Do Caribbean Medical Schools provide an MD program?

Caribbean Medical Schools

Yes, accreditated Caribbean medical schools offer an MD program to empower their graduates to become licensed medical professionals in the United States and Canada. Doctor of Medicine, popularly known as an MD, are the most widely recognized physicians in the United States, filling around 70% of the residency placement spots. Caribbean Medical Schools are emerging as the next best alternative to pursue an MD program, primarily because of the high-quality education and affordable fees. 

The Caribbean MD program typically lasts for four years and is divided into two major parts of five semesters each, namely the basic science course and clinical medicine program. Additionally, during the MD program, the students are prepared to apply to take the United States Medical Licencing Examination(USMLE), which empowers the students to choose the residency of their choice and offers the license to practice medicine in the US. The medicine program is an accreditated and recognized island medical school integrated system-based curriculum similar to the training and education received in the top-notch medical schools in the US. 

If you are a prospective applicant in the Caribbean medical school, you are at the right place. Read ahead to learn about the MD program in the Caribbean medical school.

Caribbean medical school requirement to enter the MD Program

Applying to a Caribbean medical school is comparable to applying to any medical school in the academically leading country. Each medical school in the Caribbean has its own set of requirements. Although here are some standard prerequisites for a medical school application:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university or completing similar prerequisite coursework.
  • A qualifying GPA score.
  • The MCAT score is recommended for the aspiring candidates
  • English Proficiency: The medium of instruction in Caribbean medical school is English. Thus, an applicant must produce a certificate of proficiency. TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardized test accepted here.
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Transcripts from the previous university or college attended
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Although, the medical schools in the Caribbean will differ in their entrance criteria as far as the GPA or MCAT score is concerned. These medical schools often look for the skills and motivation of the students to complete a medical program. The admission committee considers the qualitative aspects of a candidate’s life, including real-world experience and aptitude for leadership.


Pursuing an MD program from an accreditated Caribbean medical school can help you become an excellent medical professional. The small student-teacher ratio, high-tech classrooms, ideal learning environment, hands-on lab experience, etc., make the Caribbean medical school the best option to earn a well-recognized MD degree. Since an MD program requires a great deal of hard work and effort, you must choose your medical school wisely as it can significantly impact your ability to become a practicing doctor. 

While applying to a Caribbean medical school, ensure that you consider essential factors including accreditation, residency, affiliated hospitals, federal student loan qualification, and student support and opportunities available for medical students. All these things assure that a particular medical school will offer the best education and prepare the students for a successful career in medicine. Log on to our website and apply for an MD Program right away!