4 Health Benefits of the Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom

The reishi mushrooms are a fungus that grows in several locations in Asia that have both hot and humid climates. For the scientific community, it is also known as Ganoderma lucidum. But for the medical experts of ancient China, it’s the “Elixir of Immortality” that’s famous for its many health benefits.

Evidently, this rare mushroom has been embraced by people in some cultures for its medicinal capabilities. Although we don’t know the exact date of its discovery, there are written comprehensive texts about this fungus that talk about how the reishi mushroom has been a staple in Chinese medicine.

And in this day and age, it has gained a cult following as people from all over the world claim to have benefitted from this superfood. But what exactly are the benefits that make the reishi mushroom so special? Well, just read on and learn how this fungus can improve your overall health!

Boosts Your Immune System

Since the declaration of the World Health Organization of the coronavirus as a global pandemic, people started to become conscious (and some, reasonably paranoid) about their immune system. The demand for vitamins and health supplements continue to rise as the world still recovers from the dreaded virus.

But besides the COVID-19, there are still other foreign bodies that our immune system continues to ward off. Toxins, bacteria, allergens, and other viruses are only some of these threats.

Good thing, the reishi mushroom is famous for its immunity boosting capabilities. It can regulate and balance our immune system to prevent our bodies from falling ill. It also promotes quality sleep every night, as a deep and tranquil sleep helps the body to recover faster.

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It’s also believed that this wonder plant exhibits antiviral properties as well, which make us wonder what are the other healing capabilities of this mushroom that remain undiscovered?

May Help Fight and Prevent Cancer

In a study in 2004, a Shanghai centre gathered data from 4100 breast cancer patients where in a staggering 59% of its survivors actually took supplements that contained reishi mushrooms. The results may be deemed inconclusive, but no one can deny the anti-cancer properties that this superfood may possess.

One of the possible reasons why reishi mushrooms can be an effective treatment for cancer is because it helps white blood cells generate themselves. And white blood cells can potentially halt the growth and propagation of deadly cancer cells.

Furthermore, in a different study conducted in 2004, 58 medicinal mushrooms were investigated to see which would help in preventing cancer from developing. And do you know which superfood came on top of that study? Yeah, you’ve guessed it: the reishi mushroom.

Reishi mushroom is only one of those superfoods that possess a plethora of benefits. Together with it are the chaga and maitake mushrooms that must be on your list of healthy foods to try. To know more, check out this informative article about other mushrooms that are superfoods, too!

Can Add Quality Years to Your Life

People who have been into reishi mushrooms can attest how this fungus extends their life span. It won’t be nicknamed “Elixir of Immortality” for nothing right?

But if you’re thinking that there’s something magical or weird alchemy that’s going on with this superfood, you’re wrong. Scientifically, the reishi mushrooms are proven to possess high polysaccharide content and antioxidants that are responsible for flushing out free radicals out of our bodies. These free radicals speed up the aging process, promote cellular damage and may even lead to cancer, so it’s only right to get rid of them.

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Health, as cliché as it may sound, is wealth. And in this era that we’re at a greater risk of diseases, one should take care of his or her health now more than ever. And there’s no harm in trying the superfood that is reishi mushroom for this wonder plant has been around for ages and many can attest to its health benefits.

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