Why is CBD a product that will suit your liking?

CBD a product

Cannabis is a product that has been consumed over centuries in various ways. With more advanced manufacturing processes established, it became possible to extract working substances from cannabis. One of the known elements that can now be extracted is CBD.This allows for all the positive effects you need, without the negative psychoactive side-effects that come from THC. This is why CBD products from brands like Cibdol are favoured among many consumers that previously turned to cannabis.

How can CBD be extracted from cannabis?

In general, we can create a distinction between two types of manufacturing processes. The first process involves the use of chemicals while the second process uses CO2 to extract the CBD from the cannabis plant. 

Chemical extraction

This is a relatively easy production process. Specialised chemicals are being added to the cannabis allowing fro CBD to be released. In the next step, CBD is extracted and bottled. However, the downside to this process is the fact that there are still chemicals present in the oil (in very low substances). This makes the quality of the oil lower and results in a cheaper product.

CO2 extraction

This is the preferred method of extraction, as no chemicals will be added in the process. However, using CO2 to extract CBD is also a more complex and advanced production process. The pure oil that is derived through this process is therefore more expensive than the chemically extracted oil.

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How can you consume CBD?

CBD can be consumed in many different ways. The oil can be added to your food as well as to drinks. When consuming it, however, it is important to take into account the dosage. When you want the oil to be effective, it is best to have a constant dose to your disposal. This can be achieved through e.g. baking cookies and cupcakes. When doing this, you make sure that you always take the same amount. When it comes to cooking, this is achievable. However, you need to be more careful when cooking for multiple people, or you can add it afterward

New ways of consumption are being explored

Cibdol CDB oil is a pioneer when it comes to new ways of consumption. They are now offering the product in capsules, allowing for same-sized doses every time you use the oil. This helps you to use the oil for your specific use case, as you learn along the way what does helps you in your case. Which is why CBD product is favourite among many consumers.

How can cannabis oil help me?

There are many use cases when it comes to cannabis oil consumption. For example, you can use it to combat restlessness or become more focused in your daily work. For other people the use can be to alleviate pain in case of a terminal illness. There are also cases of people using CBD to be more relaxed and ‘go with the flow’ with low doses to keep them at check.

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