6 Compelling Reasons To Study College In California

There’s a reason why California has long been the target of reveries across the globe. Its scenic landscapes, laidback vibe, and vast opportunities urge people to dream and strive for a better life. But more than just a place to live, California is also an excellent location to pursue your studies. 

The state is home to more colleges than any other state in the United States. And as a melting pot of diverse industries, it also offers more employment opportunities for its graduates. This article gives you six compelling reasons to pursue your college education in California.  

1.Weather And Topography 

California’s beautiful year-round weather and diverse topography make it a desirable location, period. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or a working professional; the Golden State’s allure is undeniable. Similarly, its manifold landscapes of mountains, deserts, forests, and beaches, ensure that it has something to offer everyone.  

As a young adolescent, California serves as a perfect setting for laying the foundations of your future. It also means you can easily access various outdoor activities whenever you need a break. The prospect might even make you think about leasing a car.   

2.Academic Pedigree 

California is home to many of the United States’ top colleges. And with nearly 400 educational institutions offering two and four-year courses, students enjoy a wealth of options. Depending on your budget, you can also choose between community colleges, public universities, and private colleges. These institutions offer degrees in various disciplines while also lending research opportunities and connections with Californian industry players.  

Nearly half a million students are enrolled in the California State University System. They’re spread across esteemed private colleges such as Stanford University and the University of Southern California, liberal arts colleges, coding boot camps, and other vocational schools.  

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3.Tech Opportunities 

California also has the tech card up its sleeve. As the country’s prominent tech hub, its educational options are closely tied to its professional opportunities. As such, students graduating from the state’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs have become players in the tech industry and startup technology ventures.  

And even if you don’t land a job with tech giants like Apple or Google, internships in promising startups can be highly beneficial to future employment opportunities. You can also look for coding camps as a viable option for software engineering and web development training.  

4.Green Industries

If you’re more inclined toward green jobs, California has that in spades, too. Its academic programs include environmental science and sustainability studies, an excellent jump-off point to careers in sectors like wind, solar power, and biofuels.  

There are also jobs focusing on production and approach-focused green careers. The latter refers to revising existing processes and practices to make them more environmentally conscious. With the government increasing its focus on the green economy, professionals can expect generous compensation should they land one of these jobs.  

5.Lifestyle Options

California’s cultural diversity has resulted in a rich culinary scene with strong Latin American and Asian influences. This means that students can sample exquisite grub wherever they may be. Whether it’s in posh restaurants in major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco or food trucks and holes in the wall in Venice Beach, California offers a unique gastronomic experience. 

Of course, you’ll also have a multitude of entertainment options. If you’re into sports, California has a whopping 21 major sports franchises. So, you can catch a game virtually whenever you feel like it. You also won’t be bereft of live music and other leisure activities found in its many theme parks and resorts.  

Go outdoors, and the breadth of recreational activities is just as immense. You have some of the best national parks in Yosemite and Joshua Tree as well as mountain biking, skiing, and surfing destinations.  

California has also become a hub for all things health and wellness. You can find any type of fitness gym you fancy. You can even unplug and join regular wellness retreats held in some of the state’s most scenic locations.  

The state’s abundance of lifestyle options should keep you rejuvenated as you course through your studies. 

6.Strong Employment Outlook 

The state reports a strong employment outlook for college degree holders. Apart from the previously mentioned tech and green industries (which provide tremendous opportunities), there’s also a strong demand in allied health fields, such as occupational therapy and speech-language pathology.  

Other professions projecting growth in the next six years include the following: 

  • Financial managers – Tasks include evaluating investment strategies and reviewing budgets, financial statements, and business reports. 
  • Video editors – As the demand for content remains strong, there will be countless opportunities for this role. 
  • Statisticians – Professionals can pursue jobs in fields like clinical data management, business intelligence, and data mining. 
  • Market research analysts – This digital marketing role entails tasks like consumer demand data analysis and designing data collection tools. 
  • Information security analysts – This job features in the thriving cybersecurity field, implementing security measures and identifying vulnerabilities. 

A degree from a reputable institution makes you an attractive candidate, whatever your chosen field may be. 


Apart from its aesthetic appeal, there are significant reasons why you should strongly consider going to college in California. Not only has its institutions produced a track record of successful graduates, its access to established and bourgeoning industries also provides a clear pathway toward sustainable careers.  

There are plenty of renowned educational institutions across the United States. But when you look at the potential college experience in its entirety, you won’t be remiss if you choose to go west.