5 Tips And Tricks For Increasing Libido In Men

Sex is a normal part of life. In marriage and dating, sex is one of the best ways to strengthen the bond and intimacy between couples. Couples who have sex more often than others are known to have better physical, emotional, and mental health. They also tend to have better and happier relationships with their partners. Sex is also considered an excellent cardiovascular exercise as it’s claimed to improve heart health, burn calories, and lower blood pressure.

But perhaps it’s safe to say that most men love sex. According to 2020 research conducted for adults between 18 and 24, 57.7% of men have sex several times a week. But when your libido or sex drive is extremely low, it can take a toll on your sexual life and even cause a strain on your relationship with your partner. But fear not, because low libido is a common problem for some men. A 2019 study revealed that 4.7% of over 12,000 men surveyed experienced a low sex drive at some point in their lives.

Thankfully, low libido is not meant to be permanent true sex stories. After all, everyone’s libido is different, and men at any age will likely experience a libido decline. There are plenty of tips and strategies you can use to boost your sex drive again in case you experience a low sex drive. For your guide, here are five tips and tricks to increase libido for men.

  • Try To Eat Testosterone-Boosting Fruits

You may have heard some people or articles mention certain fruits known to increase your testosterone levels and boost your sex drive. Although there’s little evidence to support such claims, there’s no harm in experimenting and incorporating these fruits into your diet. 

Some fruits claimed to boost your testosterone levels and sex drive may include:

  • Bananas: Bananas are rich in potassium, which is known to boost your body’s production of testosterone and improve your libido. 
  • Avocados: Avocados can supply healthy fat, which is beneficial in promoting hormonal health. This fruit also contains magnesium and a mineral called boron, which is known to increase testosterone levels.
  • Figs: Fig fruits are rich in zinc, which is known to naturally boost your testosterone levels. 
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Additionally, these foods can provide the necessary vitamins and minerals needed by your body to improve your overall health, increase blood flow in your reproductive system (genitals), and have a better and healthier sex life.

On the other hand, if consuming libido-increasing fruits is not sufficient, you may also consider supplementing with products like the best tongkat ali supplement to combat testosterone deficiency and enhance your libido. Just be sure to research the brand and read product reviews first from HealthEd Academy or other reliable resources before choosing your testosterone supplement. Most importantly, please consult with a doctor first before taking any supplement to seek their approval and ensure it doesn’t interfere with your current health conditions or medications.

  • Find Strategies To Decrease And Manage Your Stress Levels

Sometimes, experiencing low libido isn’t entirely about your low testosterone levels. If you’ve noticed, when you’re too stressed from your work or other personal responsibilities, you tend to experience lower sex drive, which your partner will likely notice. Thus, whenever you find yourself experiencing a lower libido, learn some techniques to decrease and manage your stress levels.

You can meditate, do deep breathing exercises, or take a warm bath to relieve stress. You can also do some self-massage or let your partner massage you. Massaging each other will not only reduce your stress levels, but the intimacy of this activity could also increase your sex drive, reignite your mutual attraction, and eventually lead to a steamy moment together.

  • Eat More Chocolate

Throughout history, chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac. That’s because chocolate consists of two chemicals, namely tryptophan and phenylethylamine. Tryptophan is a brain chemical believed to have direct effects on one’s arousal and mood, while phenylethylamine is a stimulant released from the brain when a person falls in love.

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Furthermore, dark chocolate is also known to improve heart health, boost your mood, and reduce stress. With its health-boosting effects, you may consider eating more chocolate when experiencing low libido. Not only are they delicious, but you might also improve your sexual life.

  • Limit Alcohol Consumption

Perhaps you’ve seen how movie characters drink a bottle of wine or other alcoholic beverages before engaging in sexual activities. Although the idea seems romantic, unfortunately, too much alcohol consumption can decrease your sex drive, inhibit your ability to orgasm, and cause temporary erectile issues, which could ruin the moment. Plus, alcohol can make you feel tired, eventually affecting your sexual performance. So, limiting your alcohol consumption before engaging in sexual activity may be better to ensure your sex drive and erection are at their highest.

  • Get Better Sleep Quality

It’s a known fact that quality sleep can improve a person’s energy and mood levels. On the contrary, frequent sleep deprivation will not only make you feel more exhausted but can also decrease your libido. Furthermore, since you’re constantly tired, you’ll have difficulty making time for sex. Thus, to keep your libido at its healthy levels and boost your sexual arousal, ensure you make time for sleep.

Find methods to balance your work and personal life so you don’t compromise your sleep, which eventually leads to a lower libido. If getting long hours of sleep at night seems impossible, you can also take naps during the day to get the amount of sleep you need.

Takeaway Message

Low libido is a common issue that can concern men of any age. Thus, be ready to commit to lifestyle changes and practice these tips whenever you experience a lower sex drive. Meanwhile, if you’ve been experiencing low libido for a long time, it may be best to consult a doctor and have yourself checked for proper diagnosis and treatment.