How to get rid of Common House Flies

Common House Flies

House Flies 

Houseflies are common in the world and it lives everywhere where humans live. Mostly all the houseflies are grey and having transparent wings, abdomen, and legs. The overall head is occupied by its wide eyes. The flies don’t care about the surface it can climb on all walls and ceilings. There are about 10million categories of flies in the UK. In this blog, you will know How to get rid of Common House Flies.

Housefly brings various harmful disease and it plays a major role in spreading of once you feel the infestation, prevention and control measure must be taken soon to avoid the spreading of diseases. For Pest Control Services in London, checkout – 

There are many ways to prevent houseflies. 

What are the problems coming by Houseflies?

Common House flies create lots of harmful problems and it carries various diseases like bacterial and viral infections. Even its sound makes us tense. Diseases caused by houseflies after the bite

  1. Cholera
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Stomach flu
  4. Fever
  5. Skin allergies
  6. Infections
  7. Typhoid
  8. Tuberculosis

Natural control measures of Houseflies

Naturally handling the control measures is the advisable one when compared to using pesticides.  The houseflies are active only in the daytime so it’s the time to take the necessary action to get rid of them. Someone handles the control measures by hunting, but this one, not a good try, due to this method your wall may get stains and you cannot follow the flies wherever they we suggested some tips to control the house flies in your living area.

  1. Plants some herbs around your house also inside your house to avoid the houseflies in your house. You can plant the below-listed plants to get rid of 
  • Basil – the aroma smell from the basil keeps away the flies from your living place.
  • Marigold- Marigold helps to prevent many pests not only houseflies. You can plant this both inside and outside of your house.
  • Bay Leaves- If you feel planting the bay leaves in not possible you can get some bay leaves in the market and keep the leaves in and around your house.
  • Neem Plant- Neem plant are effective for houseflies, the smell from the neem leaf helps to get rid of houseflies.
  • Mint – Place the mint plant on your window side, it keeps flies away from your house.
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2. Use Natural spray to get rid of houseflies

  • Take an apple cider vinegar and mix with warm water then convert this liquid into your spray and use.
  • Cloves are best for common flies, take a half lemon and boil it in water and then add 2- 3 cloves. Transfer this mixture into spraying bottle and use it 
  • Take any clothes or stripes and dip the piece of cloth in the neem oil or eucalyptus oil and place the cloth near your windows. 

3. Things to be considered to get rid of houseflies 

  • Don’t place any ripped fruits in your dining area
  • Don’t keep any wastes in and around your house
  • Don’t keep any sweet items in an open place 
  • Mop your floor as a routine with anti-bacterial solutions
  • Keep your kitchen clean and Hygienic
  • Close your bathroom and toilet doors 


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