Home Remedies for Dark Circles That Actually Work

Home remedies for dark circles

Under-eye circles or precisely the dark circles under the eye seem very distracting. The purplish or the brown black-toned circle covering the rim of the eye socket simply makes you look ugly. Definitely, it is something important that you should seriously think about if you are really beauty conscious. Obviously, if you get such dark circles, remember it is an indication, which shows that it is time that you should pay attention to your sleep, and improve the overall lifestyle. Thus in this article, we will throw light on the facts about dark circles, the reason behind it, and finally home remedies for dark circles.

Facts about the dark circles

  1. The dark circles mostly take immediately under area pertaining to the eye.
  2. You can recognize it easily as the color is completely different from the rest of the facial tone.
  3. Certainly, the epidermal area of under-eye is quite thin and it is sensitive to touch. Therefore, such delicateness of the skin highlights the blue-red veins prominently thus making it appear like dark circles.

Briefing on the different types of dark circles

You all are aware of the dark circles. But do you exactly know which one you do have? If not yet, then follow below bulleted points to gain an idea on which type of dark circle you do actually have.

Pigmented type of dark circle

The pigmented type of dark circles is the most common one to be precise. Talking about the reasons behind it note that it is because of the unhealthy lifestyle and genetic facts. Now if you deeply investigate you will see that often times you use the hands to rub the areas under the eyelids and that gives rise to dark circles. Other than that you will see those born with Asian skin tone are likely to develop more melanin under the eye area. Therefore altogether people with these signs get the pigmented dark circles.

The vascular type of the dark circle

Inadequate circulation of the blood is responsible for this type of dark circle.  Note that lymph nodes ensure that there is proper draining of the blood. Besides, it also assures that the blood should circulate properly and the skin gets its required nourishment as well. Now when these lymph nodes are damaged they don’t take any part in discarding the pigmentation from the blood.

We also need to talk about one of the inflammatory disorder of the blood vessels caused by a certain kind of allergy called rhinitis. This leads to the congestion and dilation of the blood vessels located under the skin, which altogether leads to the dark circles.

Structured type of dark circles

In many, you have already seen that dryness under the eyelids and lack of collagen results in a type of dark circle. Obviously, this type of dark circles occurs naturally. Precisely they are the real ones actually. Note that the area under the eyelids is fragile. Nothing to ponder about proper skincare regime can prevent the condition from getting worse.

 Causes of getting dark circles

There are some of the unlined reasons, which are responsible for getting dark circles. Therefore, follow the rest of the points to pick the clue on that.


Less sleep certainly disrupts the overall functioning of the body. But do you know those extra hours you spend on browsing the mobiles can actually make you suffer from dark circles? Hence, make sure that every night you get to the bed on time and take a sound sleep for at least 8 hours. If you do not get that adequate sleep, automatically your skin looks lifeless and the tissue darker in colour inside the blood vessels begins to appear. Even the accumulation of the fluid underneath the eyes also creates puffy eyes as well.

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Now aging is also a persistent factor behind having dark circles. Do you know that as you age, the skin under the eye began to lose its firmness? Over time you also begin to lose that collagen and fat which are necessary to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Well because of all these the blood vessels just under the eye begin to appear darker in color.

Pressure on the eye

Too much watching of television and scrolling through smartphones can also put a strain on the eyes as well. Once you put such pressure on the eyes naturally it causes the blood vessels in and around the eye area to get dilated. Therefore, the skin around the eye appears a bit darker.

Dryness and allergies in the eye

Many of you also suffer from eye dryness and allergies in the eyes. Histamines a kind of dreadful bacteria released is the cause behind such an allergic reaction in the eye area. This particular bacterium is also accountable for creating puffiness under the eye.  It also contributes to causing the redness and itchiness in the eye as well. The moment you begin to rub the eyes obviously, the situation worsens to manifold because later on, it results in swelling and inflammation.

Lack of hydration

Water is necessary to steer every part of your body. But those who are not up to taking adequate water on a daily basis definitely are more prone to get dark circles. It is because dehydration causes the eye area to look dark and sunken.

Exposure to the sun rays

Exposure of the skin to the sun rays also leads to dark circles under the eye. The more you are exposed to the sun the greater chances you do have getting pigmented circles. It is because whenever you are in the sun more melanin gets produced and that causes dark circles.

Gene of the individual

So far we have talked about so many causes behind getting the dark circles. But in no circumstance, you can overlook the gene. Rather it is one of the primary causes of getting the dark circle. No doubt the history of the family is very vital which also contributes to the rise of dark circles. Naturally one can inherit the dark circle from the family itself. It can be either way which means it can either reduce with age or get worsened.

