Facts about Sleep Apnea Everyone Should Know

Sleep Apnea

There is a common sleep disorder that many people suffer from and don’t even realize they have. It’s called sleep apnea, and it can cause you to have trouble breathing properly when you sleep. This results in poor rest, low energy, irritability, and other symptoms that are unpleasant and that lead to a lower quality of life.The following ae some vital facts about this medical condition that you should be aware of, whether you think you suffer from sleep apnea or not.

Just knowing this information can help you to identify the problem early and get the help that you need. If you think you might be experiencing sleep apnea, then you should contact an ENT specialist.

Why You Sleep Poorly

What is sleep apnea doing to your body that makes it such a problem? This condition is actually causing you to stop breathing for short periods of time. That stopping and starting breathing is rough on your sleep cycle, making it hard for your body to get into the proper rhythm needed for a restful sleep. So, you will wake up tired, irritable, and under-rested. You will not have the energy you need to get throughout the day and will probably want a few extra cups of coffee just to feel like you have enough energy for your day. 

The Signs of Sleep Apnea

Just feeling tired all the time isn’t enough evidence to suggest that you have this condition. It may be a symptom, but there are some other things you should look for. You can ask your sleeping partner or anyone in the house with you (roommate, spouse, family member, etc.) whether you snore at night. This can be a sign that you are suffering from some form of sleep apnea. 

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If you sleep through the night and then still wake up tired, then you might be suffering from this condition as well. 

What else should you look for? Here are some facts about sleep apnea is probably wrecking your sleep schedule:

  • Waking with a headache
  • Gasping for air while you sleep
  • Insomnia
  • Trouble paying attention
  • Dry mouth upon waking

There are others as well, and the symptoms vary from person to person, so if you suspect that you might be a sleep apnea sufferer, then you should consult an expert, and you can get more information at https://drdennischua.com/about-us/

Recognize It as a Medical Problem

If you start to suffer from these kinds of symptoms, whether it is one or several, then you should not brush them off as a bad night’s sleep. That’s especially true if the condition persists. If you still feel miserable day after day and have trouble getting decent, restful sleep, then you need to do something about it.

Thankfully, sleep apnea is treatable. You should not try to treat it on your own, over the counter or with an online resource. This is something that will require individualized treatment. In other words, after a visit to the ENT specialist, you can find out more about a personalized treatment plan and what would be the best way forward in your situation. 

Here Is What’s Making Sleep Apnea Worse

Many times, sleep apnea can be caused by genetic, hereditary problem. The shape of your throat, mouth or nose can put you at risk for sleep apnea, but then it may not be a serious problem and manifest itself until you complicate the problem. What can make it worse and really bring out the severe symptoms and a lower quality of life and sleep?

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A lot of factors that you can personally change and put a stop could be making matters worse. If you smoke, drink alcohol, use pain medications, use tranquilizers, eat unhealthy foods or are obese, then you may be making your condition a lot worse than it needs to be. 

Talk to an expert and consult Dr. Dennis Chua’s Clinic to get the facts about sleep apnea or to schedule a visit. You can be examined by a medical professional and find out what is causing your sleep issues. You can get the help you need to sleep better and live better.