of hickey. Always remember to check the temperature before you apply it since too much heat can make you burn your face.


Apply Creams Which Have Vitamin C In Them

Creams which contain vitamin C are very effective in increasing the skin’s collagen production. It is the main secret to keep the skin soft and glowing. As it comes to the healing process, it is quite essential as it increases the rate of healing and helps to give healthy skin in no time.

Help Increase the Circulation of Blood with A Toothbrush

I’m sure that this is one hack that most people are not aware of. Though it is conducive, it is the least used method. Make sure to take a brush with really soft bristles, since hard ones can tear or peel off your skin and cause you problems rather than providing a solution. A gentle movement of the brush over the bruised surface helps increase the circulation of blood. Make sure to move the bristles in different directions to make sure that the blood has room to spread and keep repeating this process for five to ten minutes. Generally, people avoid this method since it can be painful if not done with precision. 

The Bottom Line

Your question, how to get rid of hickey is solved now. So, these hacks with definitely help you with the process of removing the hickeys by yourself, but unfortunately, they will not just disappear overnight but over time. They will speed up the process though, in case these methods don’t turn out to be very useful for you, the best option will be to visit a dermatologist. Also, make sure to find out whether your body is sensitive to any of the equipment suggested to you.