4 Ways to Show Compassion to Others

Ways to Show Compassion

Taking the right steps to improve yourself is always time well spent, but one way you can improve yourself is by considering your role in relation to others and the help they might need. Every person has the power to make a significant difference in the lives of others, even with the smallest gestures and compassion is certainly one way to make that positive difference. Read out 4 Ways to Show Compassion to Others.

What is Compassion?

Compassion can often go hand in hand with kindness, but it is not altogether the same thing. Kindness is a key component of compassion, but compassion also means being sensitive to others and the feelings of others. Compassion means taking the time to understand the physical, mental and emotional state of others, empathizing with the situation of others, and doing what you can to improve that situation. 

You can be a naturally kind and compassionate person, but there are also many ways you can strive to increase your compassion, be more mindfully compassionate and also make it a focus of everything you do. 

4 Ways to Show Compassion to Others

  1. Make More Time for Friends and Family 

It is always important to be aware of your own energy levels and know that it is okay to spend time with yourself when you need to. However, if you feel as though you have been neglecting time with friends and family and feel as though they are reaching out to you for social time, making the effort to spend a little more time with them and understand their need for socializing can help. 

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2. Choose a Compassionate Career 

The hours you spend working are going to take up a huge part of your life. This means a significant number of hours with the potential for making a compassionate difference through your job role. Choosing a career (or even volunteering working hours) which is going to put helping other people at the forefront of what you do is the best way to cultivate compassion. 

There are a number of careers where you can help others in need, and the most prominent of these can be the healthcare industry where you are working on the frontlines with people in vulnerable situations or who need medical attention. Compassionate careers could be mental health psychologists, doctors, veterinary surgeons, social workers or nurses. Nursing in particular can by synonymous with a compassionate working environment, and you can even seek a post masters FNP to further your skills and keep your career progressing. 

3. Be More Aware of Those Around You

Compassion is not just about showing kindness when others ask for it. It is also important to be more aware of how others are acting around you, as they may not always be vocal about their needs. Be more in tune with other people’s moods and the possibility that they may need support, so that you can react in a compassionate way (such as having more patience with someone who may be struggling). 

4. Add Extra Kindness to Everything You Do

Little gestures can make a big difference, so try and be more aware of how you act with others. Holding the door open for someone, giving someone a smile, making sure to say thank you these are all great examples of showing extra kindness, and they cost nothing!

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