How to Cook Healthy White Rice at Home Easily

How to cook Healthy white Rice at home Easily

This is just a big surprise for me when people tell me about they don’t know how to cook white rice. In fact, some of the people find it tough to prepare it. Thankfully, this is not so hard to do at all.

In fact, it contains a lot of nutrients that are much needed for body growth and getting energy. It goes with each curry such as chicken, vegetables, stews etc. That is another advantage.

To get well-prepared rice, you must learn the right ratio of water and rice. At the finishing point, you must let it rest for a while. In this article, I am going to describe the whole process along with the crucial health advantage it provides.

Step by step methods for cooking white rice

  • Take the ingredients:

To cook, you need a cup of white rice and enough amount of water. First of all, gather the ingredients and be prepared. If you want to use the best rice cooker to get well-prepared rice, then you are welcome.

  • Washing rice:

Rinsing the rice is necessary to do. To do so, take a mesh strainer and pour the grains into it. Under the running water, pass it and gently whirl your fingers in a circular motion.

Make sure that you don’t rub it too much. Otherwise, nutrients can lose. Repeat the process for 5-6 times until the cloudy water goes completely.

  • Put the rice into a rice cooker:

After you have finished washing the rice properly, you must place the grains into a cooker. Now, you should add water. For better ideas, you must check the manuals of it as each is different than others.

  • Take the proper ratio of water and rice:

Using the genuine ratio of rice to water is important. As too much water leads it to get mushy and less water makes it sticky. Basically, for long grain white rice, adding a 2:1 ratio is okay.

  • Switch on the cooker:

Every rice cooker has this well-made turn on/off function. You will find different useful functions in other brands too. There are various cooking functions in it.

Now turn on the switch and start preparing the rice. Of course, select the white rice menu button. Mostly, it depends on the cooking appliance you are using which option you should choose. To have different kinds of the setting option, find the best rice cooker if needed.


  • Never lift up the lid:

At the time of cooking, it is essential to make rice covering with the lid. If you ever try to continue without lid, chances are more to have incomplete cooking.

The reason I can explain with the absorption method. From that view, the water may escape a vapor quickly.  As a result, stickier rice you can have.

After all, the steam generated from the boiling water is the ultimate thing you need to prepare finely white rice. In that case, constant lifting up the lid may lead the steam not to be produced properly.

  • Use medium heat:

Too much flame of heat should not be used. Initially, use more heat until the grains are tender. Slowly, you should reduce the heat medium level to the cooking pot.

  • Let the cooked rice rest for some time:

After you have completed preparing white rice, let it rest for around 10-15 minutes. However, doing it will offer to present fluffier rice to you.

Otherwise, the grains may look clumpy or may lose genuine taste. Make sure the texture of the rice is not getting ruined in any way.

  • Serve the rice:

Never use any metallic element in serving rice. In lieu of that, use paddle or rubber made spatula to avoid unnecessary scratch. Better is to directly serve it from the cooker.

Health benefit of white Rice

Some people think this is not a healthy choice at all. In fact, it is a totally wrong conception. There are plenty of health advantages with additional nutrients requirements.

  1. Ample source of carbohydrates:

White rice contains a high source of carbohydrates that ideally provides immediate energy to us. Besides, there are plenty of sources from what you can retain enough energy. But white rice contains a lower amount of sugar, the fat that is beneficial for health.

  1. Increases memory:

If you have a weak memory, you can definitely eat white rice. “Thiamine” that is the ultimate source of memory booster is present in it. Again, for the pro-active immune system, it is highly helpful.

  1. Good for stomach health:

It leaves a positive impact on the human stomach. For the sound treatment of diarrhea patient, eating this rice will give instant comfort to them. Again, white rice boiled water also works as a tonic in that case.

For additional taste, you can mix some boiled vegetables with it to increase the nutritional requirement.

  1. Arsenic-free food:

The best thing about this rice is no toxic element is present in it such as arsenic. It leaves the body organs in a severe state of decay that you can’t imagine.

  1. Boosts the muscle’s growth:

Another important bodybuilding element essential amino acid is enriched in white rice. If you add meat in your dinner with white rice, it should be an ideal diet for you. This is effective for building muscles precisely.

If you are vegetarian, you can also eat pulse with it. This should meet the ultimate demands of your protein.

  1. Hunger increasing diet:

It helps in the metabolism process and contributes a lot in digestion. Therefore, different kinds of stomach illness can’t ever attack for it.


Final words

Preparing rice is as simple as water. In the kitchen, no need to grow any confusion about how to cook white rice. Implement the ideas I have described to use.

Make sure you take the genuine water and rice ratio. This is the principal thing of cooking fluffy rice. Hopefully, you are well-benefitted with this article. Have a nice day.