Medical cause

The medical factor can also result in dark circles. That means if you are diagnosed with diseases like thyroid you are likely to get the dark circles for sure.

Furthermore, now we are done with some of the possible causes that lead to dark circles. Further moving forward we will elaborately discuss the home remedies for the dark circles.

Home remedies for dark circles

Talking about both the boys and girls certainly dark circles is something that literally says a lot of your health. And girls simply dislike those ringed circles and they strive at their best to conceal those. However, girls don’t hide them instead you should try to fight them boldly. Therefore to make you kick those from the roots we are presenting some of the easy home remedies for dark circles. Follow these hacks to get the anticipated result.

Lemon and cucumber juice

Dark circles are the real scar on your beautiful face. But certainly, you can treat that with one of the proven home remedies for dark circles. That means use the concoction of the lemon juice and the cucumber juice. Cucumbers are known for their delicate astringent properties. In addition to that, it also offers some skin lightening benefits as well. Now when you mix the same with lemon juice, which is enriched in vitamin c help to fight the dark circle.

Rosewater toner

Do you know that skin toner also work mind-blowing in treating the dark circle? Here you have two options that mean you can either use the commercial rose water toner else you can prepare the rose toner at home also. Like the cucumbers, the rose water toner is also a mild type of astringent. Therefore to get the best benefit just dip the cotton balls in the rose water toner and apply it covering the eye for a period of 10 minutes. Ensure that you do it twice in a day certainly, you will see the difference with its regular application.

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Tomato juice

Talking about the tomatoes, they are also excellent dark circle healers. It is because of the presence of an enzyme called lycopene present in the tomato juice. It helps to soften the under-eye area and plays a key role in enhancing your vision as well. You can have tomato juice in two ways. That means you can apply a preparation by mixing two tablespoons of the tomato juice with that of the lemon juice. Just apply that with the cotton pads and leave it for 10 minutes. Else, you can also have a healthy juice because it takes care of the overall health of the skin.

Potato juice

Application of the potato juice is considered the most effective way to treat the dark circles. Highlighting on the positive sides of the potatoes you will come to know that potatoes have some organic bleaching characteristics, which play a key character in reducing the dark circles. The enzyme in the potato known as the catecholase can help in boosting the collagen, which fades away the dark eye circle rings. In order to use it fruitfully just, cut a slice of potato make sure it is thin, and place them on the eyes. Otherwise, you can grate a portion of the potatoes then squeeze the potato juice, apply that with cotton pads. It would be better if you apply the same during night time. This is the best among all the home remedies for dark circles.

Green Tea bags cold

Green tea offers one of the easiest hacks to treat the dark circles. Therefore the best would be if you apply the cold green tea bags. It is because the presence of the caffeine helps to constrict the blood vessels in and around the eye area. As a result, of these the circulation of the blood flow gets back to the normal track. In order to use it chill just place the same inside the fridge. After an hour or later takes it out and place it directly on the eyes. Certainly soon after the usage, you will see the noticeable difference.

Use almond oil

If you sit to make the list of the best home remedies for dark circles, then obviously you have to add the almond oil. Note that almond oil enriched in vitamin E is essential for treating the under-eye rings. It simply takes care of the bags and ameliorates the dark marks easily. In addition to that, it also keeps the area quite supple as well. No need to worry about the routine, as it is easy to follow. Just take two to three drops of the almond oil in the hand and massage it gently in and around the eye area. Make sure that you do the same in the night time because during that time healing works faster.

Raw milk

Do you know that milk is also one of the known home remedies for dark circles? Now you might be thinking that how raw milk does so. Well, note that the raw milk consists of lactic acid, which is definitely known for lightening the dark marks in and around the eye area. Just get the raw milk and apply it with the cotton ball. Make sure that you keep it like that on both the eyes for 15 minutes. You should repeat the method at least twice or thrice to get the best benefit.

Juice from the orange

Orange has its own benefits when it comes to skincare. However, do you exactly know that orange can prove highly beneficial in treating the dark circles as well? Now it is so because the orange consists of both vitamin C and Vitamin A. Both of these elements help to lighten the ringed circles and nourish the skin at the same time. Therefore in order to use it just squeeze the range and take few drops. Mix a few drops of the glycerine as well. Ensure that you dip the cotton ball and place it on the eye area.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to say that dark circles might happen to anyone of you. Therefore, there is nothing to be scared of actually. But you have to remember one thing that the home remedies for dark circles mentioned in the above segment can literally help to reduce that.