E-Cigarettes: What you need to know?

Smoking is one of the most common habits in people of every country. Smokers craving for true tobacco taste and a throat hit that’s unmistakable should try Vapor4Life’s line of tobacco e-cigarettes and e-juice. Designed by former smokers to stimulate all your senses, these come with true tobacco flavors.

No matter what type of tobacco you prefer, you are going to love this. The tobacco vape juice includes flavors inspired by your favorite cigarettes, with Virginia, burley, and Exotic European e-liquids to quench your cravings. Let’s now discuss the topic in detail.

What are E-Cigarettes? 

It is a long tube that resembles a cigarette, a pipe, a cigar, or you can say, a pen. Most of them are reusable, with refillable and replaceable cartridges, but some of them are disposable.

The battery that is used consists of a solution of flavorings, nicotine, and other chemicals and some of them might be harmful. They are known by different names such as e-hookahs, e-cigs, vape pens, vapes, mods, or tank systems. However, they vary in shapes and sizes, which make some of them, look very different.

Herbert A. Gilbert requested the first patent for a non-tobacco, smokeless cigarette in the year 1963. However, the current device that you use today did not arrive until 2003. As we know, it was invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who was working for Golden Dragon Holdings, currently known as Ryan. It was during the years 2005 and 2006; the company started exporting it into major markets. Now there are about 460 different brands on the market. 

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Benefits from E-Juices

Consuming E-juices has many benefits over doing smoking with traditional cigarettes. Some of those benefits include: 

  • For long-term smokers, who are trying very hard to quit smoking but are unable to do so successfully, these e-cigarettes have proven to be a better alternative. 
  • They claim to bypass a lot of risks that are associated with tobacco smoking and offer a healthier alternative to cigarettes or other forms of nicotine intake. 
  • Additionally according to Vapor4Life using e-cigarettes can help smokers quit their habit of smoking. Others say that they provide modest benefits for people who want to quit smoking but provide good potential for those who are cutting down.
  • E-cigarettes are beneficial for adult smokers who are not going through pregnancy, as long as they entirely replace other tobacco or nicotine products. 
  • It is recommended for young people to opt for e-cigarettes and start vaping instead of smoking other conventional cigarettes.
  • Many of the toxins and carcinogens that are the leading cause of cancer and lung disease in cigarette smokers, such as tobacco, are not present in e-cigarettes. 
  • Though it contains small amounts of nicotine, till now, there are no reports of serious adverse effects of e-cigarettes. 
  • Smoking e-cigarettes deliver vaporized nicotine to the lungs, excluding the toxic by-products that come along when smoking tobacco.

Disadvantages of Using E-Juices

Even though it may help few people quit smoking, there is growing evidence of the harmful effects of vaping in some cases. Mentioned below are some of the reasons behind the growing concerns.

  • Nicotine present in the e-cigarettes is addictive and triggers changes in the adolescent brain. Consuming e-cigarettes during pregnancy is hazardous since it can affect fetal development.
  • They tend to expose the lung to different substances. And one among them is diacetyl, which causes a severe and irreversible lung disease called popcorn lung. 
  • Smokers who have been seeing professionals and are going through treatment might quit.
  • Since the youth is encouraged to go for e-cigarettes instead of smoking, they will eventually start using regular tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs as well.
  • The marketing of e-cigarettes where they talk about flavorings showing enticing packages tempts teenagers who usually do not smoke to start vaping. Eventually, this might lead them to smoke conventional cigarettes. 
  • They contain heavy metals, aerosol additives, ultrafine particles, and other toxic and carcinogenic ingredients that cause second and third-hand health risks.
  • Nicotine present in it has been linked to damage to the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory system, preterm deliveries, cancerous tumor development, and interference with lung and brain development during fetal development, adolescence, and childhood. 
  • In terms of reducing cigarette smoking, they are not entirely reliable. And even in some cases, it may make some smokers less likely to quit smoking.
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Bottom Line:

We can conclude from the above article that benefits associated with e-cigarettes do not outweigh its negative effects. No matter how beneficial it might be, the risks associated with it are unavoidable. It is highly recommended for non-smokers not to use e-cigarettes. Eventually, it will lead them to smoking tobacco. For a better insight, you can browse through Vapor4Life.