3 Benefits of Fulvic Acid for Women Wellbeing

Fulvic acid is a universal substance that not only improves the quality of the soil but also appears to enhance the overall vitality of the body. Fulvic acid comes from humification (the process of decomposing organic matter into humus); all the nutrients recycled back into the food chain through mineralization.

 Fulvic acid is among the potent compounds containing various beneficial nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins, hormones, minerals, flavonoids, ketones, nutrients needed for body development, and healthy cells. Studies have shown that fulvic acid contributes to better nutrient abortion, improved digestive health, and even slows down the ageing process. Here are some benefits and reasons why fulvic acid may be useful as a natural superfood.

#1 Boost Nutrient Absorption

In plants, this mineral plays a significant role in binding and attracting molecules ready for absorption by the roots. This allows the plant to transport its nutrients to the leaves via photosynthesis, with minerals and vitamins carried back to the roots and other parts of the plant.

The same goes for our body- fulvic acid improves the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. Besides boosting nutrient content in the foods, we eat, fulvic acids work as carriers for minerals, amino acids, and vitamins from digested foods. This improves nutrients abortion into the body, thus promoting wellbeing.

Some plants, especially fruit trees found in the forest, contain a high level of fulvic acid. This is why such foods are considered more nutrient-dense and tastier than farmed foods, including organic foods.

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#2 Boost Immune Response 

Our immune response depends largely on the foods we eat and gut health. People with a strong and healthy digestive system often enjoy immunity and the ability to fight infections. Conditions such as IBS take this power away, leaving your body vulnerable to diseases. One of the most common fulvic acid benefits is that it restores our digestive system, which boosts the body’s immune system.

The fulvic acid restores our optimal pH levels necessary to improve the body’s defence against toxins and disease-causing microbes. According to studies, humic acids have been shown to contain anti-viral properties as well.

#3 Promotes Brain Health 

Aside from delivering you and your brain more energy, one experimental animal study has shown that fulvic acid may actually make us smarter and more able to maintain our focus.

The study focused entirely on albino supplemented rodents, suggested that rats seemed to learn new things faster and remember them better than other groups of rats. While the experiment has only been carried out on animals, the similarities between our brains and theirs bring a new perspective and open up a realm of sensational possibilities that will hopefully be investigated in future studies.

When added to a daily diet, fulvic acids can provide a series of benefits for the body. Therefore, if you’re looking to boost your immune system and brain function, adding fulvic acid to your daily routine may help. However, it’s important to choose a supplement from a trustworthy brand to ensure you get the best quality and without harmful substances.

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