CBD oil in treating anxiety – some important facts

CBD oil

Today, there is a lot of buzz about CBD and its impact on treating problems such as anxiety and depression. In an age where there are multiple therapies and treatments in vogue for treating anxiety and stress-related disorders, does CBD oil really help? Keep reading to know more about the same.


CBD (cannabidiol) is extracted from the hemp plant or the Cannabis sativa plant. Though this is the same plant that also produces THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the euphoria-causing, psychoactive chemical compound, CBD extracted from it is absolutely safe. In most of the countries, the use of CBD is legal if it contains less than 0.3% THC. Why?

This is because CBD contains a host of essential cannabinoids and nutrients that are essential for the overall functioning of our endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS contains various organs that are responsible for a person’s mood swings, appetite, memory, immunity system and more. As you can see, a person’s mood is the first element to be affected if he suffers from depression. By acting on the ECS and enhancing its functionality, CBD oil helps to uplift a person’s mood, increase his appetite, make him immune to various ailments and improve his overall quality of life.

Effect of CBD on anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are of various types. Fear of social interaction, trauma from stress or accident and insomnia are some of the common triggers of anxiety disorders. Several studies have been conducted to test the efficiency of CBD in reducing these problems.

In 2011, a group of people who were experiencing SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) were taken for a test, in which they were administered around 400mg of CBD per day or a placebo. After a few days, when the results were analysed, it was found that the people who were given CBD showed better improvement than the ones who were given a placebo.

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People with post-traumatic stress disorders are the ones that experience various issues insomnia, replaying negative incidents frequently, getting afraid of even speaking with their loved ones and other serious problems. CBD, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, acts on the ECS and calms the internal system considerably.

Firstly, it corrects the sleeping disorders in people and gives them the much-needed sound sleep at night. When the sleeping patterns are regularised, people feel a lot more fresh and happier when they wake up the next morning than before. Many studies were conducted wherein PTSD patients were given CBD as a standalone treatment and as an additional treatment along with other medicines. In both cases, it was proved that CBD didn’t bring about any negative impact on these people. Instead, it only made them calmer and more receptive to the treatment than before.

Anxiety disorders are also commonly found in people who are about to deliver a public speech.  Most speakers get scared when they are about to address a huge gathering. In order to prove the calming effects of CBD in a person, a study was conducted in 2018. Here, some speakers were given about 300mg of CBD about 90 minutes before their speech. It was found that these speakers delivered their speech confidently and without any stammering. Yes, the study was conducted among a small group of people, but it was enough to prove that CBD does have a lot of therapeutic effects in it, some of which are not available in the anxiety-related medicines that your doctor may have already given you.

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What to note

If you think you need CBD to experience a calming effect and sleep better, please talk to your doctor right away. He will advise you on the type of CBD you have to use and the dosage per day. He will also make you aware of the side effects that you may experience, so that you aren’t in for any ugly surprises later.