5 Benefits of An Accelerated BSN Program

BSN Program

An accelerated nursing program, a fast-track degree option, is meant to help you earn a BSN (Bachelor’s in Nursing) faster than the regular on-campus programs. It’s an excellent way to enable you, an already working nurse, to broaden your education quickly, helping you qualify for advanced positions.

With an accelerated BSN program, people with a bachelor’s degree in other fields who now want to pursue nursing can do so. In this program, you can learn Health Assessment, Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, and more. This article outlines five benefits of an accelerated BSN program.

1. Meet the ever-growing demand for nursing professionals

According to statistics, registered nurse employment is expected to see a 6% growth from 2021 to 2031, around as quickly as all other occupations’ average. On average, approximately 203,200 positions for registered nurses are estimated every year over the decade. Healthcare facilities are keen on maintaining nurse-patient ratios that promote favorable patient outcomes.

Accelerated BSN certification places you in a better position for promotions and assures you to begin graduate school to further your nursing education. Accelerated nursing programs are rigorous, full-time programs requiring total commitment. With an online distance ABSN program, you can actualize your nursing dream.

2. Growth potential

A BSN degree allows you to take the next step in pursuing graduate-level training. An accelerated BSN degree lets you advance your career in leadership or clinical roles. Based on the position, a nurse with a BSN degree can operate with excellent independence and autonomy or in collaborative environments.

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As a clinical nurse, you may become an advanced practice registered nurse with specialties in critical care, emergency care, nurse practitioner, certified midwifery, and other roles. Becoming a nurse practitioner can enable you to offer patient care in line with your preferred concentration, including psychiatric care or family care.

3. Early entry into the workforce

Once you decide to become a nurse, you’ll wish to enter the field the soonest possible. An accelerated BSN program prepares you with the education and skills you need in less than half the time required to complete a traditional bachelor’s degree program. Completing the accelerated BSN program prepares you for the nursing board exam (NCLEX-RN). Once you pass this exam, you get licensed as an RN to begin your dream job.

4. Affordability

A nursing degree takes up to four years to complete, which can be costly. However, an accelerated BSN program can save you money. This is because these programs usually take half the time a traditional BSN requires, meaning half the tuition fee. Since most accelerated nursing programs are provided online, it allows you to save more money in other study areas. For instance, taking online nursing classes means you’ll save on relocation, transport expenses, study materials, and other things needed for in-person schooling.

5. Greater patient outcomes

Nurses are directly responsible for case management and patient care. Additionally, they develop good nursing standards, direct complicated nursing care structures, and establish quality assurance processes. This means a nurse with baccalaureate training is well-positioned to ensure better patient outcomes. Since an accelerated BSN program is fast-paced and rigorous, it equips you to handle today’s dynamic healthcare environment better, reducing mortality rates and raising rescue rates.

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Accelerated nursing programs can be rewarding. Consider enrolling in an accelerated BSN program to leverage these benefits.