5 Possible Causes of Tooth Pain: Does it Mean Something Serious?

All of a sudden a tooth begins to hurt and as minutes go by the pain gets worse. what should a person with tooth pain do? Picking up the phone and calling a dental clinic for an emergency appointment is one solution. but, what if the dental clinic has no openings for days? Dental clinics may have emergency appointments available for their regular clients only. Why not make an appointment with a dental clinic soon to have that recommended dental exam. Then, you will be listed as a current patient at the clinic and will be eligible for emergency dental care should the need arise.

What Causes Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain can be caused by several things including These five causes:

  1. Inflammation in the central part of tooth pulp by nerve endings located there. This inflammation may be caused by dental cavities, infection, or trauma.
  2. Tooth injury or trama
  3. Gum disease.
  4. A filling falls out
  5. Sensitive teeth.

When To Seek Help

If the pain is bad, it might be time to seek Emergency Dental Care. If the pain is bad and your regular dentist does not have any available appointments available, it might be time to seek emergency dental care. This dental clinic could then become your regular dental clinic. If a filling or crown has fallen out seek help immediately. If a tooth is broken or has been knocked out in an accident, seek help right away to save the tooth.

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Other symptoms requiring immediate help include. visibly bad tooth decay with pain, abscessed tooth, a fractured tooth, an infected, red gum. accompanying fever and headache, or foul-tasting or smelling drainage from the tooth.

Get An Appointment or go To An Emergency Dental Clinic

When the toothache has lasted for more than one or two days and is not getting better, get help. If the pain from the toothache is severe, don’t delay getting relief. When the toothache is accompanied by fever, an earache, or pain upon opening the mouth wide, it is important to seek help.

When A Toothache Means Serious Problems

A toothache can mean underlying serious health problems or lead to them, so do not delay in getting help. A tooth abscess is a pocket or collection of pus caused by a bacterial infection. If left untreated the infection can spread and cause serious health issues. This and other underlying dental and health problems make visiting a dentist regularly important. when there is pain that is severe one should always seek relief as soon as possible. an emergency dental clinic will have longer hours and may not require appointments.

You can prevent dental problems and emergencies by using fluoridated water, brushing your teeth every day, using dental floss and eating healthy foods. Visit your dentist or find a dentist and visit them for yearly dental checks and professional cleaning services. But, when a tooth is causing pain, do not delay in making an appointment with a dentist, or seeking emergency dental care. Dental pain can be debilitating and serious. Take care of your teeth and gums to avoid more serious health problems.

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